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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Family Friends who Feminize

Mistress played the most significant role in my feminization and everything else that ensued - cuckolding, servitude, diaper discipline and more.

My childhood years were spent alone with my fantasies of such things.

Other sissies were more "fortunate" in some ways.  They got to enjoy or at least experience the sharing of their fantasies with older sisters, mothers or even aunts.

One of the newer blogs I started to follow called "The Enchanted Sissy" touches on sissy jocelyn's experiences with her aunt who lent an understanding ear to her interest in girls clothes.

Jocelyn's latest blog entry is called "Becoming Her Niece" and explains some of these feelings.

I had my own fantasies about an aunt of mine.  Aunt Pauline was a blonde curvy woman that I would fantasize about.  She would catch me going through her panties and I'd accidentally wet myself in fright.  

Guess what happened after that?



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