Kinky Places W/we Like

Sunday, May 20, 2018


We enjoyed a very nice Mother's Day last weekend, one where my Mom came to visit the Big Apple and stayed most of the week.  I've always had a good relationship with my Mom and over the years have been able to share most anything with her.  But it wasn't until recently that I decided to share more intimate things with her, including our lifestyle.

It was a big step but I thought everyone would be better off knowing.  I was right.  She was more than accepting and once my sissy pet got over the initial embarrassment of being "outed" to her mother-in-law, the rest of the week went fine.  Mom even volunteered to help with diaper changes and before the week was over, she changed the baby several times!

No more secret to keep from Mom.

Perhaps the most humiliating thing I did while Mom was here was to tease the baby about why I have to have a boyfriend.  While changing her, I pointed out to Mom why I needed a boyfriend to satisfy my needs.

Mom giggled.

The baby blushed and even got a little baby erection and eventually, made a sissy mess in her diaper from all the excitement.

Granted, I this for Mom's "benefit", but reminding your sissy, adult baby, cuckold or submissive about these things on a regular basis is important. 

Ms. C

Friday, May 11, 2018

Her "Padded Pwincess"

It's happened very subtly over a period of time, but our lifestyle has become more open and public than it was a few years ago.  More people know about it and my submission is often passively on display in public.  

This morning Mistress told me She was buying me a T-shirt to wear that she thought was "cute enough to wear when we're out shopping."  It was a pointed comment because we're supposed to go out shopping on Sunday with a couple of her friends and do lunch.  The T-shirt is supposed to be delivered today or tomorrow.

This is what it looks like:

She found it on tumblr and saw that it was available on Amazon.  You can see it here.

After seeing the shirt, i guess the first thing people will do is check out to see if they can notice my diaper...or the puffiness of my pants or shorts. 

Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Pacifier Butt Plug

With temperatures still in the mid 80's in the city last night, I decided to take the baby out for a walk and treat her to an ice cream cone.  In New York there's not much that shocks people, so seeing an adult male (I know, calling my baby a "male" is a stretch) in pink shorts with some black thigh highs and ladies sandals out and about isn't that big a deal.  After all, her white ladies polo shirt had a rather unisex look to it anyway.

But the puffiness of her pink shorts were a dead giveaway for the puffy diapers she was wearing underneath.  Standing in line for our cones I could hear the crinkling of the plastic panties I put over her disposable diaper.  How cute.

But the piece-de-resistance of the whole outfit was buried deep between the lips her sissy boi pussy.  The beautiful butt plug pacifier I'd inserted before her diapering fit just right and stayed in place until we got back home. 

The baby had several treats last night....
  • the butt plug
  • the ice cream cone
  • sucking the butt plug clean when we got home
  • a good fucking with my strap-on while she sucked the plug clean and finally....
  • a sissy baby orgasm from our lovemaking.
She was quite a happy baby.

Ms. C

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Dressing the Adult Baby

Out shopping the other day to pick up some baby wipes and a little rattle for my pantie girl and couldn't help but notice all the wonderful baby clothing she'd look so pretty in.  If only they were readily available in her size.

Here's something I think she'd look just adorable in...

I could put her in her playpen with a pacifier, turn the Disney Channel, or PBS Kids and she'd be in baby heaven.  LOL.

But, I just wish shopping for adult babies would be easier than it is.

Looking for some suggestions or if anyone knows a seamstress in the greater NYC area who might be willing to create some pretty baby clothes for my pantiegirl.  Ideally someone who would be open to taking sissy's measurements to ensure an accurate fit.  Not looking for any sexual scene or anything, just a kinky business transaction :)

Does any other Domme have a sissy who loves Minnie Mouse like mine does?  LOL

Ms. C