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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Emasculated Again

Last week i wrote about emasculation, with a reference to the recent vacation we took as well as a reference to another blog.  The boyfriend spent part of the vacation with us and on several occasions i felt very emasculated.  

The boyfriend was over on Tuesday night and i had to answer the door wearing nothing but my "sissy socks";  white anklet socks made of lace, ruffles and little ribbons.  i wasn't even in chastity.  my smooth body was on full display for The Boyfriend to see and make fun of.

The Boyfriend wasted little time in doing just that, asking me how His "sissy cocksucker" was doing.  The Boyfriend interrupted my answer to tell me to go get my collar and leash.  i turned and started to walk toward the bedroom to get it when i felt a hard barehanded slap on my ass "Run bitch" The Boyfriend said.  i hurried both ways and returned with the collar and leash.

Mistress laughed at my treatment and lovingly put the collar on me then attached the leash.  As i knelt, She handed it to The Boyfriend.  From there, i crawled to the bedroom where i knelt in front of The Boyfriend and ended up sucking His cock.  

"You really should have been a girl" He said to me as i sucked.  "You were meant to suck cock and you love it so much."

"Her clitty is hard" Mistress chimed in.  

The Boyfriend looked down and laughed.  "Play with it and cum on my feet" He ordered.

i momentarily stopped sucking to look down to see His feed which upset Him.  i got a hard slap on the face for that.  i went back to sucking, played with myself and came on His feet and the floor a few minutes later.

"Clean up and get your sissy ass out of the room" He said.  "We want to be alone."

i licked everything up.  The cum on His feet as well as the cum on the floor.  Mistress took my leash off but kept the collar on me.  i left the room and remained naked for the rest of the evening. 

The boyfriend left around 9:30.  

Mistress and i talked for a long time.  She enjoyed my posts on the subject of emasculation and wanted me to write another one.  "You do know we both enjoy emasculating you right?" She said and i told Her i knew that.  

The more they do it, it seems like the more i want it.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sissy Socks

Mistress has always loved me in little anklet socks.  Pink ones, yellow ones, blue ones and white ones.  Some are ruffles and some are lace. 

Now The Boyfriend likes me in them too.  i've worn all kinds of feminine things but for some reason, prancing around with little sissy anklet socks is very embarrassing. 

The Boyfriend wants me in them, and He's coming tonight.

Guess what i'm wearing now?

Monday, September 28, 2015

Sissy Lovemaking

"I want you to make love to me tonight sissy" Mistress told me.  "I need a stiff one" She continued.  

i knew exactly what She meant.  The Boyfriend was nowhere to be found.

For these times, i have my own strap-on.

It's my best attempt at being a man.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Emasculating a Submissive

We just returned yesterday from a two week vacation, one where The Boyfriend joined us for several days.  It was the first time that we did this.  It's a sign of Mistress' attachment to The Boyfriend and how Her feelings for Him are pretty strong.

A D/s relationship that includes cuckolding can take on many forms.  One is where the wife is a "hot wife", taking on various lovers to cuckold her submissive.  Others are more monogamous in nature.  The wife has one lover only (for regular M-F sex) while still cuckolding her spouse.  That's what we're in.  Mistress doesn't have any interest other than in The Boyfriend and in me.  and i know my place.

While with us for five days and four nights during our stay on Grand Cayman, The Boyfriend exerted his Alpha Male status.   i was their submissive the entire time He was there.  i fetched them drinks while they lounged by the pool or the beach.  i drove them around the island.  i walked two paces behind them (wearing my collar) wherever we went. 

And the sex was the same.  i was an afterthought until they wanted me for their amusement.  The morning The Boyfriend Left, they gave me a spanking that left my bottom sore for a few days.  They took turns using his belt on my bottom.  It was sort of like "I'll be gone but not forgotten."    On this vacation, i was essentially emasculated by the two of them.

This morning i read a post by Diane over at Married Sissy where she talks about her sex life with her own sissy and goes into details about the sissy's premature ejaculation and other sexual shortcomings. 

i liked the post because it stirred my submissive juices but i also enjoyed if for its frankness.  Diane was very comfortable talking about her submissive and a very intimate subject.  i don't say this in a bad way at all, but within the context of a loving and strong D/s relationship, but Diane post emasculated her submissive in front of all their readers.

It was a wonderful vacation but we're glad to be back.  Mistress is happy to see The Boyfriend again.  And i'm still emasculated.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

FemDom Role Reversal

i don't believe Dominant Women can be easily identified by size, strength, looks or any other specific characteristic.  Every submissive male has their prototype perfect Dominant Woman, fantasizing about what they look like, their shape, hair color, eyes, the way the act, etc.  But i believe what makes a woman choose dominance as a way of life comes from's Her DNA, it's how She's made.

Mistress C happens to be a strong and sizable woman.  Yes, those are some of the things that initially attracted me to Her, but of course there's more.  Naturally, those characteristics play very well into our lifestyle.  Maybe somehow it's easy for me to feel more submissive in Her presence because of Her size and strength.  No, She's not an Amazon, but Her stature and strength can be sexually and sensually imposing.

Mistress commands respect wherever She is and whenever She wants.  i'm always giving Her the respect, honor and obedience She deserves.

i know my place as Her submissive sissy wife and cuckold.

i know what my role is.

i don't have any false aspirations.

i just want to be the best submissive i can be for Her.

Yes, She has a Boyfriend.

But...i know She loves me for who i am.

"I am a lucky Mistress" She says as She hugs me.

But She always adds:  "you my pet are an even luckier submissive.

i don't mind reversing traditional roles.

i play this role so much better.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Her Pet

i have a real name, but for the longest time i'm always referred to as either "sissy pet" or "pet" by Mistress.

Mistress has always loved me collared and pantied.  Those were Her two earliest requirements. 

i have many collars.  Some don't even appear to be D/s or kink related, but the important thing is that Mistress and i both know what they mean.  Some are clearly kinky, and those aren't worn very often in any public setting. 

But many times when we're out, i do have a collar that has some sort of ring or other device to which a leash can be attached.  Knowing that Mistress may be carrying a leash keeps me on my toes.  She's only used it three times in a public setting. 

Mistress' favorite collars are those that bring out my "pet" status.  Some have been purchased at pet
stores and others on specialty sites that are part of places like Etsy or Ebay. 

She fell in love with this one.  She loves the pastels and the little bell.  She makes me prance around so that the bell rings.  She and The Boyfriend have a laugh.  i have to do it until i'm told to stop.

Call it one of my pet tricks.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Using My Face

When relationships first blossom, there's always some reluctance to share your innermost fantasies and desires with someone for fear of a smack down.  Such it was with me and Mistress C.  Much more so me than Her.  i failed to react properly to Her subtly suggestive words.  It took me awhile, even though my deepest desire was to be Her submissive sissy.

When i finally broke down and admitted many things to Her, She would just smile and say "I understand my baby."  Yes, She truly understood.  More than i ever thought.

i remember when i admitted that i would love to have Her sit on my face.  Even writing it now seems so crass and not-too-submissive on my part.

She responded with so much understanding and acceptance, telling me She would love to make me happy that way.  "I'll be a very good facesitter for you" She said in Her sultry voice.  "It might make both of us happy."

The first time She sat on my face didn't happen the way i expected it too.  She did it Her way.

i learned that She does everything Her way.