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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

sissy's gloves

It was a very erotic scene for me, especially since Master had responded so well to what I thought were thorough preparations. Next time, sissy will need to have her nails done in a blushing shade of pink. Master was not pleased that her nails had not been done. Today, although sissy does not know this yet, she will be accompanying me to the nail salon to have her nails done. Only recently have I begun to exhibit her in public more, this will be so much more than she has experienced before......more to come.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sissy Gloves for a Cuckold

i first noticed the lacy gloves while getting dressed for the dinner party at which i served Mistress and Her two friends Elaine and Greta.  That was two weeks ago last Friday.  The gloves were all lace, pink and had an added lace ruffle that went around the wrist.  When i saw them sitting on the dresser i thought i would be made to wear them while serving as the sissy maid.  They matched my uniform quite well.  

When i asked Mistress Catherine if i was to wear them She simply answered "No, they're not for tonight."  i was a little curious, but considering what i was about to undergo that evening, i quickly forgot about them.  i never saw them again until this past Friday night, when Mistress invited Her Alpha Male Lover "M" to spend the evening.

It was only the second time M has come over, although Mistress has been with Him a number of times since they've met.  Unlike the first time M came over where i was blindfolded, handcuffed and on my knees at the front door when He arrived with Mistress, this time i was instructed to greet Him at the front door in my maids uniform.   i also followed Mistress' previous instructions and addressed Him as "Master."

"Good evening Master" i said with utter embarrassment.  IT was the first time another man had ever seen me totally dressed.  Mistress stood at the end of the hall at the entrance to our living room and just smiled.  She looked stunning in Her black heels, hose, tight skirt and silk white blouse.  Her ass looked better than it ever had.

"Good evening sissy" Master said.  "Don't we look pretty tonight."

"Thank You Master" i answered.  He snickered and walked right by me to embrace Mistress.  It was a passionate embrace and a deep kiss.  He took Her in His strong arms and pulled Her close to Him.  He didn't let go until He was ready.  When the embrace was over, Mistress took his hand and led him into the living room.  She told me to fetch some drinks.  i obeyed.

After serving the drinks and light snacks, i was ordered to go kneel in the corner while holding up my skirt and petticoat with my hands so that Master could see my ruffled panties.  They laughed when i obeyed and Master added that He wanted me to stay that way until i was told otherwise.  

i couldn't see what They were doing, but one didn't need a vivid imagination to know that it was enjoyable to Mistress.  i could hear Her moans of delight, especially as i heard some clothing items come off and fall to the floor.  It wasn't long before i got further instructions:  "Go upstairs, take the bed down and wait for us there."

As i got out of the corner and made my way by the sofa where They had been sitting, i saw Mistress on Her knees in front of Master, smiling as She held His huge cock in Her hands.  As i walked away, Master made it a point to add to my humiliation by telling Mistress to "suck it like a good girl."  i heard that too.

It didn't take long to take the bed down, and it didn't take long for the two of them to get upstairs.  Both were totally naked with one exception:  Mistress had worn Her heels, something that Master seems to enjoy tremendously.  

They climbed onto the bed, demonstrating the passion of two lovers who can't wait to begin their lovemaking.  They kissed passionately on the bed, with Master running his hands all over Mistress, paying special attention to Her beautiful Ass and slapping it several times, something She seemed to enjoy from Her reactions. 

All of this took place as i stood by the side of the bed.  i wanted to leave the room so They could be alone, but was afraid that it would upset Mistress.  Yet, they seemed indifferent to my presence, as intimate and passionate with Their foreplay as a couple would be.  Mistress was on all fours sucking Master's Cock, Her Ass pointed right towards me.  i felt like crying with embarrassment.  i was also ashamed that the whole scene aroused me.

"Are you ready to ride my cock" Master asked Mistress.  She nodded Her head without stopping Her sucking, letting out a muffled "Uh-uh" as she sucked.  

"Did you buy the sissy gloves like I asked you" Master asked Her.  There was another nod, followed by an interruption to the sucking when Mistress said "Of course.  I think they're perfect for our cuckold."

At that point, Mistress told me to put on the pink "sissy gloves" that lay on the dresser.  It was the first time I had noticed them since the night of the dinner party.  When i finished putting them on, i saw that Mistress was on top of Master, ready to straddle His Cock. 

Without looking at me, Mistress said "Now be a good sissy and get on your knees behind me on the bed.  I want you to guide Master's Cock into my pussy.  Take Master's Cock, a real man's cock, hold it with your dainty sissy gloves, and help it into my dripping pussy.Can you do that for me my sissy cuckold?"

Before i could say anything, i heard Master whisper "Perfect!" in Mistress' ear.  With shame and humiliation i answered "Yes Mistress" and did as i was told.  

i climbed unto the bed, took Master's Cock into my gloved hands, pointed it to the entrance of Mistress' beautiful pussy and helped guide it in.  i never heard Mistress moan with such pleasure.  If She'd enjoyed a larger cock before, i didn't know about it and, from her moans and screams of passion, it was the best She'd ever had.  She had multiple orgasms before Master filled Her with his seed.  

i could only kneel back and watch.  When it was over and after They had cuddled sufficiently, i did what cuckolds do, cleaning my Mistress' pussy and licking Her to another orgasm.  Before i was allowed to do that, i was ordered to to remove the "sissy gloves."

"I don't want you to get them dirty.  Those are reserved for Master's Cock" Mistress told me.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Dinner Party - my sissy Preparations

"The Dinner Party" had been a long time in planning.  Mistress had made it clear She wanted to show me off in front of The Girls (Her two best friends), but didn't want to do so until She felt  i was "ready."  my readiness had nothing to do with my own feelings of angst, embarrassment or humiliation.  Rather, they had everything to do with whether or not i was properly trained to make Her proud.

There were countless hours of preparation involved.  i would prepare elegant table settings for Mistress to review and approve, and repeat the process over and over until everything was just so.  There were practice sessions with the serving tray, ensuring that no drinks were spilled and the service was performed not only with elegance, but with the deference an inferior sissy male should exhibit in the presence of the Mistress and Her friends.

My appearance was another major factor that took time.  Mistress wanted me to appear as feminine and sissified as possible.  i spent countless hours in front of the mirror, often with Mistress' assistance, applying just the right amount of makeup that would enhance my appearance. my wig had to be just so and my nails had to be done properly.  All of this was rehearsed many times so that by the time the big night came, Mistress was confident there would be no errors.

Like everything else, my outfit was selected by Mistress.  The first piece and most important item had been selected months before.  In many ways, it served as the cornerstone of my ensemble.  It was a simple yet elegant underbust corset that i had been fitted for while we were vacationing in San Francisco.  The corset fit perfectly, and gave me the hourglass figure Mistress enjoyed so much.   i had been dieting during the weeks leading up to the corset fitting until i reached the target weight Mistress had set for me.  Since then, i have had to maintain this ideal weight to ensure i could fit into my corset.  This exercise, all part of making sure i look pretty and sexy for my Mistress, only reinforces my submission to Her.

My maids uniform was pink satin with a white pinafore.  Of course there were the obligatory ruffled panties, petticoats, thigh high stockings and heels.  Everything only seemed to be enhanced by the corset though.  The pinafore/apron was tied around my waist with a big feminine bow in the back, emphasizing my tightly corseted waist.  The heels were 4 1/2" but i had no trouble walking in them.  Like everything else, it was something i had practiced for hours.  

All the practice and encouragement from Mistress helped to reduce the angst and also prepared me to deal with the embarrassment and humiliation i would experience in front of The Girls.  No matter what happened, i knew that whatever i did, i would do it well.  i also knew that i would very much look the part of a very pretty sissy maid.  With just a little more than an hour before The Girls were scheduled to arrive, i was prepared as i could be, confident that i would make Mistress proud.

However, there was one more thing that i wasn't prepared for.  Minutes before The Girls were scheduled to arrive and while i was putting the flowers on the dining room table, Mistress came into the room holding my chastity belt.

"I think we forgot something sissy" She said.  "This should have gone on after your bubble bath."

i was surprised and hesitated before i said "Oh, i assumed i wouldn't be wearing it tonight."

"Well" She said, "you assumed incorrectly.  I don't want to take any chances that you might get overly excited in front of Greta and Elaine and mess yourself."

"Yes Mistress" i said.  i lowered my panties and Mistress proceeded to put the device on.  "See, your little clitty is getting hard already" She laughed as the lock was snapped on.  

i pulled my ruffled panties back up and went to the bathroom to make sure i looked presentable.  When i came out Mistress told me i looked "gorgeous."  Moments later, the doorbell rang. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Dinner Party continues...

It was now time for sissy to show off her serving skills, she gingerly raised herself from my lap, and was assisted by the Girls replacing her ruffled panties. The Girls snickered and giggled as they raised sissy's panties up and over her reddened bottom.
sissy clasped her hands in front of her pinafore, and awaited instruction. I rose and gave her a love pat on her ruffled ass, and gave her a little kiss on her neck. I could see she was blushing profusely. she could not hide that she was totally embarassed at having to bare herself to My Girls.
I told the guests that we would be right back. as sissy proceeded toward the kitchen, I hastily grabbed her around the waist, and pressed myself against her, whispering to her that I was so proud of her, and that there would be a treat for her later in the evening.
sissy was gushing....all she could say was "i wanted so very much to make You proud Mistress."

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Dinner Party

sissy's training has gone very well over the past couple of months, and I had an opportunity to show off her talents this weekend. I had given her a couple days notice so that everything would be prepared for friends that would be coming over. she had never been responsible for service at a dinner party before.
she was extremely nervous, and a little giddy, as she wanted to perform well for Me.
I instructed her to wear her new maid's uniform with the ruffled panties, and of course the white lace trimmed pinafore. she looked so nervous when she came to me for inspection. I had her turn around and I was quite pleased.
At 7 o'clock the guests began to arrive, sissy met them at the door in her freshly starched uniform. she had a silver tray of drinks prepared, and did so very well. When she left for the kitchen to bring out some apps, the Girls wanted to take a closer look at sissy, much to My chagrin, I was so pleased that they were attentive.
When sissy returned, I nodded to her to come to my side, which she promptly did. I told her that the Girls wanted to look her over, she looked stunned, surprised, nervous, it was apparent that she did not know what to expect.
she looked at me, and I led her to the center of the living room where all of the Guests could see her.
Greta asked sissy to show Her her ruffled panties, sissy coyly lifted her skirt to reveal her ruffled panties, Greta said, "Come over here",  sissy walked hesitantly over to Greta. Greta spun her around and told sissy to bend over so She could get a better look. I could see that sissy was blushing....
I went over to sissy and Greta, and patted sissy on her ruffled panties. I said, "I enjoy these so much". I rubbed her ruffles, which made sissy blush even more.
Across the room, Elaine called sissy over to Her, and said She wanted to lift her apron. sissy reluctantly walked over, and Elaine lifted the apron, and said, "I really like the skirt you're wearing sissy, it's very feminine." I thought sissy's knees were going to buckle, I could tell she was so embarassed, excited, (well, her excitement was showing in a large way....)
I returned to my seat, and told sissy to come to me. she seemed relieved, but I had other plans for her.
I told sissy to return to my side, and when she walked toward Me, I gave her the hand signal to assume the spanking position.......
the look on her face was priceless....
she dutifully lay across my lap.....she was obviously humiliated, about to be spanked in front of Mistress' guests, I could see it in her eyes.....
I started by giving her little love pats on her ruffled panties, I could feel that sissy was incredibly aroused, anxious, and yet willing. I gave her a smart slap on her ruffles, and I heard her gasp.....
I asked Greta and Elaine if they would like to help. They jumped up from their seats, and they stood on either side of sissy.
Elaine and Greta released the garters sissy was wearing with much drama, sissy was trembling. I know that she was trying to anticipate what would happen next....
Elaine and Greta each slipped their fingers into the sides of the ruffled panties, and slowly lowered sissy's panties to her ankles, revealing a flushed sissy ass.
I gave sissy a firm slap across her sissy ass, sissy jumped a bit, and I could see she was biting her lip.
I circled her sissy ass with my hand, and proceeded to inflict several more firm slaps, her sissy ass became warm and reddened.
Greta and Elaine each had their turn, I allowed 3 slaps by each of them. By this time, sissy was writhing and wincing with every slap......
It was now time for the first course....

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Her sissy cuckold

It started out as a fantasy.  my fantasy really.  Mistress played along, teasing me about Her need to be fucked by a "real man", calling me Her "sissy cuckold" and telling me how i would be made to clean Her "well fucked pussy."  These things and more, turned me on to no end.  They got Mistress aroused as well.  More than i ever thought.

The fantasy was followed by the posting of an ad on the BDSM website  It was one of the few times Mistress gave in to my pleas.  Yes, it was my idea and She had me write the ad, gave it Her blessing and we ran it.   That was four years ago i believe.  We both had access to the account and after plenty of initial interest, it died down to nothing.  All in all, mostly people who didn't interest Her in the least.  Every so often there was a message and She would tell me to check it out.  That was about the extent of it.  Until recently.

That was when we got a message from "M."  He's now Mistress' Lover, Her Alpha Male, Her Stud and in some ways, my Master.  i met M for the first time this past Friday night.  Mistress had met Him several times before, but Friday night was my introduction to M.  It came as a shock and a surprise to me.

The early afternoon text telling me to be waiting for Mistress in my sissy maids uniform was followed by a phone call with more specific instructions.  i was to be kneeling, handcuffed and blindfolded.  i followed the instructions to a tee.  The blindfold went on first.  It was tight and served its purpose very well.  i could see nothing.  The handcuffs were surprisingly easy to get on, even with the blindfold on.  They were snapped in place.  i knelt and waited.  

The wait seemed longer that what it probably was.  i was there probably ten minutes before She arrived.  i thought about how Mistress would use me during the evening.  i looked forward to pleasing Her.   Friday nights were always "our" night.  The end of a work week where She could avail Herself of my submissiveness to relieve the stresses of the previous five days.

i got a little nervous when i thought i heard voices shortly before the door opened.  My nervousness turned to an almost inexplicable feeling (fear, fright, horror and utter humiliation all rolled into one) when i heard Mistress say:  "sissy, there's someone I'd like you to meet.  This is M, but you will call Him Master."

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ultimate Control

I never dreamed that I would find such a submissive cuckold. I had other submissives in the past, but none that truly, and deeply had the endurance and willingness to commit totally.
It was very empowering to see the day when that look appeared in my sissy's eyes. When I saw that look, I knew that day, that this would be a mind blowing experience to enjoy and to explore.
To have the ultimate control over someone who will do absolutely anything for you to please you in every way....Wow....
sissy has the loveliest eyes, they truly are the window to the soul. she cannot hide her true feelings of needing to ensure that every pleasure that I want is matter what.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Her sissy baby

"Diaper time" She said.  The words came out quickly, assertively and put an end to the little argument we were having.  It also put an end to my childish behavior.  It was too late.  The two words meant that i had to go upstairs and get "the supplies" needed for my regression to becoming Her sissy baby.

About ten minutes later, i made my way to one of our guest bedrooms with a puffy white adult sized baby diaper, plastic panties, diaper pins, baby powder and a cute little baby blanket.  Mistress Catherine was waiting for me with a few other items in hand.

"Someday you'll learn" She said, as i lay the items onto the bed.  i stripped down to my panties, looking at Her one last time pleading with my eyes for some sort of reprieve.  There was none.  "Off with the big girl panties" She told me.  i slid them off and stood there naked before getting on the bed for the diapering.

It didn't take long before i was overcome by Her demeanor; assertive and dominant.  i loved the look in Her eyes as She told me to lift my legs and slid the diaper under my bottom.  i started to become erect. 

"See, I know you like this.  Don't insult me and feign that it's punishment for you.  You're such a sissy" She laughed.

When the diaper was pinned on snugly and the plastic panties tightly covering it, the pacifier She had by her side was stuffed into my mouth.  Then it was the bib, embroidered with "Mommy's Little Girl" on it.  Finally, the wrist and ankle cuffs were secured and tethered to one another.  The short straps forced me to stay in the diapering position.

"You look so cute.  Stay like that for awhile and think about how you've behaved" She said and, before walking away added "If you're a good sissy, maybe I'll rub you through your diaper and let you mess in it before we go out shopping."

I wondered if She would make me wear the diaper out shopping. 

She did.  And if someone looked closely, i was sure they could notice it under my white shorts. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A sissy for Her Use

i belong to Mistress Catherine.  All of me.

O/our relationship took a long time to develop to where She stands and i kneel today.  It's a long story that will probably have to be told in stages, if at all.  Because what's important, is that now, i am:

Her property
Her sissy
Her pet
Her toy
Her slave

i am whatever She wants me to be.

When we first became intimate with each other, we began revealing our fantasies.  D/s finally came up.  There was so much compatibility.  W/we figured out that within each of us was this"90/10" breakdown of Dominant and submissive fantasies.  Mistress Catherine had a need to be Domme 90% of the time and submissive the other 10%.  my own needs were just reversed.

It took little time for Her to figure out that i was truly a 100% full time submissive.  i am so happy She did.

i remember the first time i told Her that i would do "anything" for Her.  i expected Her to be astonished at my devotion and submission.  She wasn't.  "I know you would" was all She said.  She knows me better than anyone.  

This morning when i awoke, i got dressed in my maids uniform and went downstairs to prepare Mistress Catherine her morning tea and start some coffee for myself.  When the tea was brewed, i carried it upstairs on a silver serving platter, the hot tea in a teapot and a matching cup along with the morning paper.

When i got into the master bedroom, Mistress was already up and in the bathroom.  i laid the platter down beside the bed and turned to see Her staring at me while squatted over one of my special "pet bowls" which keeps in a few places around the house.

"Good morning sissy.  I thought I'd prepare something special for you this morning also" She said as she filled the bowl with Her warm and golden Holy Water, the Liquid streaming through Her panties.  "Enjoy" She told me as She rose, slid the panties off and let them fall beside the bowl.

i knelt, knowing that i would be required to lick the remaining few drops on Her Beautiful Pussy.  When She was satisfied that i had cleaned Her thoroughly, She climbed into bed and had me pour Her a cup of tea as She picked up the paper.  

"Thank you sissy" She said as i handed her the steaming cup.  "Now you can enjoy Your own treat.  Make sure you finish it all."

i knelt by the bowl and lapped it all up.

i guess you could say in addition to the things i mentioned before, i am also Her toilet.  

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Her Sissy Maid

As Mistress Catherine's submissive, there are many rituals that i must follow.  Each of these stands alone in how they represent my total submission to Her, and serves as a very symbolic expression of life together.

Every day that i am at home before Mistress arrives from work, i'm required to change into one of my sissy maid uniforms and greet Her in the hallway when She walks in from the garage.   Some days, She calls ahead of time to let me know when She'll be arriving.  But most times, i'm just expected to be there on my knees, collared, leash in hand in my uniform and with my head bowed.

Sometimes, a phone call or a text may come with additional instructions.  Perhaps, She wants a specific uniform, pair of panties or another outfit.  She may also want to see me completely naked, or with one of Her many toys or instruments of discipline ready for Her to use.  

She's teased me often that perhaps some day, She will walk through the door with a friend.  "It would be so much fun to show you off" She tells me.  She's mentioned a couple of Her girlfriends who She thinks would enjoy seeing Her sissy maid.  Or perhaps, it might even be that ever-elusive male friend:  The Lover She would love to cuckold me with.

i always look forward to Her entry.  It is usually the highlight of my day.  To see Her, hear Her, feel Her and smell Her is always an honor for me.  Often, She offers me Her beautiful ass to kiss.  i love greeting Her that way.  

The leash is there for Her to use if She so pleases.  She may attach it to my sissy collar.  The collar is another constant reminder of my status as well as my love and devotion to Her.  i am sometimes made to kiss the handle of the leash before She snaps it into place.

The leash isn't always attached to my collar.  Mistress Catherine has found other creative ways to use it.  Regardless of where it's attached, She knows i will follow Her like the obedient sissy pet i am. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

"To the followers"

Thanks for all the suggestions on discipling sissy.
she is already in chastity, a result of some prior transgressions. she is still in training even after a year...

As I feel the mental aspect of submission is so very important, all I have to do is give my sissy a look, and she knows what is needed. A look, a smile, she will know what to expect, especially when I reach for the crop, and gently tap it across her buttocks, she knows......

Thursday, June 14, 2012

sissy's "progress"?

sissy has come a long way in the last year or so. Initially there was such a reluctance to fully engage in pure submission, but she came around with some guidance. she has fully engaged in daily panty wearing as a tactile reminder of who she submits to.
she especially likes pink, and says it with two syllables...piiiinnnnkkk, the frillier the better, very feminine and gushy.

But I have to say, she does lack some discipline at times, My fault really, since I am away so often, her habits lapse a bit, but are quickly put right again upon My arrival home.
I can sense the anticipation when I inform sissy that I am on My way home. I especially enjoy the initial response upon walking in the front door. she is always "dolled" up to please me. she knows that I will have a lot of sexual frustration to release upon her.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

An Anniversary Fuck

In my last post i wrote about my "collaring" on June 9, 2006.  Today is the sixth anniversary of that special day.....

i'm kneeling on the floor, bent over the bed. My hands are clinging uselessly to tangled sheets. Mistress is behind me, Her thick, hard "cock" pressed against my ass. Her body is curved over mine, as if protecting me. One of Her arms holds me to Her chest almost tenderly and Her breath is hot in my ear as She says, "Yes, sissy. Let me in."

i want to. i want Mistress inside me. i'm extremely excited. But: Her cock is well, so...Damn...Wide. Her arm around me tightens as She uses Her other hand to steady Her cock. The head pushes into me with a burning, agonizing pleasure. Immediately, an orgasm begins to surge through me, contracting all my muscles, forcing Her out again.

Mistress' hand moves to my sissy "clitty", rubbing it gently as my spasms slow. "Good girl," She says, Her voice, a firm, dominating drawl. "That's good. Are you ready for me to try again?" My legs are shaking. i arch my back towards Her. With one hand, She holds my hips steady. The other slides and traces a simple, hypnotic pattern, right between my "pussy ass" as She calls it; Her pussy ass.  It belongs to Her.  Back down to my sissy clitty. Her movement is slow and constant, urging nothing, just keeping my whole body awash in pleasure. She begins pushing Her cock into me again.

This time the head slips in easily. She stops there. I'm on the edge of cumming again. "Not yet," She says. "I don't want you to cum until I'm all the way inside you." But as She presses in, slowly, deeply, i can't control myself, my orgasm seems to rise from every part of my body, i'm groaning and every muscle pulsates.

This time, She stays inside me. My spasms go on for a long time. Her hands never leave my hips, holding me firmly as She thrusts back and forth.  I can feel my juices running down my legs.  She continues to fuck me, slowly, just a few inches in and out. i'm moaning with pleasure. i can't believe how stretched and penetrated i feel. And then She says, "I want you to let me in all the way." I freeze for a moment. Her hands continues to soothe and please me. Her lips are touching my ear as Her voice drops lower. "I'm only half way in, sissy. I want you to let me in all the way."

And then I feel Her weight against me, pushing into me. "Relax," She's saying, though I'm too overwhelmed to know how. "Relax, sissy, you can do this." Her teeth are in my shoulder, She's thrusting into me, each time a little deeper. "Does it hurt, sissy?"

It hurts. It's gorgeous. "Yes," I choke out between gasps of air. "It hurts, Mistress"

"Focus on my fingers," She says, "You can do this." I'm sobbing, nearly crying. Her cock grinds in and out. Her voice grounds me. "sissy, you can do this." I'm not sure it's true. My body is burning and melting, molten. "You can do this, sissy." Her hands grab on to my shoulders pulling me firmly onto Her cock and I focus on that bright, sharp feeling that might have been pain if i knew the difference any more.

Then i feel the base of Her cock slapping against my ass. She's fucking me smoothly, very smoothly. finally, the whole length of Her cock stroking in and out of me. Moments ago, i wanted this to end.  Now, i want it to go on forever.  My sobs and cries have been replaced by deep moans of passion. Mistress C is hunched over me, both arms wrapped around me, deep groans coming out of Her own mouth. i feel Her cock jerk and pulse inside me, and my body crests one more improbable wave. i drown in intensity, throbbing and heaving and babbling Her name as if I needed saving.

She stays wrapped around me while i slowly calm down. Her cock slides ever so slowly out. "Good girl," She murmurs again as She pulls out, "Good girl," and my pussy tightens one last time.

"Happy anniversary my sissy pet" She says.

i couldn't have asked for a more meaningful gift.  

Sunday, April 22, 2012

my Collar

The date was Friday, June 9, 2006.  It was one of those things you never forget.  A date i'll never forget.  It was the first time Mistress Catherine put a collar on me.  

i was waiting for her at the top of the stairs.  Dressed in a black pvc maids uniform with a small white frilly apron, black panties with white ruffles (courtesy of Mistress Catherine), white thigh high stockings and black high heels, i was holding a black leather collar about an inch wide in the palms of my outstretched hands.  In addition, underneath the skirt of my maids uniform and inside the panties, my sissy cock was in a CB-3000, a chastity belt that i had purchased as per Her instructions.  The lock was on the device but not snapped shut.  That would be done by Mistress Catherine.

In addition to my outfit and all the accessories, there were other toys ready for Her to use; a crop, a leash for the collar, a strap-on dildo and harness, and a few other things.  However, it was the collar that was the most important item of all.  

As She made Her way up the stairs, i could sense She was pleased.  Nothing had to be said.  She smiled at me and i did the same.  She stood over me, took the collar from my hands and put it around my neck.  It felt so perfect.  She put her hand under my chin and lifted it so that our eyes met.  

"i'll do anything for You" i told Her.

"i know you will" She said.

She turned and placed her beautiful ass in front of my face.  i kissed it devotedly.

She then had me stand and lift my skirt so She could check the chastity belt.  Again, She was pleased with how i had followed directions, and snapped the lock shut.  

Collared and locked, i was told to get on all fours so Mistress Catherine could attach the leash to my collar.  After it was on, i followed her to the bedroom down the hall, crawling like Her sissy pet.

Over time, i wore a collar more and more.  Nearly six years later, i have several collars and they are part of my everyday wear.  As are panties and a chastity belt.  Their styles vary and sometimes change depending upon Mistress' moods.  If She doesn't like the one i am wearing She simply changes it. 
Today's collar is pink.  It's Her favorite.  

At first, i was anxious and self conscious about wearing Her collar in public.  i've gotten over that.  Sure, there are times where it may cause a bit of embarrassment or humiliation, but that comes with being Her sissy.

i wouldn't have it any other way.  i love Her.  i'm proud to wear Her collar. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

It was certainly a journey which started as a single step. We shared a similar sense of humor laced with subtle innuendo. It was that subtlety that allowed the initial exploration of compatibility. Even in the beginning, my pet could not keep his hands off of me. he already was exhibiting the submissive traits that I had detected in the early stages of our relationship.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What took me so long?

W/we flirted with one another for nearly twenty years.  Working for the same company in management positions, i lusted Her for so long, always afraid to reveal my true feelings.  my fantasies always came back to the same thing - my complete submission to Her, and in the kinkiest of ways.

i could never bring myself to tell Her my deepest fantasies.  Even after we became intimate.  Then, all of a sudden, the floodgates opened.  

It was the best thing i ever did.  i still wonder sometimes, if She really knows how submissive i am?  Does She know that i would do anything for Her?  Absolutely anything.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My pet.....

he did not know that the depth of his devotion would be so deep, so paralyzing, yet so freeing at the same time....