Kinky Places W/we Like

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Using My Face

When relationships first blossom, there's always some reluctance to share your innermost fantasies and desires with someone for fear of a smack down.  Such it was with me and Mistress C.  Much more so me than Her.  i failed to react properly to Her subtly suggestive words.  It took me awhile, even though my deepest desire was to be Her submissive sissy.

When i finally broke down and admitted many things to Her, She would just smile and say "I understand my baby."  Yes, She truly understood.  More than i ever thought.

i remember when i admitted that i would love to have Her sit on my face.  Even writing it now seems so crass and not-too-submissive on my part.

She responded with so much understanding and acceptance, telling me She would love to make me happy that way.  "I'll be a very good facesitter for you" She said in Her sultry voice.  "It might make both of us happy."

The first time She sat on my face didn't happen the way i expected it too.  She did it Her way.

i learned that She does everything Her way.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Proper Maid Service

"Look how pretty she looks" Mistress said to Her Boyfriend as i minced around in my maids uniform and served them dinner.

As expected, The Boyfriend was over for dinner this weekend and i spent the better part of Sunday in preparation for His arrival.  There were provisions to pick up and making sure the house was clean to Mistress' specs.  And i had to get prettied up just prior to His arrival.

Dinner had to wait until they had sex.  Everything without me.  No participation whatsoever.  i stayed downstairs the whole time.

i made the lobster tails and steaks on the grill outside.  Our home is mostly private, with woods surrounding the back yard.  Though our nearest neighbors could probably make out someone in a pink maids uniform moving about on our deck and patio at times.  And that's where dinner was served.

"Notice her posture?" Mistress asked The Boyfriend.

He glanced over, took a sip of wine and sat back looking at me as i stood off to the side of the table on the patio.  "Yes, it's quite nice.  Good to see she took your advice to stop slouching" He said.

"It wasn't easy.  It took practice didn't it sissy pet?" She asked looking at me.

"Yes Mistress, it did" i answered while holding my very best posture.

"Tell us what you did to practice" Mistress said.

With no outer appearance of shame or humiliation i went on to explain...

"i've been practicing for an hour each day.  A half hour during the day and a half hour in front of Mistress each evening.  i balance a hardcover book on my head" i told The Boyfriend.

"What kind of book?" He asked me.  "The title?"

"There are two.  The smaller is Cosmos by Carl Sagan, and the larger is National Geographic book featuring 100 years of adventure and discovery" i told Him.

"Interesting.  Go get them" He said.

i obeyed and returned and showed Him the two books.  Mistress was enjoying this whole exercise and smiling broadly, almost ready to giggle.

"Show me with the larger of the two" He said.  i balanced the National Geographic book on my head and just stood there.  Mistress finally did giggle and so did The boyfriend.

i stayed that way until they finished dinner and i was told i could clear the table.  i put the book down and asked if they wanted dessert.

They loved the strawberry shortcake.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Having Her Way

The majority of the time i'm the one who fetches the strap-on for Mistress to use on me.

Whether it be a simple nod after a brief conversation, or a very direct instruction to go get it, i obey and either bring it back to Her or set it out wherever She wants it.

i know what's coming and both of us enjoy it very much.  Mistress looks even more beautiful when She has Her cock strapped around Her waist snuggly.

i also love to strap it on for Her.  i think most submissives, be they spouses, boyfriends or in another form of a relationship with the Domme, enjoy that task.  Which ever way they're fastened, letting the submissive do it adds to scene that is soon to follow.

One thing that i find even sexier than what i described is when Mistress Herself goes to get the strap-on.  For some reason, it looks and actually is much more Dominant.  It carries with it this "Forget it.  Let me do this myself" type of attitude that i know i'm going to pay for later.  As if She's annoyed with me and not willing to get the strap-on put on and start using me with it.

That happened last night.  i was outside and when i came back in She asked me to pour Her a cold drink.  While i was outside, She must have gone upstairs to get Her strap-on and harness and had it next to Her behind some throw pillows on the couch.

When She finished Her drink She suddenly got up and said "Let's go" as She headed to the stairs with Her strap-on.

i followed.

She made love to me like i was a little girl.  

i felt like one too.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Posture Training

"You're posture needs to improve.  All the time but even more so when you're serving" Mistress C told me.

It was a reference to the last time i was in full maid regalia and serving dinner to Mistress C and The Boyfriend.  i used to leave the dining room and stay in the kitchen when i wasn't actively serving, waiting until i was summoned.

She doesn't want it done that way anymore.  i am to stand in  the corner of the dining room with my hands neatly folded behind my back while wearing one of my maids uniforms.

The last time i did so Mistress had to tell me to stand straight.  "No slouching" was all She said.  i thought that was the end of it until last night when the comments about my posture came up.

"I think you should practice everyday until it improves" She told me.  When She says She "thinks" i know it is more than a thought.  i consider it as an order.

Mistress had me fetch a large hardcover book from one of the bookcases in the den and told me to stand by Her side and balance it on my head.  i tried to do so as She watched the news.  i wasn't very good at it but after about a half hour i was much better.  The book was able to stay on longer.

"Half hour each night and a half hour during the day when I'm not around" She said.  "I'll be able to tell every night if you've been practicing, so don't disappoint me."

i won't.  There would be hell to pay if i did.  

i could only surmise that The Boyfriend will be coming for dinner soon.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Morning Ritual

The closest thing we have to the bench shown in the beautiful piece of art by Namio is a Queening Chair.  Mistress has used it for various purposes, including to feed me Her wonderful tasting chardonnay.

But lately Mistress has been prone to use me for Her morning pee.  It's one of the first things most people do when they first get up in the morning.  

i'm usually up first and get Mistress' tea going.  

i used to get my own coffee going at the same time.

Now i am not allowed to make that pot of coffee for myself until later.

The first thing each morning i'm allowed to drink comes from Her.

It's usually a stronger version of the vintage i would taste later in the day, a result a full night's resting and the fermentation that comes with that. 

Only when i'm done am i allowed to start my coffee.  As much as i love a strong cup of coffee, i often delay that first cup so that i can savor Mistress' taste for a while longer.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sucking Her Cock

Mistress loves to see me do this.

She may not even use Her strap-on on me after i do.

It arouses Her.

She loves to see me sucking Her "cock."

She loves to say the words "Suck My cock sissy."

When i suck Her cock, i can't help but get aroused.

There's straining in my chastity belt.  Lots.

"You're a sissy cocksucker aren't you?" She often asks.

i nod.  i can only nod.  She holds my head in place.

Mistress knows how to use Her cock very well.

In my mouth and otherwise.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Drinking From My Mistress

i don't write about this nearly as often as it happens.  Partly because for a long time i didn't want to offend someone and partly out of embarrassment.  i often drink from Mistress' most private parts.  This is not really about golden showers, though i've received those quite often.  This is about consuming Her most intimate of juices.

The first time i tasted it was by accident, the result of an amazingly powerful orgasm She had that "accidentally" released some urine.  Nothing was said but i believe Mistress knew that i did my best to consume it all and that i really enjoyed it.

It wasn't long after that that during one of our intimate discussions She came right out and said "I'd love to piss all over you."

Her directness didn't surprise me at all.  Neither was i disappointed.  If anything, i tried not to look like i couldn't wait for it to happen!

Before i could answer She asked "Would you enjoy that my little sissy?"

i told Her that i would love it.  i really wanted to tell Her that i wanted even more.  i wanted to drink Her golden nectar, Her piss, Her tasty it what You wish.  

The first time i we did it i was in a large whirlpool tub.  On all fours, She stood over me with Her hands on Her hips and let it flow all over me.  The warm stream found its way all over my back, the back of my neck and She moved forward to spray my hair.  i wanted to taste Her so bad.

"Now lick me" She said when She was done.  i turned around, knelt in front of Her and began to worship between Her legs.  Soaked from Her piss, i now got to taste it.

It was about a week later that we began what has now become my routine consumption of Her body fluids.  It doesn't happen every day, but at least several times a week.  If i'm close by and She has to go to the bathroom, then i am called upon to take my place at Her lovely "V."

It's an honor, a privilege and a duty for me now.