Kinky Places W/we Like

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Baby New Year

Christmas found us enjoying family and friends in distant places.   Our travels necessitated we travel light so left behind were many of our favorite and regularly used sex toys in addition to my sissy baby's wardrobe and diapers.

I did travel with a diaper bag and across the country and continents it never left my side.  It wasn't as babyish as I would have liked it (remember the old fashioned diaper bags that would have been perfect these days for sissies?) but it was very useful.  Wherever we were, there was at least a store where I could buy some adult sized diapers.

Our travels took place without any incidents and everything was safe.  There was a little blushing on my sissy baby's part a few times when the diaper bag was given the once over going through security. 

At Heathrow, the matronly security guard asked me if I was traveling with an infant after spotting the pacifiers in the bag along with the adult pampers. 

"No ma'am.  Just my husband.  Those things are for him" I told her.  We both smiled while the baby just blushed.

We did see the boyfriend as part of our travels, taking advantage of a brief leave of absence he was taking so we could enjoy each other and the cuckold.

We're back now and I'll be spending New Year's Eve watching a movie and taking good care of my personal "Baby New Year!"

Happy 2017 to all!

Ms. C

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Domestic Duties in Diapers

The Boyfriend's visit was a sex-filled one for Mistress and one which included plenty of humiliation for me.  During his stay here, i was diapered most all of the time and in chastity for about half of it.  The diaper and chastity combination was quite uncomfortable but ensured that i wouldn't have any more "cummies without permission."

Serving Mistress and The Boyfriend while diapered was different.  Instead of a maids uniform i wore a skirt and top.  The skirt was short enough for my diaper to show.  i felt silly fetching the drinks and snacks dressed that way and with a pacifier in my mouth.

There was satisfaction just knowing i made both of them happy.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Sissy Baby Orgasm

It was what Mistress called "an accident."  An accident that came about because of my pathetic penchant for humiliation as a form of erotic arousal.

In chastity and thickly diapered, blindfolded, bound with a spreader bar and a pair of handcuffs, my ass propped up by a few pillows, i lay on the bed in front of Mistress and The Boyfriend.

i almost came in my diaper without any physical stimulation.  i heard the buzzing of Mistress' favorite vibrator and within a minute or two of it being applied to my crotch i started to leak and moan with a disgusting wave of pleasure.

The laughed and called me names.  i heard them but was nearly oblivious to it all, trying into my own world of shame.

"You didn't ask me for permission to cum" Mistress said.  "Just for that, stay in your messy diaper until we're done."

They left to go make love.  i was uncomfortable.  my back ached.  i wasn't totally immobilized but trying to get up and about would have made things worse.  i waited.....they were gone a long time.   One hour and twenty seven minutes to be exact.  

i could see the alarm clock on the nightstand.  

At an hour and five minutes, i couldn't hold it any longer and wet myself.  i peed in my diaper.  

It was soaked when Mistress finally came back.

She wasn't angry at all at my wetting.  "That's what babies do" She said.  i was cleaned up and put in a fresh diaper.

"It's the orgasm that upset me" She said.  "No more cummies without permission." 

"Understand?" She asked me.

"Yes Mistress" i said.  Then She stuck a pacifier and kissed me good night.  

"i love my baby" She said before leaving the room.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

My Boyfriend's Back

Finally,  My Boyfriend's Back!

He'll be here tonight just in time to watch me diaper my sissy and put her to bed.

Then the night will be hours, unless the sissy baby doesn't sleep the night!

Tomorrow, we'll let the sissy baby join in.

Ms C.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Dollies & Diapers

Spending more and more time in diapers lately.  The puffy feeling of my everyday "big gurl" clothes reminds me of my sissy baby status.  

A pat on the bottom from Mistress reinforces that.

i also think people can hear the "crinkling" of my plastic panties.

Are they looking at my heavily padded tush? Do they hear?  Does it show that much?  

i ask these questions to myself, for Mistress won't answer them anymore.  She's already told me it doesn't matter what others think.

At home, i'm diapered and given my dollies to play with.

Her girlfriends know.  They see.  It's no longer a big deal to them anymore.  

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Dildos & Diapers

It was one of those evenings last night.  One where our spectrum of kinky activities was stretched just a bit.

"Get my feeldoe ready and meet me in the bedroom" Mistress told me.  

The feeldoe isn't Her favorite dildo to use on me, but She uses it once and awhile.  It can be used without a harness and also has a small battery which causes some sensual vibration.  

i didn't even have time to put on a sexy nightie before She was pushing me onto the bed on my back, ready to pounce on me.

i love it when She's on top and i can wrap my smooth sissy legs around Her beautiful ass.

The chastity device kept me from cumming, but it had no effect on her own ability to cum.

"Now get your diaper and stuff" She said.  i gathered everything and when i returned to the bed to be diapered, She was holding the key to my device.  

There was a smile on her face.  

Just before falling off to sleep She let me cum in my diaper.

i slept like a baby.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Public Displays of Submission

Of course this would be too much.  Or would it?

"I love it" Mistress said when i showed it to Her.

i breathed a sigh of relief when She admitted that She'd rather use it on me "somewhere else."


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Stuck With a Sissy

My boyfriend is away for a significant amount of time.

The process of finding another lover is too time consuming and I'm not into a one-night-stand-hot-wife type of thing.  Maybe a night of flirting at a high class bar could be fun with sissy pet by my side. 

Until my boyfriend comes back, I'm stuck with my sissy.

Is there anything wrong with that? 

Mistress Jessica doesn't seem to mind.

Ms. C

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Morning Rituals

Mistress never leaves the house without getting a kiss from me, and usually it's on Her beautiful Ass.

This morning i had the opportunity to kiss Her Ass several times.

First time was when She stepped out of the shower.

The second time was after She'd put on Her white bra, panties and thigh highs (my personal favorite.)

And lastly, before She left for Her office.

i can't wait until She returns.

Friday, September 30, 2016

All Heels on Deck

"Serve dinner on the deck tonight" She told me.  "And wear your highest heels."

i did.  

"Too bad he's not here to see you" She said.  "He" was The Boyfriend.

He loves it when i'm in my sissy maids outfit and serving them dinner al fresco.

The Boyfriend's away for awhile.  i can't say He doesn't know what He's missing because i'm sure He does.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

In Love With Her...

She stands there looking so beautiful, facing away from me.

Her assets on full display.

Before She ever let me kiss Her lips i had to kiss Her ass.

She needed to be sure that i was devoted to Her.

Yes, i am deeply in love with Her mind.

But Her beautiful ass is a close second.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Corsets & Curves

Mistress loves corsets and so do i.

They look so much better on Her, as they do with most all women with curves.

As for me, i just look like a slim little sissy in a corset.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Spanking Fun

"Climb up onto the ottoman" Mistress ordered.  "Actually, crawl up."

She was dressed appropriately for what would be the first "formal" spanking in our first home together.

She had Her crop, boots and corset on.  

i stayed on the ottoman for what seemed like a very long time.  She was enjoying Herself.  

At no time did She strike me with the crop more than twice in a row.  The crop had a piece of braided leather for extra fun and sting.  By the time the spanking was over, She was very accurate with it.

She massaged my bottom and it felt so nice.  

Then She took a strap-on to it.

That was nice too.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sissy Toes

Mistress was reading the Married Sissy blog and thought i should follow in terri's "sissy footsteps" and learn how to give Her pedicures.  

"Practice on yourself first" She said.  And so i did.  She thought it was cute and treated me to a chastity.

i found it easier giving myself a pedicure than Mistress.  And the reward was an added bonus.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Before Her Shower

Rarely a day goes by that i don't worship Mistress at least once.  Many days i do so multiple times.  Her business trips are usually the reason for these breaks in loving servitude.  But this week there were two such days when i wasn't able to please Her orally.

i was so happy to pick Her up at the airport last night and couldn't wait for Her to get home so i could give Her all the oral attention She deserves.

She'd flown most of the day and wanted to shower first.  She could sense my disappointment i think, but didn't say anything.

i brought Her luggage into the house and started unpacking for Her while She went through the mail.  i brought things to the laundry room and when i turned around to leave the room She was standing there with Her hands on Her hips.

"I changed my mind" She said.  "I want it now."

A couple of weeks ago i wrote about this very subject and how some submissives enjoy worshiping their Mistress before they shower.  Last night when faced with that decision, Mistress let me go before and not after

i was a very lucky submissive.  And She was a very tasty Mistress :)

Here are some lovely pieces of art to go along with this topic.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Gorgeous Curves

Mistress loves luxurious lingerie.  She has teased me before about opening a lingerie shop, and i would be the assistant manager.  Not a bad idea.

Her curves look so perfect in classy lingerie.


Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Big Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Don't skip it.

i had the best breakfast a submissive sissy could have this morning.  

There's no better way to start my day.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Public Transportation

I used to live in Brooklyn NY and would use the subway often.

Too bad they weren't equipped with submissive males for my entertainment.

"sub"way, what an appropriate name.

Ms. C

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Body Worship Before or After?

The masochistic tendencies of many submissives finds them fantasizing about and actually doing some things that otherwise normal people might find repulsive.

For some even their own Dominants might find their fantasies a bit unusual and even make the Dominant feel uncomfortable.

When it comes to body worship i would say that most mainstream kinksters would prefer to practice it after a bath or shower.  Most, but not all.

At first Mistress was a little squeamish about "making" me worship Her gorgeous curves before She'd showered after a long day at the office, a jog or a workout at the gym.  Over time She's grown rather fond of the attention She gets before those hot baths and showers.

"Ready?" She might ask.  "I'm nice and ripe for you!"

What's your preference?


Saturday, September 3, 2016

PG's Little Clitty

My boyfriend is away for awhile and finding another one is way, way, way to much work.

So I'm "stuck" with a sissy who's clitty doesn't compare.

I've got all the toys a girl can own so that helps....

Humiliation helps evens makes my pantiegirl's clitty a bit bigger, but not nearly big enough.

It's frustrating.

Ms. C

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Her Footstool

Objectification has a powerful effect on me.  Mistress doesn't do it that often but when She does there is usually a little twist to it.  Lately, with The Boyfriend gone, She has been using it more often.

Last night's twist had me naked and serving as Her footstool while She talked on the phone with one of Her close friends, one who knows all about me and would call me "pg" (for pantiegirl) and ask me what color panties i was wearing whenever she would see me.  

They talked and i listened.  There were occasional references to me and i was always referred to as "the pantiegirl" as in "the pantiegirl is right here in front of me."

i was Mistress' footstool and that information was conveyed to Her friend.  It didn't seem like a big deal to either one of them.

Her friend is planning a trip here next winter and Mistress has promised her that she can avail herself of some of my services.  Not all of them.  Just some.  That was very clear.  i just don't know which ones.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Emasculating a Sissy

My sissy wasn't the first man or boy I put in dresses.  But I can tell you that she was the first with whom I've truly enjoyed the emasculation process.   The others were just fun flings I had while in college and beyond. 

I'd fantasized about it before, but never to the extent I practice it now.  My first opportunity to do such a thing came when I was a freshman in college.  A bunch of us used to like going to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show and really get into the whole audience participation thing.

I ended up going on a date with one of the guys once and after a couple of drinks he admitted to me that he wouldn't mind dressing up like Tim Curry in the movie.

"Have a thing for corsets" I asked Charlie.  He admitted he did. His timing was great.  It was two weeks before Halloween.  He was the hit of the party.  I had made him up to look like Tim's  After, I had the best sex I had to that point in my life.  Totally turned on by having this guy dressed in a corset who was fucking me!  The FemDom seed was planted then.

I played with Charlie/Charlene a few more times but for other reasons we never really hit it off. 

But the Rocky Horror Picture Show plays an important part in the relationship I now have with  my submissive.  I remember telling her how hot I thought Tim Curry looked in a corset.  That opened the floodgates.  In time, she told me all about her own desires.

Now I have a pantiegirl who isn't totally emasculated but she's close.  She'll always have those little balls and her little cockette or clitty which is okay with me. 

Having them and not being able to use them is sexier to me that not having them at all.

Ms. Catherine

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Smoking Hot

i thought of calling this post "The Smoking Gun" after noticing what appears to be a pistol in this Mistress' left hand.   It also shows the curvy Domme holding a cigarette while the submissive pleases Her.

i used to get turned on by a dominant woman smoking a cigarette and imagining that i would have to cup my hands to serve as their ash tray or worse yet, have then flick their ashes in my mouth.  Even having to light her cigarette would have been exciting.

The smoking thing doesn't seem to excite me as much as it used to.  

What does excite me is seeing Mistress with Her perfect thighs spread wide as She's sitting on the sofa waiting for me to please Her.


Monday, August 22, 2016

My Blushing Baby

Yesterday we did some shopping.  The vanilla sort of shopping.  You know, the hardware store, wine outlet, groceries, office supplies, etc.  Nothing kinky.

That's unless you consider a sissy with a big puffy cloth diaper and plastic pants under her shorts kinky.

No one could see "anything.'  But the puffiness of her padded bottom was pretty hard to miss.  She didn't "waddle" but when I stood behind her as she walked pushing the grocery cart I just had to giggle.

I have to find things like this to amuse me while my boyfriend is away.

Sissies are good for such things.

Maybe next time I'll take her out in a stoller!

Ms. Catherine

Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Blushing Pantiegirl

My sissy's initials are "pg" in real life.  It's what initially led me to call her my "pantiegirl." 

Professionally, we worked together before I married her.  In public I began calling her "pg."  It's not unusual for people to have nicknames that match their initials.  The nickname began to stick and soon, most everyone in the office was referring to my pantie girl as "pg."  Of course, only I knew what it meant.

But that didn't last long.  I had a couple of very close friends that I eventually shared the secret with.  They were people that I could trust and to this day, they've not breached that confidence. 

At first my sissy didn't know that I'd shared this little secret with them but not long after our engagement was public one of the friends let her know about it with my permission.

"Hello pantiegirl" she said to my sissy one day while passing her in the hall.  My pantiegirl blushed redder than the pair of panties she had on that day.

There was no one around to hear, and Nancy let sissy in on the secret.

"What color are you wearing today" She asked my sissy.  Sissy hesitated at first but eventually told her.

It became a game.  Nancy still plays it today.  It's a simple game.

Nancy asks "What color?"

Sissy lets her know.

I'm so proud of my pantiegirl.

Ms. Catherine

Monday, August 15, 2016

DIsposable Diapers for Sissies

New diapers always bring a little bit of excitement into our play.

Mistress prefers the puffiness of cloth diapers, but recently with the increase in both variety and quality of disposable, She's decided to use them on me more often.

Also with some of the newer disposable there are some rather sissy looking designs on them that make me look very sissy without having to put on some plastic panties or other types of diaper covers.

So i wore disposables last night.

Friday, August 12, 2016

The New Normal

Are that many men cuckolds?

You don't have to know about your wife having an affair to be a cuckold, so the universe of cuckolds is probably pretty large.

But what about those who know?

How many of us are out there?

They still love us.

They just have a thing for their boyfriends. 

It's becoming more popular i think.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Size Matters

Mistress is the sexiest woman i've ever been with.  

The sexiest woman i know.

The sexiest woman i've ever seen.

i adore Her.

Women of size RULE.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

"i Will Do Anything You Say"

i remember the first time i told Mistress Catherine i would do anything She wanted.

Her reaction was the same as this woman.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Pink Slips

No, i am not getting "fired."

i'm just wearing a pink slip today.  To do my housework.  

No diapers either :)

Call me old fashioned.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

My Tumblr & Misogynistic Thoughts

What seems like a long time ago i began a blog on tumblr and had little time to keep it active.

In the past few days i've started blogging there again and hopefully, will post more often.  Not sure what direction i am going to go with it and maybe Mistress will contribute as well.

Here's a link to the site:  Ms. Catherine and Her sissy 

i re-blogged the following picture today...

and added the following comment:

The girdle seems so misogynistic.
No wonder i love them.

It's embarrassing to admit but misogyny turns me on.  When i see pictures of women being dominated, made to look like bimbos, going out of their way to please men or adopting a passive and submissive stance and demeanor....i so want to be them.

Foundation garments in my opinion represent such a philosophy.  Created to make women appear more attractive to men, to reshape their bodies to please men, all while making them feel more uncomfortable.

When Mistress makes me wear a very tight pink girdle or corset, She knows how deeply submissive and girly i feel.  

Do other sissies feel the same way?

Please leave a comment, if if you disagree. 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Locked or Unlocked

The Boyfriend returns later next week.  He should be visiting next weekend.

Conversation turned to making his return next week a "little more special than usual" and what type of role i could play.

"Something different than diapers" Mistress laughed.  "Maybe I'll even let Him see your little clitty for a change."

Putting my little clitty on display for Him is worse than keeping it in a chastity cage.  Much worst.  It gets hard but is still small.  Their laughter follows.  my embarrassment worsens.  They tell me to stroke.  i cum so quickly.  Very humiliating.

i hope i can stay locked.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Sexy Massages

Whenever i massage Mistress, it always seems that i end up worshiping Her beautiful bottom.

At least i have it better than this sub...

...i get to massage Mistress first!

Sissy Baby Wish List

Yesterday over at the "A Married Sissy Cuckold" blog sissy Terri posted some gorgeous pictures featuring polka dots.  

One of the blog readers, Emily, left a comment there with several links to polka dotted panties.  Emily's links were all very pretty, but this one was my favorite.

i have it on my sissy baby wish list, just in case Mistress grants me a special request!

In case you are interested, you can buy it here

Thanks Terri and Emily!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Kinky Intimacy

Mistress recently asked me if i remembered the first time She gave me a golden shower.

How could i forget.  It marked a special milestone in our relationship.

Yes, it's not for everyone.

But it works for those of us who know our place.


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sissy Love

Mistress looks and feels so sexy wearing Her strap-on.  

She's not quick to get the lovemaking over with.

She enjoys just laying back and making me suck Her strap-on for as long as She wants.  

Only when She is ready does She make love to me like a girl.

By then, i am very ready.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Busy Summer

The Boyfriend has been out of the country.

Doesn't mean Mistress hasn't been satisfied.

She has kept me busy.

She's a BIG fan of Sardax.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Messing My Diaper, and More

With The Boyfriend here on Sunday night and most of yesterday i was in diapers throughout, only being allowed out so as to not mess them "too much" if you understand what i mean.  i had to wet them and Mistress would check me and change me when needed since i wasn't allowed to ask for a change.

The changes came in front of They Boyfriend who, though He relishes my submission and ensuing humiliation that comes from it, doesn't come across in his behavior as being mean-spirited or malicious towards me.   Simply, He enjoys humiliating me with Mistress and even using me for His kinky pleasures at times.

On Sunday night, i was let out of my diaper just before bedtime to watch the two of them make love.  Kneeling at the foot of the bed, i had to stroke my clitty with my right hand while my other thumb was in my mouth.  i came quickly but had to wait before my thumb was replaced by The Boyfriend's cock.

i came again in my diaper before falling asleep, unable to control myself when i thought about the evening and my humiliation.  A pathetic little sissy baby...that's what i felt like because that's what i am.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

My Sissy Baby Things

What will the neighbors think?

The Boyfriend will be here tonight.  All my sissy baby things will be nice and clean...for awhile.

Friday, July 1, 2016

A Place to Sit

Pleasant surprises happen at unexpected times.  Whether it be a sharp command by Mistress to worship Her ass, a kinky toy as a gift or even the sudden appearance of The Boyfriend for a heavy dose of cuckolding they all ignite the flames of arousal in a submissive.

And today there was a very unexpected and pleasant surprise.  

SHE left on one of my older posts - Qeening Her Sissy Maid.

SHE is Vanessa Chaland, who used to have a very sexy blog on Female Domination and Cuckolding and yes....Queening.  

SHE was the primary force behind my own Mistress' attraction to face sitting and queening.

Welcome back Vanessa!

You can check our Her blog "Queening Chairs" and enjoy.  i also have it on my blog list.

Happy days are here again.


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Sounds of Spankings

Mistress has the small submissive streak in Her.  One that only The Boyfriend can find.  He's the only one that can effectively deal with it also.

Sometimes The Boyfriend spanks Mistress' beautiful and ample ass.  He doesn't do it in front of me and most times I am in the other room, already diapered and in bed.  Yet i can still hear.

i've had orgasms in my diapers just from the sounds.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Long Worship Session

Apparently, She felt i hadn't cleaned Her sufficiently.

The Boyfriend was over and they made passionate love.

He was now in the living room watching the game.

i was between Her legs cleaning His juices from Her.

There were plenty of them.  

Each time i thought i was done (She would cum and i would stop), She'd grab my head and pushed it back into Her pussy.

Then there was more of his sperm.  i could taste it.

It happened three times where She pushed me back.

Each time, i could feel Her squeezing Her pussy muscles and more sperm came out.

There were four orgasms in all, not counting the ones He'd given Her.


Monday, June 20, 2016

Kinky Habits

Kinky habits are hard to break.  That's really true when these habits become "Mistress' requirements."

A good example is the requirement that i be diapered whenever The Boyfriend is around.  Mistress has sort of added to that saying that i must be either locked in chastity or in diapers all the time.

Since that's been put into practice, all my orgasms have come when i'm wearing a diaper.  And fortunately for me, there have been more orgasms allowed. 

Lucky me.  Yes, kinky habits are hard to break, but i doubt either one of us would want to "go back."


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sissy Baby Bedtime

Mistress and The Boyfriend went out to dinner last night and as soon as they returned i was made to get ready for bed.

Diapered with my cloth diapers, pink rubber panties and given a bottle i was sent to bed at 8:30.

It's kind of pathetic that this type of treatment has become less and less humiliating to me each time it happens. 

i was also given a baby toy to play with.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Worship & Respect

Recently, Mistress does not allow me to press my lips against Her private parts until She's satisfied that i've shown Her the proper respect.  She also makes me worship before Her.

The process is one i am now familiar with.  And it doesn't end once i begin pleasing Her.

When it's over, i must show gratitude.

Monday, June 6, 2016

The Great (sissy baby) Outdoors

While Mistress and The Boyfriend sipped cocktails on the deck last night, they let me roam around in the backyard.  

All i wore was a diaper and my pink plastic panties.  The warm grass felt so nice.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Sissy's Expertise

Gone for a week, Mistress missed The Boyfriend terribly.

"I love you but there are some things you just don't have and others you just can't do."

That's mostly true.  But there are some things She just doesn't let me do.  But i will admit those are things The Boyfriend does better than i do.

But there are some things i do better than The Boyfriend.



Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Weaker Sex

i've not kept it a secret that Mistress is both bigger and stronger than i am.  i wrote about it before here on this blog.

i'm sure there are other marriages and relationship where the Woman is physically stronger than the man but it would be fair to say they are in the minority.

Knowing She can physically impose Her will upon me is a constant reminder of my submission, Her Dominance, my inferiority and Her Superiority.

There are power dynamics at play in any D/s relationship.  To me this is among one of the more powerful ones.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Slim, Smooth & Submissive

Those are among Mistress' most important requirements.

i must always be submissive.  To Her, The Boyfriend and Her Friends.

i must stay slim.  

i must always stay smooth.  

The lack of hair on my genitals makes me feel and look like a sissy baby.

 i get aroused when i shave.