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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Sharing with Sharon

Thanks for the comments to yesterday's post.  I'd been thinking all along that the choice would be either panties or training pants.   I really like VC's idea about plastic panties over the training pants and sillymaid's idea about a "knicker inspection."

I just finished talking with Sharon who will be interviewing sissy pet tomorrow and though I wanted to keep this secret from sissy, I filled her in on what she might be wearing under her boy clothes.  She laughed about it and is totally on board but the idea of a "knicker inspection" might be going a little too far she said.  "We'll see how the interview goes and if I hire her, maybe then" is what she said.  Got to love a woman who open to such things.

The bottom line of course is that sissy pet is going to have to cut the mustard and do her job for Sharon.  It's not a typical position for a male but there are many men in such positions who do it very well.  Secretaries have important positions in large companies, often operating like a chief of staff for important executives.  There's a power dynamic that exists and it works just as well, if not better, when the higher level executive is a female and the secretary or administrative assistant is a male.  Sharon agrees.

Some readers often ask me how I (or they for that matter) can tell someone has a kinky side.  There's no iron clad guarantee that someone is if you sense it and you have to be willing to take a bit of a risk when you finally decide to ask them or come out and talk about your lifestyle.  But there are ways to drop hints so that they might be the one's who ask you about it.  That was the case with Sharon.  She's a divorced mid-50's career woman who I took a liking to soon after taking the job I'm in.  She was a definite ally of mine right from the beginning.

Honesty is important.  As we became friendly, there was some talk about our families, backgrounds, where we went to school, etc.  When the talk turned to family, specifically my "husband" I was honest and told her that ours wasn't your typical marriage.  When she asked me what I meant by that, I told her that it was different, and I was cautious to share it because some people might find it offensive.  I left it at that after she didn't say anything.

Patience is also important. A few days later she stopped by my office to tell me I could trust her with sharing what we'd talked about.  I hesitated a bit and told her why.  I mentioned that it's risky at times but at the same time, I was happy with our lifestyle and did share it with a few special people.  I could tell she wanted to be one of those people. So I basically told her we were in a female led relationship, how it came about and where it was now.

Sharon just took it in stride.  She didn't see anything wrong with it at all and found it very interesting.  She mentioned how her own ex had difficulty with her alpha personality at times and that was one of the reasons they split up.

So...that was a while ago and now, she very well be sissy pet's boss!

Will I give her free reign with sissy pet?

No one gets totally free  But, I don't want to take all the fun out of it for her either!

I wonder if she likes to spank?

Alpha Women for Beta Bois

Ms. C


  1. Look forward to sissy pets report on her day!!

  2. once hired a meeting request to a boardroom with curtains or privacy glass and a door that locks where panty check and or spankings (worse?) can take place

    Does Sharon's office have door and windows like that?

    if intimate free reign is given does Sharon have a desk that sissy could be underneath attending to her? a great way for Sharon to get through mundane meetings.

  3. after sissy passes probation maybe you can have her over for dinner


  4. This is such an excitig development, can't wait to hear how it goes and i love the knicker inspection suggestion. Maybe also if Sharon were to ask sissy pet to curtesy when she enters her office in future after she gets the job?


  5. That is going to be one of the biggest sexual harassment cases I have ever heard about. Seriously, how the hell would it be defensible in court? Better yet, how is Sharon going to explain spanking her assistant up the chain?

  6. Maybe Sharon can choose a special place for sissy to get a piercing to wearing that just she knows about or a Special Collar necklace or bracelet band as part his uniform.


  7. Sharon should go with you and sissy shopping so she can help pick out sissy pet's new uniform if she was hired for underneath on the job