Kinky Places W/we Like

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Her Showers

One of the earliest dark fantasies i revealed to Mistress was my desire to receive Her golden nectar.

She was all to happy to oblige, and now....Her showers become my showers.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Diaper Humiliation

Being diapered in front of The Boyfriend isn't fun.

It's humiliating and i don't get used to it.

Mistress enjoys it, laughs but when it's over is quick to cuddle with me and tell me everything will be fine.

It always is.  


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Pink Pacifiers

You don't always have to wear diapers to feel like a sissy baby.

There are other things She makes me wear that can do that.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Dinner Date Threesome

On Saturday night the three of us had a dinner date.  Mistress, The Boyfriend and me.  

i made the reservation; a booth the window of Her favorite restaurant.

They sat on one side of the booth.

i sat on the other.

She wore the key to my chastity device around Her neck.

Everyone could see it.

She looked so beautiful.

i paid the bill. 


Saturday, January 9, 2016

Stockings & Chastity

Mistress always liked the look of a chastity device with stockings.  So it's possible i'll be wearing that tonight when The Boyfriend comes over.

i like the look also.  Thigh highs seem to frame the chastity quite nicely.

Here's an old selfie with a cheap chastity device.  It was pretty useless.  Thank goodness we graduated to better

Friday, January 8, 2016

Sissy Cuckold Uniforms

Mistress doesn't like winter.  The changes in weather, the snow, the cold, the rain, the ice...all those things seem to take up too much of our time when it comes to travel, maintenance around the house, health issues like the flu and colds, etc.  It sometimes puts a "kink into our kink" if you understand what i mean.

i don't like it either.  It's hard to feel feminine when you're all bundled up outside.  And the bitter cold makes chastity feel more uncomfortable.  Do other submissives in chastity feel the same way.

Both of us had colds and were busy over the holidays, hence no posts. 

The Boyfriend was over a few times and will be here again this weekend in what appears to be a more dominant mood that he was last year.  Dominant with me more accurately.

"Make sure the cuckold is all sissied up" he told Mistress. 

They want to have fun with me.  Feeling better, Mistress is up for that too.

"I'll put her in a cuckold uniform" Mistress told him.  There was laughter.  The laughter aroused me.

i will be in my sissies frillies.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Sissy Baby Cuckolds in Cages

You asked for a few more details so here they are.

There was some heavier-than-usual humiliation this weekend that caused our sissy pet to overreact just a little bit.

My boyfriend and I decided to go out on our own for dinner on Saturday night and, lacking a babysitter, we put our diapered sissy cuckold in a cage while we were gone.  We weren't gone that long, and we left sissy with a cell phone in case there was a real emergency.

I don't call having to mess your diaper an emergency, but she interrupted our dinner to ask us when we'd be back!

The cage was large enough so that it wasn't that uncomfortable, she had water and a few baby toys to play with so everything should have been fine.

We didn't appreciate the interruption.

I changed her messy diaper when we returned in front of the boyfriend and she spent the rest of the night in the cage and the entire weekend in diapers. 

Don't feel bad for her, she's fine now and her attitude is 100% improved!

I'm feeling great too!