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Saturday, July 6, 2019

And Then There Were Two

I've finalized my list of applicants for my submissive position two two people and surprisingly, one is a female. Only two females showed interest and I didn't think that,with such a small pool I would find someone that interested me.  Well I did.  We spoke on the phone twice and I meet her tomorrow morning for coffee.  As always, one never knows so the search will continue but in a passive way.

I've met the male and so far so good.  Generally he fits what I'm looking for.  As a novice in many of the areas of I'm interested in there will be the issue of putting him through my personal formation program which can be challenging.  But it also can be fun.  I've given him an assignment to complete this weekend and we'll see how that goes. 

I've thought about this situation and there is a possibility I might chose the both of them.  Or maybe take one first and add the other at a later date.  I just have to think this through.

Look for an update around midweek.  Maybe sooner if there's a breakthrough.

Ms. C

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Update - Location, Location, Location

I'd mentioned that I'd be transferring to the west coast in June.  Well that's changed and I'm staying here in NYC for at least one more year.  Money talks.

I've read some of the "applications" I've requested and sent some short notes back requesting more information.  Submissives can continue to apply by all means.  I might even be thinking about a combination of them!

While I'm not in that much of a rush.  My ass is aching for a good worship session.

Ms. C

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Applying to Serve

I've received more interest than I thought I would from my posting about looking for a male or female submissive.

There was a question left in one of the comments about how to get in touch with me.  If you can't figure out how to get in touch from me by looking at my blog, then you're probably not true sub material in my eyes.

I'll respond to everyone who applies eventually, just don't get your panties all bunched up if it's not on your timetable.  And one line introductions aren't going to get anything other than a quick delete stroke.  Be sure to include your age, physical stats (size & stature aren't deciding factors but it's nice to know), sexual orientation, current living situation/relationship and what you do for work.

Ms. C

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Some Sadness

It was with a tinge of sadness that I removed sissypet from the blog yesterday.  Also added a few new blogs and rearranged the blog listings a bit.  The left side is for the blogs by or about Dominant and the right side listing is for blogs by or primarily about submissives. 

Yes, I'm going to miss this.

But as one door closes, another opens....and that's true for both of us.

My ex-panty girl has probably found a Daddy.  Good for her.

Ms. C

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Update and Seeking

I'm happy to report that sissypet is doing well.  She did finally get a job working as an administrative assistant for Sharon and both are happy.  sissypet is in a job that suits her personality and Sharon is pleased with sissypet's efficiency. 

It does seem that sissypet is more in tune with looking for a "Daddy"type to hook up with, either living as a baby girl for the Daddy or a sissy spouse of some sort.  I do wish her luck and hope she can find happiness.

I find myself missing her and I think that's only normal.  But it is best that we moved on.

However, there is a void here in my household.  I am not looking for anything romantic but would enjoy a sissy houseboy/maid of some sort.  Someone young, low maintenance, not needy, obedient and willing to do what they are told.  Am I asking too much? 

Sex would be strictly on my terms if at all.  Am I offering too little?

A student would be nice.  Might even be willing to pay a small stipend and provide room and board.

And oh....male or female can apply.

Ms. C

Thursday, May 23, 2019


A thank you to all who have commented or written to me.   I will update these pages for awhile but at some point will take this blog down.

One must start anew right?

sissypet/pantiegirl is not up to posting here, perhaps out of embarrassment.  Whatever the reason I respect her wishes.

I will update you soon but for now I'm headed out of town with The Boyfriend to enjoy the holiday weekend.

Hugs to all of you.

Ms. C

Monday, May 20, 2019

Some Parting Thoughts (with more to come)

Most things don't last forever as sad as that can be.

This blog and the relationship upon which it has been based are two of those things. 

It's been a difficult month but the two of us have sorted things out and will be parting ways.

I've started to put some thoughts together to share with our readers and will do so in a few days I hope.  Things that I've learned from this relationship and how I might have prevented it from ending.  I'm hoping sissypet will do the same, but I'm not so sure.

She's working now as Stephanie's administrative assistant and doing a very good job.  I'm transferring to the west coast in mid June sometime.

I'll go into a few more specifics soon but wanted to let you know our relationship is over.

Sadly, I've changed my last diaper on sissypet.

Ms. C