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Thursday, May 23, 2019


A thank you to all who have commented or written to me.   I will update these pages for awhile but at some point will take this blog down.

One must start anew right?

sissypet/pantiegirl is not up to posting here, perhaps out of embarrassment.  Whatever the reason I respect her wishes.

I will update you soon but for now I'm headed out of town with The Boyfriend to enjoy the holiday weekend.

Hugs to all of you.

Ms. C

Monday, May 20, 2019

Some Parting Thoughts (with more to come)

Most things don't last forever as sad as that can be.

This blog and the relationship upon which it has been based are two of those things. 

It's been a difficult month but the two of us have sorted things out and will be parting ways.

I've started to put some thoughts together to share with our readers and will do so in a few days I hope.  Things that I've learned from this relationship and how I might have prevented it from ending.  I'm hoping sissypet will do the same, but I'm not so sure.

She's working now as Stephanie's administrative assistant and doing a very good job.  I'm transferring to the west coast in mid June sometime.

I'll go into a few more specifics soon but wanted to let you know our relationship is over.

Sadly, I've changed my last diaper on sissypet.

Ms. C

Saturday, April 27, 2019

My Bondage Baby Waits

I'll let sissy pet write about her interview with Sharon yesterday.  Like, you'll just have to wait to see how it went and whether or not she either gets the job,  a second interview or a letter of rejection.   I did speak with Sharon yesterday afternoon and got some feedback, but I'm sworn to secrecy.  I've not even told sissy pet about what Sharon told me. 

Sissy thought she did a good job in the interview, answered all the questions thoroughly and presented herself well.  I'm pretty confident that she did and gave the impression that she's willing to follow

In the meantime, she waits for a phone call which should come early next week. 

As for yesterday, I had told sissy to stay in her training pants and plastic panties until I got home from work and that I'd put her into a diaper then.  I also told her to get everything ready and laid out in the living room, diaper, powder, a changing pad, pacifier, etc.  I told her we would relax at home and maybe watch a movie.  I lied a little bit. I had something much kinkier in mind.

Sissy had everything laid out just like I asked when I got home and even added a few of her favorite baby toys and a bottle.  After a kiss on her forehead I told her to lay down on the changing pad and I'd be right in after getting myself comfortable.  I changed into a t-shirt, shorts and slippers and when I returned she was laying on the changing pad sucking on her pacifier. 

I told her to get up and rearranged the changing pad so that it was right in front of a living room chair.  After she laid back down I had her close her eyes for a moment while I took out two sets of leather cuffs, one for her wrists, the other for the front two legs of the chair.  After putting the cuffs around her writs, then the chair, I attached each wrist cuff to a cuff around the chair legs.

My baby lay there, spread eagle in her plastic panties and training pants with her wrists bound over her head to the chair. She looked very, very happy.  The little bump emerging in her training past was evidence of her happiness. 

"Mommy's little baby happy?" I teased her stroking the "bump" through her panties.  "Go ahead and rub against Mommy's hand like a good baby."  She moved her hips back and forth as best as she could.

"Does baby want to wet herself?"  I asked her and she nodded in the affirmative.  But I had to wait. 

Someone was coming to visit and I didn't want them to miss sissy's little orgasm.  I stopped playing with her.

"Baby's going to have to wait.  Mommy has a visitor coming over tonight" I told her.  There was a look of fear on her face. 

"Can you guess who's coming over?" I teased her.

I knew the only person she could think of right now was Sharon.  Could I be so cruel?

I looked at my phone and saw a text from my guest.  They were on their way up to our apartment.

I slid her plastic panties down and then the training pants.  Her little erection in the middle of her smooth crotch was pretty to see.

"I love showing you off to friends" I told her.  Then, she did the unthinkable.

"No.  Please!" she said spitting out the pacifier.

"Don't you ever!" I said slapping her face and shoving the pacifier back in  her mouth.

Just then the doorbell rang. 

"We have company.  You best behave" I said with a laugh.

I'm sure she felt relief when I opened the door and the guest wasn't Sharon.  Instead, it was only "The Boyfriend."

"Just in time for a diapering" I said before giving him an embrace. 

The Boyfriend watched me put sissy pet into a diaper while we talked.  After she was all snug, we left her there while we went into the bedroom to make love. 

An hour or so later, we returned, had a light dinner and eventually the three of us relaxed and watched a movie.  Me and The Boyfriend on the sofa, the baby on the floor with her toys.

Ms. C

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Sharing with Sharon

Thanks for the comments to yesterday's post.  I'd been thinking all along that the choice would be either panties or training pants.   I really like VC's idea about plastic panties over the training pants and sillymaid's idea about a "knicker inspection."

I just finished talking with Sharon who will be interviewing sissy pet tomorrow and though I wanted to keep this secret from sissy, I filled her in on what she might be wearing under her boy clothes.  She laughed about it and is totally on board but the idea of a "knicker inspection" might be going a little too far she said.  "We'll see how the interview goes and if I hire her, maybe then" is what she said.  Got to love a woman who open to such things.

The bottom line of course is that sissy pet is going to have to cut the mustard and do her job for Sharon.  It's not a typical position for a male but there are many men in such positions who do it very well.  Secretaries have important positions in large companies, often operating like a chief of staff for important executives.  There's a power dynamic that exists and it works just as well, if not better, when the higher level executive is a female and the secretary or administrative assistant is a male.  Sharon agrees.

Some readers often ask me how I (or they for that matter) can tell someone has a kinky side.  There's no iron clad guarantee that someone is if you sense it and you have to be willing to take a bit of a risk when you finally decide to ask them or come out and talk about your lifestyle.  But there are ways to drop hints so that they might be the one's who ask you about it.  That was the case with Sharon.  She's a divorced mid-50's career woman who I took a liking to soon after taking the job I'm in.  She was a definite ally of mine right from the beginning.

Honesty is important.  As we became friendly, there was some talk about our families, backgrounds, where we went to school, etc.  When the talk turned to family, specifically my "husband" I was honest and told her that ours wasn't your typical marriage.  When she asked me what I meant by that, I told her that it was different, and I was cautious to share it because some people might find it offensive.  I left it at that after she didn't say anything.

Patience is also important. A few days later she stopped by my office to tell me I could trust her with sharing what we'd talked about.  I hesitated a bit and told her why.  I mentioned that it's risky at times but at the same time, I was happy with our lifestyle and did share it with a few special people.  I could tell she wanted to be one of those people. So I basically told her we were in a female led relationship, how it came about and where it was now.

Sharon just took it in stride.  She didn't see anything wrong with it at all and found it very interesting.  She mentioned how her own ex had difficulty with her alpha personality at times and that was one of the reasons they split up.

So...that was a while ago and now, she very well be sissy pet's boss!

Will I give her free reign with sissy pet?

No one gets totally free  But, I don't want to take all the fun out of it for her either!

I wonder if she likes to spank?

Alpha Women for Beta Bois

Ms. C

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Training Pants or Panties?

A month ago I wrote about the possibility of my sissy pet going to work full time as an administrative assistant at the company I work at (See the post Office Boi? Girl?) Basically, it would be in a secretarial position for Sharon, one of my peers.  Administrative assistants are now the more politically correct term for secretaries. 

Sissy pet's now made it through the initial phase of the hiring process and now has an interview with Sharon on Friday.  Sharon knows that I "wear the pants" in our family and sissy pet is my pantie girl.  If she gets the job, sissy pet will dress in acceptable male attire for her public role but will have feminine and/or baby things underneath.

My dilemma?  Should I trust sissy pet in just panties, or should I make her wear training pants just in case?

I'm going with just panties for the interview, and will be telling Sharon what she'll be wearing ahead of time.

Wish my sissy pet luck in the interview!

Ms. C

Monday, April 22, 2019

After Easter Blues

Mistress' Mom left this morning, taking a taxi to the airport for Her trip back home.  By the time She left this morning, i had become comfortable being around Her either dressed as a baby or in feminine apparel.  The openness with which this has progressed is remarkable, yet next time She visits, or we go visit Her, i am sure i will experience a bit of angst once again.

Since The Boyfriend was out of town He did call Mistress yesterday and they chatted.  As part of the early part of their conversation, Mistress put the phone on speaker and said to me "Wish Daddy a Happy Easter."

Mom was there and i felt embarrassed to do so but i did saying "Happy Easter Daddy" with as much enthusiasm as i could muster.

"Awwww...that's so cute" Mom said.  The way She said it was loving and got me a little aroused in the diaper i was wearing.  

The Boyfriend wished me a Happy Easter before Mistress went to the bedroom and spoke to Him privately with the door shut.

Left alone with Mom She asked me how i felt about all of this and i was honest with Her.  We had a very open and honest discussion which i will write about later.  But the important part of yesterday afternoon was that, with Mistress talking to The Boyfriend in private, Mom took me by the hand and led me into the guest bedroom where She was staying.

The truth is, i enjoy Mom taking charge and having me pleasure Her.  She does so with Mistress' permission and has free reign with me, something She has never abused.  Mom also let me "make little cummies" in my diaper which didn't take very long!  

After changing me we made our way back into the living room just moments before Mistress came out of the bedroom with a smile on Her face.

"Have a nice chat?" Mom asked Mistress.

"What do you think?" She answered.

"Good for you" Mom said.  "We had a little accident so I had to change a diaper while you were on the phone."

"Oh?" Mistress said with a knowing look.

"Nothing I couldn't handle" Mom laughed.

This morning Mom gave me a kiss before leaving and said how someday She'd like to take me with Her on a little vacation.

"I'll just pack a diaper bag and you can come along" Mom laughed.

Again, i got hard...but in my big girl panties this time. 

i miss Her already.


Sunday, April 21, 2019

A Sissy Baby Easter

Happy Easter everyone!!!!

Hope every sissy baby gets to wear something pretty today.