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Friday, September 22, 2017

A Question for...

Mistress wants me to ask a question of our readers.

"What's the babiest you've ever been dressed or if you are a Mistress or Daddy, what's the babiest you've ever made your baby dress?

She's always open to new ideas and hopes to generate some discussion on this.

The Babiest
 Here's a picture to get the ideas flowing.

sissy pet

Sunday, September 17, 2017

"Yes Daddy"

Having to call The Boyfriend "Daddy" is very humiliating.  

That's when i'm even allowed to talk.  When i have a pacifier in my mouth i'm not allowed to say anything unless there's an emergency or if i am asked a question that requires something other than a yes or no answer.

There are exceptions like when Mistress or Daddy makes it clear they want to hear my voice.

Last night was just one such instance.

The Boyfriend:  "Does baby want to get Daddy ready to fuck Mommy?

i nodded.

The Boyfriend: "Say it"

Me:  "Yes Daddy"

The Boyfriend:  "Say it like a baby"

Me in my best sissy lisping voice:  "Yes Dada, thithy want to thuck Dada cock"

They laughed and i crawled over to Daddy and took His Big Black Cock in my mouth.

When he was erect they went to the bedroom and made love.  i was very hard in my diaper.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Baby Vacations

We did lots of traveling this summer in this country and in Europe.  Most of it related to Mistress' job and some pleasure.  We got back two weeks ago in time to travel with The Boyfriend up to Oregon to get a great view of this past week's eclipse.

The three of us shared hotel rooms and we were usually in a suite where there was a second bedroom or a sofa bed.  Guess who slept with Mistress.

i've been in diapers most of the summer and the trip to see the eclipse was no different.  The diaper bag was on full display when we were out and about most of the time.  Sometimes i was made to carry it which drew plenty of glances.  And when people saw the diaper bag they would also see my padded bottom with my shorts just barely covering the diaper and plastic panties i wore.  Most of the plastic panties were pink, baby blue or yellow. 

Diaper changes in front of The Boyfriend were embarrassing but excited me.  

Keeping me in chastity kept me from cumming from the excitement.

More to come.

Sorry for not blogging more regularly.

sissy pet

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Diaper Advice

Can't believe how fast this month has gone by.  And now it's almost Tax Day...yuck.

We've both been very busy hence the pause in blogging. 

I've been wanting to answer "Denise" who left a comment/question a couple of weeks ago asking what types of diapers I use on my sissy pet/pantie girl.

I agree with Denise that finding the right type of diapers to put your big babies in.  Shopping can be a hit or miss thing.

Besides getting the right fit, you also want something that looks sissy enough.  At least I do.

I use two different types of diapers on my sissy baby.  Most all the time when we're home, I use cloth.  I love the thickness and the puffiness of thick cloth diapers.  The ones we use are from a company called LL Medico.  They have a wide range of incontinence products and have lots of items that cater to the kinky community.  I've bought lots of stuff from them and never had a problem.

LL Medico even has some very pretty plastic pants in various colors (the pastels are best for sissies) and patterns.  Here's an example:
When we're traveling for one or a few days, I tend to prefer disposable diapers.  There are plenty that are available for the purpose of incontinence, but those of us in the lifestyle want something that adds to the sissy's humiliation right?

The one's I've been using can easily be purchased on Amazon.  As a prime member, you get free shipping and they fit my sissy well. 

These are from a company called DC Amor.  Check them out here.

I'm also open to other suggestions from both Dommes, Doms and babies alike.

Ms. C

Saturday, April 1, 2017

"Who's your Daddy?"

The answer is pretty simple.

The Boyfriend is my Daddy.

When Mistress surprised me with the new pacifier last night, i was filled with embarrassment and arousal at the same time.

i've not used it yet.  That will happen this afternoon when The Boyfriend arrives for a long weekend.

He hasn't seen it yet either.

i'll have it in my mouth when He arrives.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Humiliating Diaper Change

Ms. Catherine invited Her friend Nancy and her boyfriend over last Sunday.  i'd never met Nancy's boyfriend before and was very, very nervous.  Ms. Catherine had me in my baby attire and i was also diapered.  A baby blanket was spread on the living room floor along with some toys.

"It's a baby day.  100%" She said.  "You know what that means right?"

i nodded "yes" with the pink princess pacifier in my mouth.

i sat there in shame when Nancy and her boyfriend Dick arrived.  Rather than appear incredulous at what he was seeing, Dick just went with the flow when i was introduced as Ms. Catherine's sissy baby cuckold.

After a brief tour of the house while i sat on the blanket sucking on my pacifier, the three of them settled down in the living room with drinks and chatted as if i wasn't even there.  Nancy asked Ms. Catherine about The Boyfriend, Mistress asked Dick about his job and other things and the afternoon just seemed to go well until Mistress decided to check if i was wet.  i had wet myself a little while earlier, since i had three full bottles of water.

"Oh -oh.  It looks like she's a little damp.  Time for a diaper change" Mistress said as She took my hand and told me i could waddle to my sissy bedroom.

"Mind if we watch" Nancy asked Her.

"Of course not" Mistress said.  "You can even join in!"  There was laughter.  Then....a suggestion.

"Maybe Dick would like to change her" Nancy suggested.  More laughter.  

i'd never been changed by a man before.  Never.  The silence of the three of them made me nervous.

"Hey why not" Dick said.   ""I'm up for it!"

And so it happened.  i wasn't in my chastity either, and the humiliation aroused me.  As i sucked on the pacifier and they made teasing remarks, i got bigger.

"Don't worry.  It's the biggest she gets" Ms. Catherine said.

Dick laughed and did his best to change me.  It took several attempts.  

i was left in the room to take a nap.

After Nancy and Dick left the room, Ms. Catherine leaned over to give me a kiss.

"It excited you didn't it?" She asked.  i nodded.

"Go ahead, you can hump yourself in your diaper and make a sissy mess.  I'll change you myself once they leave" She said patting me on the bum before she walked out of the room and shut the door.

i did hump myself and came in my diaper.

She changed me later.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We have not written in a few weeks and there's plenty to catch up on.  The Boyfriend has been gone for most of that time so Mistress has been left to use me for Her pleasure.   A sissy baby has limited abilities to please a real Woman like Mistress, but i try my best.  

Today is St. Patrick's Day and the Boyfriend will be over to watch some of the basketball games.  In honor of the day, Mistress bought me some green plastic panties to wear over my cloth diapers.

Too bad they don't have pretty little shamrocks.

sissy pet