Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Baby Cuckold

I spent Mistress' last "date night" heavily diapered and in my big crib while Mistress and Her Lover went out for drinks before returning home for some heavy sex.

Tonight's another one of those nights.  He'll be here and will spend the night.  Mistress has already told me they're not going anywhere.

"Plan on another baby night" She told me.  I'm totally smooth and freshly shaven.  I won't be put in diapers until the lover arrives.  All the more embarrassing because the diapering will take place in front of him.

She's diapered me before in front of friends.  The humiliation was so intense I almost came without even a touch of Her fingers.  Once the diapers were pinned on though, She rubbed the front of them and I came in a matter of seconds.  I stayed that way until She changed me before Her friends left.

Tonight will be humiliating, and it's arousing me already. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Sissy Baby Night

It's a sissy baby night for me tonight.

It's a date night for Mistress.  She's unsure where She and Her lover are going to go, if they go anywhere.

She's often threatened me that someday, She will get a babysitter for me while She's on a date.  It's
yet to happen.

"I wouldn't trust just anyone with you" She's told me.  "They would have to be the perfect babysitter.  A special babysitter."

Mistress is a patient Dominant.

For tonight She may just leave me alone and dressed up like a little sissy baby.

Maybe She'll put me to bed before they leave, or when Her lover arrives.

Being dressed in such a way and put into my big crib causes me untold embarrassment.

It arouses Mistress and makes Her lovemaking better She says.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Playing the Part

Mistress Catherine will be enjoying the Super Bowl on Sunday.  She's an avid Patriots fan.  She feels this whole deflategate is much to do about nothing.

"If you ain't cheatin, you ain't tryin" She says with a laugh and a spank across my pantied bottom.

As for the game, I've already got my cheerleader outfit out and ready to go.  It's washed and the pleats are perfectly ironed.  It's not a Patriots cheerleader uniform but it's one that She selected for me.

I wear and do whatever She says.  And...She will definitely have guests.  Some girlfriends and Her lover will be there.  Should be fun.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Doing it for Her

Early in our relationship, Miss Catherine and i experimented with many things.  This of course was after what now seems like endless banter back and forth, teasing, flirting and generally finding out about each others' deepest desires and fantasies. 

Mistress used to play with my sensitive nipples, and one time surprised me with a tiny pair of nipple clamps.  When She attempted to put them on i winced in pain and pleaded with Her not to go any further.  She acquiesced to my desire to stop and it was a very long time before the idea of using nipple clamps ever came up again.

During that time, our relationship deepened to the point where She has total control over me and i do whatever She says.  The nipple clamp incident was always something that bothered me.  i was truly disappointed in myself for being so self-centered and selfish.  i'd done something that i would never consider doing today, that is specifically putting my own interests in front of my Mistress'.  

These days, Mistress enjoys seeing me in nipple clamps.  i still experience the pain but i've learned to control it mentally because i know the exercise pleases my Mistress.  All because i've become a better submissive.

i'm not sure what Mistress enjoys most about the nipple clamps.  No one can fully understand their own fetishes and fantasies much less someone else's.  Perhaps it's knowing the pain it causes me.  Maybe it's a control thing.  Maybe it's because She can tell me to show Her friends or Lover the pretty nipple clamps i have on under my shirt or blouse.

Whatever it is, i do it for Her.  i do it because i love Her.  i do it because i belong to Her.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Special Sissy Privilege

Since Mistress has taken on Master as a lover, my "conjugal" rights have been severely limited.  Sex with Her is far from what normal couples would have.  i am not complaining.  i know my role as Her submissive sissy.

But last night Mistress surprised me by telling me that i would be allowed to make love to Her.  i was elated.

i thought She would tell me to get the key to my chastity belt but She didn't.

Instead, She took out a strap on (one i hadn't seen before) and put it on me.  It was approximately the size of Master's Cock, and bigger than mine.

i made love to Her that way.  She enjoyed it very much.  

Afterwards, i thanked Her for the privilege of doing so.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Her Sissy Baby Cuckold

Mistress hosted Master last night.  It was a night of servitude and sexual exclusion for me.  i was excluded because Master wanted Mistress all to Himself.  

When they finally decided to leave the living room and go to the Master Bedroom, Mistress snapped her fingers and told me to get my baby things.

Embarrassed by the command, i nonetheless obeyed, not willing to face the alternative.  

i returned with baby diapers, pink ruffled diaper cover, baby powder and pacifier in hand. 

Mistress proceeded to diaper me in front of Master while He watched.  

When my diapering was over, i said goodnight to Master and Mistress led me into the baby bedroom.

She kissed me good night, told me She loved me and tucked me in. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Cuckold Preparations

Again a long time since O/our last post.  Yet, my submission to Mistress deepens.

She owns all of me - Heart, Body and Soul.  i am happy i belong to Her.

Tonight She sees Her lover whom i must call "Master."  She will be wearing the finest of lingerie for Him.  i will be in a similar bra and panty set.  Hers is sexy black.  mine is sissy pink.

Hers is still in the box.  i hope She likes it.  i think Master will.