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Monday, August 29, 2016

Emasculating a Sissy

My sissy wasn't the first man or boy I put in dresses.  But I can tell you that she was the first with whom I've truly enjoyed the emasculation process.   The others were just fun flings I had while in college and beyond. 

I'd fantasized about it before, but never to the extent I practice it now.  My first opportunity to do such a thing came when I was a freshman in college.  A bunch of us used to like going to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show and really get into the whole audience participation thing.

I ended up going on a date with one of the guys once and after a couple of drinks he admitted to me that he wouldn't mind dressing up like Tim Curry in the movie.

"Have a thing for corsets" I asked Charlie.  He admitted he did. His timing was great.  It was two weeks before Halloween.  He was the hit of the party.  I had made him up to look like Tim's  After, I had the best sex I had to that point in my life.  Totally turned on by having this guy dressed in a corset who was fucking me!  The FemDom seed was planted then.

I played with Charlie/Charlene a few more times but for other reasons we never really hit it off. 

But the Rocky Horror Picture Show plays an important part in the relationship I now have with  my submissive.  I remember telling her how hot I thought Tim Curry looked in a corset.  That opened the floodgates.  In time, she told me all about her own desires.

Now I have a pantiegirl who isn't totally emasculated but she's close.  She'll always have those little balls and her little cockette or clitty which is okay with me. 

Having them and not being able to use them is sexier to me that not having them at all.

Ms. Catherine

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Smoking Hot

i thought of calling this post "The Smoking Gun" after noticing what appears to be a pistol in this Mistress' left hand.   It also shows the curvy Domme holding a cigarette while the submissive pleases Her.

i used to get turned on by a dominant woman smoking a cigarette and imagining that i would have to cup my hands to serve as their ash tray or worse yet, have then flick their ashes in my mouth.  Even having to light her cigarette would have been exciting.

The smoking thing doesn't seem to excite me as much as it used to.  

What does excite me is seeing Mistress with Her perfect thighs spread wide as She's sitting on the sofa waiting for me to please Her.


Monday, August 22, 2016

My Blushing Baby

Yesterday we did some shopping.  The vanilla sort of shopping.  You know, the hardware store, wine outlet, groceries, office supplies, etc.  Nothing kinky.

That's unless you consider a sissy with a big puffy cloth diaper and plastic pants under her shorts kinky.

No one could see "anything.'  But the puffiness of her padded bottom was pretty hard to miss.  She didn't "waddle" but when I stood behind her as she walked pushing the grocery cart I just had to giggle.

I have to find things like this to amuse me while my boyfriend is away.

Sissies are good for such things.

Maybe next time I'll take her out in a stoller!

Ms. Catherine

Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Blushing Pantiegirl

My sissy's initials are "pg" in real life.  It's what initially led me to call her my "pantiegirl." 

Professionally, we worked together before I married her.  In public I began calling her "pg."  It's not unusual for people to have nicknames that match their initials.  The nickname began to stick and soon, most everyone in the office was referring to my pantie girl as "pg."  Of course, only I knew what it meant.

But that didn't last long.  I had a couple of very close friends that I eventually shared the secret with.  They were people that I could trust and to this day, they've not breached that confidence. 

At first my sissy didn't know that I'd shared this little secret with them but not long after our engagement was public one of the friends let her know about it with my permission.

"Hello pantiegirl" she said to my sissy one day while passing her in the hall.  My pantiegirl blushed redder than the pair of panties she had on that day.

There was no one around to hear, and Nancy let sissy in on the secret.

"What color are you wearing today" She asked my sissy.  Sissy hesitated at first but eventually told her.

It became a game.  Nancy still plays it today.  It's a simple game.

Nancy asks "What color?"

Sissy lets her know.

I'm so proud of my pantiegirl.

Ms. Catherine

Monday, August 15, 2016

DIsposable Diapers for Sissies

New diapers always bring a little bit of excitement into our play.

Mistress prefers the puffiness of cloth diapers, but recently with the increase in both variety and quality of disposable, She's decided to use them on me more often.

Also with some of the newer disposable there are some rather sissy looking designs on them that make me look very sissy without having to put on some plastic panties or other types of diaper covers.

So i wore disposables last night.

Friday, August 12, 2016

The New Normal

Are that many men cuckolds?

You don't have to know about your wife having an affair to be a cuckold, so the universe of cuckolds is probably pretty large.

But what about those who know?

How many of us are out there?

They still love us.

They just have a thing for their boyfriends. 

It's becoming more popular i think.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Size Matters

Mistress is the sexiest woman i've ever been with.  

The sexiest woman i know.

The sexiest woman i've ever seen.

i adore Her.

Women of size RULE.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

"i Will Do Anything You Say"

i remember the first time i told Mistress Catherine i would do anything She wanted.

Her reaction was the same as this woman.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Pink Slips

No, i am not getting "fired."

i'm just wearing a pink slip today.  To do my housework.  

No diapers either :)

Call me old fashioned.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

My Tumblr & Misogynistic Thoughts

What seems like a long time ago i began a blog on tumblr and had little time to keep it active.

In the past few days i've started blogging there again and hopefully, will post more often.  Not sure what direction i am going to go with it and maybe Mistress will contribute as well.

Here's a link to the site:  Ms. Catherine and Her sissy 

i re-blogged the following picture today...

and added the following comment:

The girdle seems so misogynistic.
No wonder i love them.

It's embarrassing to admit but misogyny turns me on.  When i see pictures of women being dominated, made to look like bimbos, going out of their way to please men or adopting a passive and submissive stance and demeanor....i so want to be them.

Foundation garments in my opinion represent such a philosophy.  Created to make women appear more attractive to men, to reshape their bodies to please men, all while making them feel more uncomfortable.

When Mistress makes me wear a very tight pink girdle or corset, She knows how deeply submissive and girly i feel.  

Do other sissies feel the same way?

Please leave a comment, if if you disagree. 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Locked or Unlocked

The Boyfriend returns later next week.  He should be visiting next weekend.

Conversation turned to making his return next week a "little more special than usual" and what type of role i could play.

"Something different than diapers" Mistress laughed.  "Maybe I'll even let Him see your little clitty for a change."

Putting my little clitty on display for Him is worse than keeping it in a chastity cage.  Much worst.  It gets hard but is still small.  Their laughter follows.  my embarrassment worsens.  They tell me to stroke.  i cum so quickly.  Very humiliating.

i hope i can stay locked.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Sexy Massages

Whenever i massage Mistress, it always seems that i end up worshiping Her beautiful bottom.

At least i have it better than this sub...

...i get to massage Mistress first!

Sissy Baby Wish List

Yesterday over at the "A Married Sissy Cuckold" blog sissy Terri posted some gorgeous pictures featuring polka dots.  

One of the blog readers, Emily, left a comment there with several links to polka dotted panties.  Emily's links were all very pretty, but this one was my favorite.

i have it on my sissy baby wish list, just in case Mistress grants me a special request!

In case you are interested, you can buy it here

Thanks Terri and Emily!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Kinky Intimacy

Mistress recently asked me if i remembered the first time She gave me a golden shower.

How could i forget.  It marked a special milestone in our relationship.

Yes, it's not for everyone.

But it works for those of us who know our place.