Sunday, February 23, 2014

Technically Submissive

Technology has allowed Mistress Catherine to exercise more control over me.  In that way, it has made D/s relationships more meaningful - one is only a text message, phone call or even video chat away from either giving an order or obeying one.

As a high-powered and successful executive, Mistress Catherine is quick to demand some type of evidence of my submission.  It could be a picture of either the panties or chastity belt i am required to wear that day, or a live video chat with Her.

Last week, i knelt at my laptop, naked except for the collar around my neck and the chastity belt on my sissy clitty.  It was an honor to see my beautiful Mistress laying in bed in Her hotel room.

We chatted and i did my best to please Her as She pleasured Herself in front of me.  My relief only "came" when She got home on Friday evening.  

Like a good sissy wife, i love it when She fucks me.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Pantiegirl's Panty Protocol

Mistress Catherine has recently begun calling me "pantiegirl."  It's a name that She used to use now and then for many reasons, some obvious and others not so much.

As Her submissive sissy, being pantied 24/7/365 is "de rigueur."  Exceptions?  There are none unless She wants me wearing something else or nothing at all.

Mistress Catherine has also prescribed different rules and protocols that i must follow when it comes to the daily panty i wear.  

Since Mistress often travels on business, She cannot select and lay out the panty she wants me to
wear every day.  When she's away, i must send Her a picture of the panties i will be wearing the next day.  i need Her approval before i can wear them.  Sometimes, i must send several pictures before i gain Her approval.  

This and other protocols help reinforce the importance of my obedience to Her in our relationship.  It's an obedience that was born out of my deep love and devotion to Mistress Catherine.

i love being Her sissy wife.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

One Year Later....

A year has gone by since our last post.  i promise it won't be another year before our next one. 

i've committed as much to Ms. Catherine.  And i do my very best never to disappoint Her.

We are together now.  i belong to Her. 

i am Her sissy wife. 

i am Her sissy baby.

i am Her sissy cuckold.

i am Her sissy pet.

i am whatever She wants me to be.

She is everything to me.

i worship everything about Her.  And all of Her.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

sissy's gloves

It was a very erotic scene for me, especially since Master had responded so well to what I thought were thorough preparations. Next time, sissy will need to have her nails done in a blushing shade of pink. Master was not pleased that her nails had not been done. Today, although sissy does not know this yet, she will be accompanying me to the nail salon to have her nails done. Only recently have I begun to exhibit her in public more, this will be so much more than she has experienced before......more to come.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sissy Gloves for a Cuckold

i first noticed the lacy gloves while getting dressed for the dinner party at which i served Mistress and Her two friends Elaine and Greta.  That was two weeks ago last Friday.  The gloves were all lace, pink and had an added lace ruffle that went around the wrist.  When i saw them sitting on the dresser i thought i would be made to wear them while serving as the sissy maid.  They matched my uniform quite well.  

When i asked Mistress Catherine if i was to wear them She simply answered "No, they're not for tonight."  i was a little curious, but considering what i was about to undergo that evening, i quickly forgot about them.  i never saw them again until this past Friday night, when Mistress invited Her Alpha Male Lover "M" to spend the evening.

It was only the second time M has come over, although Mistress has been with Him a number of times since they've met.  Unlike the first time M came over where i was blindfolded, handcuffed and on my knees at the front door when He arrived with Mistress, this time i was instructed to greet Him at the front door in my maids uniform.   i also followed Mistress' previous instructions and addressed Him as "Master."

"Good evening Master" i said with utter embarrassment.  IT was the first time another man had ever seen me totally dressed.  Mistress stood at the end of the hall at the entrance to our living room and just smiled.  She looked stunning in Her black heels, hose, tight skirt and silk white blouse.  Her ass looked better than it ever had.

"Good evening sissy" Master said.  "Don't we look pretty tonight."

"Thank You Master" i answered.  He snickered and walked right by me to embrace Mistress.  It was a passionate embrace and a deep kiss.  He took Her in His strong arms and pulled Her close to Him.  He didn't let go until He was ready.  When the embrace was over, Mistress took his hand and led him into the living room.  She told me to fetch some drinks.  i obeyed.

After serving the drinks and light snacks, i was ordered to go kneel in the corner while holding up my skirt and petticoat with my hands so that Master could see my ruffled panties.  They laughed when i obeyed and Master added that He wanted me to stay that way until i was told otherwise.  

i couldn't see what They were doing, but one didn't need a vivid imagination to know that it was enjoyable to Mistress.  i could hear Her moans of delight, especially as i heard some clothing items come off and fall to the floor.  It wasn't long before i got further instructions:  "Go upstairs, take the bed down and wait for us there."

As i got out of the corner and made my way by the sofa where They had been sitting, i saw Mistress on Her knees in front of Master, smiling as She held His huge cock in Her hands.  As i walked away, Master made it a point to add to my humiliation by telling Mistress to "suck it like a good girl."  i heard that too.

It didn't take long to take the bed down, and it didn't take long for the two of them to get upstairs.  Both were totally naked with one exception:  Mistress had worn Her heels, something that Master seems to enjoy tremendously.  

They climbed onto the bed, demonstrating the passion of two lovers who can't wait to begin their lovemaking.  They kissed passionately on the bed, with Master running his hands all over Mistress, paying special attention to Her beautiful Ass and slapping it several times, something She seemed to enjoy from Her reactions. 

All of this took place as i stood by the side of the bed.  i wanted to leave the room so They could be alone, but was afraid that it would upset Mistress.  Yet, they seemed indifferent to my presence, as intimate and passionate with Their foreplay as a couple would be.  Mistress was on all fours sucking Master's Cock, Her Ass pointed right towards me.  i felt like crying with embarrassment.  i was also ashamed that the whole scene aroused me.

"Are you ready to ride my cock" Master asked Mistress.  She nodded Her head without stopping Her sucking, letting out a muffled "Uh-uh" as she sucked.  

"Did you buy the sissy gloves like I asked you" Master asked Her.  There was another nod, followed by an interruption to the sucking when Mistress said "Of course.  I think they're perfect for our cuckold."

At that point, Mistress told me to put on the pink "sissy gloves" that lay on the dresser.  It was the first time I had noticed them since the night of the dinner party.  When i finished putting them on, i saw that Mistress was on top of Master, ready to straddle His Cock. 

Without looking at me, Mistress said "Now be a good sissy and get on your knees behind me on the bed.  I want you to guide Master's Cock into my pussy.  Take Master's Cock, a real man's cock, hold it with your dainty sissy gloves, and help it into my dripping pussy.Can you do that for me my sissy cuckold?"

Before i could say anything, i heard Master whisper "Perfect!" in Mistress' ear.  With shame and humiliation i answered "Yes Mistress" and did as i was told.  

i climbed unto the bed, took Master's Cock into my gloved hands, pointed it to the entrance of Mistress' beautiful pussy and helped guide it in.  i never heard Mistress moan with such pleasure.  If She'd enjoyed a larger cock before, i didn't know about it and, from her moans and screams of passion, it was the best She'd ever had.  She had multiple orgasms before Master filled Her with his seed.  

i could only kneel back and watch.  When it was over and after They had cuddled sufficiently, i did what cuckolds do, cleaning my Mistress' pussy and licking Her to another orgasm.  Before i was allowed to do that, i was ordered to to remove the "sissy gloves."

"I don't want you to get them dirty.  Those are reserved for Master's Cock" Mistress told me.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Dinner Party - my sissy Preparations

"The Dinner Party" had been a long time in planning.  Mistress had made it clear She wanted to show me off in front of The Girls (Her two best friends), but didn't want to do so until She felt  i was "ready."  my readiness had nothing to do with my own feelings of angst, embarrassment or humiliation.  Rather, they had everything to do with whether or not i was properly trained to make Her proud.

There were countless hours of preparation involved.  i would prepare elegant table settings for Mistress to review and approve, and repeat the process over and over until everything was just so.  There were practice sessions with the serving tray, ensuring that no drinks were spilled and the service was performed not only with elegance, but with the deference an inferior sissy male should exhibit in the presence of the Mistress and Her friends.

My appearance was another major factor that took time.  Mistress wanted me to appear as feminine and sissified as possible.  i spent countless hours in front of the mirror, often with Mistress' assistance, applying just the right amount of makeup that would enhance my appearance. my wig had to be just so and my nails had to be done properly.  All of this was rehearsed many times so that by the time the big night came, Mistress was confident there would be no errors.

Like everything else, my outfit was selected by Mistress.  The first piece and most important item had been selected months before.  In many ways, it served as the cornerstone of my ensemble.  It was a simple yet elegant underbust corset that i had been fitted for while we were vacationing in San Francisco.  The corset fit perfectly, and gave me the hourglass figure Mistress enjoyed so much.   i had been dieting during the weeks leading up to the corset fitting until i reached the target weight Mistress had set for me.  Since then, i have had to maintain this ideal weight to ensure i could fit into my corset.  This exercise, all part of making sure i look pretty and sexy for my Mistress, only reinforces my submission to Her.

My maids uniform was pink satin with a white pinafore.  Of course there were the obligatory ruffled panties, petticoats, thigh high stockings and heels.  Everything only seemed to be enhanced by the corset though.  The pinafore/apron was tied around my waist with a big feminine bow in the back, emphasizing my tightly corseted waist.  The heels were 4 1/2" but i had no trouble walking in them.  Like everything else, it was something i had practiced for hours.  

All the practice and encouragement from Mistress helped to reduce the angst and also prepared me to deal with the embarrassment and humiliation i would experience in front of The Girls.  No matter what happened, i knew that whatever i did, i would do it well.  i also knew that i would very much look the part of a very pretty sissy maid.  With just a little more than an hour before The Girls were scheduled to arrive, i was prepared as i could be, confident that i would make Mistress proud.

However, there was one more thing that i wasn't prepared for.  Minutes before The Girls were scheduled to arrive and while i was putting the flowers on the dining room table, Mistress came into the room holding my chastity belt.

"I think we forgot something sissy" She said.  "This should have gone on after your bubble bath."

i was surprised and hesitated before i said "Oh, i assumed i wouldn't be wearing it tonight."

"Well" She said, "you assumed incorrectly.  I don't want to take any chances that you might get overly excited in front of Greta and Elaine and mess yourself."

"Yes Mistress" i said.  i lowered my panties and Mistress proceeded to put the device on.  "See, your little clitty is getting hard already" She laughed as the lock was snapped on.  

i pulled my ruffled panties back up and went to the bathroom to make sure i looked presentable.  When i came out Mistress told me i looked "gorgeous."  Moments later, the doorbell rang. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Dinner Party continues...

It was now time for sissy to show off her serving skills, she gingerly raised herself from my lap, and was assisted by the Girls replacing her ruffled panties. The Girls snickered and giggled as they raised sissy's panties up and over her reddened bottom.
sissy clasped her hands in front of her pinafore, and awaited instruction. I rose and gave her a love pat on her ruffled ass, and gave her a little kiss on her neck. I could see she was blushing profusely. she could not hide that she was totally embarassed at having to bare herself to My Girls.
I told the guests that we would be right back. as sissy proceeded toward the kitchen, I hastily grabbed her around the waist, and pressed myself against her, whispering to her that I was so proud of her, and that there would be a treat for her later in the evening.
sissy was gushing....all she could say was "i wanted so very much to make You proud Mistress."