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Thursday, May 7, 2015

My Beautiful Mistress

i saw this picture on tumblr today and it reminded me so much of my beautiful Mistress Catherine for a few reasons.

Big and Beautiful
1 - She's beautiful.

2 - She's strong, Dominant, yet feminine when She wants to be.

3 - She's sexy.

4 - She is, and was a very good athlete.

5- She has gorgeous curves.

And of course, i'd love to be Her personal sissy cheerleader.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Her Diapered Cuckold

Mistress has been diapering me more and more as of late.  Unlike the past when the diapering were used mostly for punishment and humiliation, they've now become a more regular thing with us.  

There's still added humiliation when made to wear them in front of Her boyfriend or girlfriends of Hers, but wearing them around the house for longer periods of times provides us with a constant reminder of our status.

Mistress went to the Kentucky Derby yesterday while i stayed behind.  She'll be back this afternoon with Her boyfriend.  i've been out of diapers all weekend but will probably be back in once they get here.

She no refers to me as Her "diaper cuckold."