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Friday, February 24, 2017

Babies & Boyfriends

Observing the big differences between my stud boyfriend and my sissy baby is one of the many joys of my current situation.

When my sissy pet is in diapers, crinkly plastic panties, a big floppy bonnet, booties and a cute sissy top sitting on her baby blanket sucking on her binky or bottle while my boyfriend is laying back in an easy chair with a beer watching a game in the living room I can only smile and appreciate the beauty of it all.

Happy as a clam I am! 

I asked my sissy baby if she would ever leave me.  You know, just up and walk away because she got sick of the humiliations and all the paces I put her through.  She promised me she never would,  no matter how difficult I can 

Loyalty and devotion in these situations are difficult for the submissive.  I bring this up because I recently reconnected with a Domme friend of mine who a few years ago lost her submissive sissy.  Her situation was very much the same as mine and we had played together several times.  Just the two of us with our two sissies as well as in a mixed group that included our bulls/boyfriends.  After one of those parties (one that we did not attend) her submissive had had enough and left her.  The humiliation of being her sissy baby in front of everyone, along with her other demands, became to great for the sub and that was it.

I reconnected with my friend Carol Ann a few weeks ago.  She's moved to another city and told me that she's met a younger submissive (she calls him her "bubble gum boi") and things are pretty serious.  Carol Ann used to have a blog similar to ours and after her sub left her, she took it down.  She also told me that she's started blogging again,  this time on Tumblr saying that it takes less time and effort that writing a blog. 

I've put her blog Cuckolding Fun with BBC  on the blog list so go ahead and check it out.

We also agreed that we would stay in contact and get together to play again soon with the babies and the boyfriends.  I'm looking forward to it. 

Ms. Catherine

Monday, February 13, 2017

Bonnets, Bibs and Binkies

New rules for when The Boyfriend comes back from his deployment:

Until further notice whenever He is around i am to be in diapers and...

 1.  Wear a baby bonnet

 2.  Wear a baby bib

 3.  Have a baby binkie in my mouth....a pacifier.

Mistress says the first is for humiliation.

The second to catch the drips and drools from both Him and Her when i service them.

The third to keep me sucking like a baby.

The Boyfriend is back March 1st.

Mistress just spent two weeks with Him and returned yesterday.

"Your submission to us needs to intensify" She said.  "Your limits tested."