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Sunday, October 21, 2018

My Favorite Form of Oral Sex

For a submissive, it's better to give oral sex than to receive...if they ever get to receive at all.

Mine does not.  Ever.

For me, it's much better to receive than to give. 

At the same time, my favorite way to receive also includes plenty of "giving."

What I "give" to my sissy baby is a big load of my boyfriend's juices. 

It usually leads to a thunderous orgasm for me.

The baby usually cums in her diaper.

Ms. C

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Diapers for the Sissy

It's easy as....

"Alexa, order pink diapers for sissy."

I did that yesterday in the presence of a kinky couple we've met in the Big Apple.  New York is such a fascinating city, I wish I would have moved here years ago. 

Both of them are long married, he's a switch and she's a sub.  We're just social friends for now and he's not really my type so I'm not sure I would be that interested in using him as a sub.  She's far more intriguing for me so we'll see how it goes. 

I think both of them were impressed with sissy's total devotion to me and her obedience.  I sensed both had an interest in her. 

We'll see if that goes anywhere.

Ms. Catherine

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sexy Sissies

I made one of my very first boyfriends wear an old training bra of mine.  As a rather buxom and curvy female, I outgrew the bra rather quickly, but that's another story for another time.

I wasn't quite sure at the time why I got excited about making him wear the bra, but there was something sexy about certain types of men wearing lingerie under my orders that was fun and erotic. 
I convinced him that I thought it was "hot" which I assume led him to believe that it would all lead to more sex.  He was right.  It did lead to more sex but probably not the exact type of sex he thought.

I discovered the world of D/s, but not in a formal way.  I didn't know all the terms and buzzwords of the BDSM community but I would learn them soon enough.  It was just fun to put him into a bra, then panties and dress him like Tim Curry in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

He grew tired of my dominant attitude and my demands after awhile, along with my more overt expressions of kink in front of others, and we broke it off.  I found another boyfriend who was more willing.

College was fun.  There was always a submissive to do what I wanted them to, along with more alpha boys to meet my other needs.

Now I have a sissy, a baby, a wife and a slave. 

Life is good.

Ms. Catherine

Thursday, October 11, 2018

A Measured Response

"Diaper time!" She exclaimed in front of The Boyfriend.

He laughed.  Not so much at the comment but at the size of my penis.

Mistress had spanked me in front of Him with a pair of pink bikini panties down around my ankles as i lay over Her formidable lap.  

"Hump yourself" She had teased as Her bare hand slapped each cheek on after the other.

"You go babygirl" The Boyfriend said.  

It didn't take me long to cum between Her thighs.  She continued to spank me for "making a mess."

After cleanup, i lay on the bed with  my legs spreads, showing off my small penis to the two of them.

Mistress took a tape measure to show The Boyfriend how short my penis was.

"Look" Mistress laughed.  "She's 6 centimeters.  It's sounds better when we used the metric scale."

Laughter from the both of them ensued.  

i measured slightly over 2 inches, and i was semi-erect.

It was diaper time.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Back in Diapers

i spent much of the summer en femme, vacationing with Mistress mostly, The Boyfriend as well and some of Mistress' friends.  As Mistress mentioned my diapers were never far away but i wasn't put in them very often for punishment.  Rather, they were used when Mistress decided i should sleep in them.  

Those times i was put in diapers for bed were a good indication that She would let me have an orgasm that night, cumming in my diaper and falling asleep in the dampness of my sissy juices. 

Over the last few weeks however, i've been put in diapers more and more with Mistress' mood changing a bit.  She enjoys having a cuckold who can be more things for Her depending on how She, or The Boyfriend feels.

All this has taken a bit of an emotional toll on me.  i shared with Mistress this morning that i often fear She will tire of me.  Why would a Woman like Her want someone like me?  i fear that She will just get rid of me.  She always reassures me of Her love for me and tells me i am being silly with my insecurities.

"How could a Mommy leave Her baby?" She asks me in reply.  

Her firm hands on my padded bottom always feel so good.

sissy pet

Thursday, July 12, 2018


While we were away several weeks ago on a vacation "the baby" was out of diapers more than she was in them.  Much more.  I kind of liked it.  It was a change to our kink and she spent most of the time as my sissy wife, girlfriend and totally "femaled."

I still diaper her often and most nights before bedtime, but daytimes find her as a wife more than anything else.  The boyfriend likes seeing her that way and so do I.   I find myself making love to her more often and letting her service the boyfriend when he's around.  He's enjoying it too, taking full advantage of her oral skills even when I'm not around. 

She's enjoying it as well and the diapers are always nearby as a sort of punishment now.  It's a big change.  We'll see how it plays out.  Stay tuned.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Mistress' Baby Girl

We're back from an early summer vacation, one where i didn't wear diapers that often but was constantly reminded that i'd be back in them once we got back to our routine at home.  It was a promise that didn't take very long to fulfill.  

Mistress took full advantage of my time out of diapers to use me more like a sissy wife than a baby, even telling me that She's been lax in doing that.  The strap on She packed for our vacation was put to use nearly every day, sometimes more than once.

Since then, She's told me to keep myself well douched and ready for Her "Mistress Cock" whenever She has the urge.

i get so excited when She says....

i think any sissy would!