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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Technically Submissive

Technology has allowed Mistress Catherine to exercise more control over me.  In that way, it has made D/s relationships more meaningful - one is only a text message, phone call or even video chat away from either giving an order or obeying one.

As a high-powered and successful executive, Mistress Catherine is quick to demand some type of evidence of my submission.  It could be a picture of either the panties or chastity belt i am required to wear that day, or a live video chat with Her.

Last week, i knelt at my laptop, naked except for the collar around my neck and the chastity belt on my sissy clitty.  It was an honor to see my beautiful Mistress laying in bed in Her hotel room.

We chatted and i did my best to please Her as She pleasured Herself in front of me.  My relief only "came" when She got home on Friday evening.  

Like a good sissy wife, i love it when She fucks me.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Pantiegirl's Panty Protocol

Mistress Catherine has recently begun calling me "pantiegirl."  It's a name that She used to use now and then for many reasons, some obvious and others not so much.

As Her submissive sissy, being pantied 24/7/365 is "de rigueur."  Exceptions?  There are none unless She wants me wearing something else or nothing at all.

Mistress Catherine has also prescribed different rules and protocols that i must follow when it comes to the daily panty i wear.  

Since Mistress often travels on business, She cannot select and lay out the panty she wants me to
wear every day.  When she's away, i must send Her a picture of the panties i will be wearing the next day.  i need Her approval before i can wear them.  Sometimes, i must send several pictures before i gain Her approval.  

This and other protocols help reinforce the importance of my obedience to Her in our relationship.  It's an obedience that was born out of my deep love and devotion to Mistress Catherine.

i love being Her sissy wife.