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Friday, July 31, 2015

Clear Cut Roles

This picture represents one of the rules that was set out very early in our relationship.

Mistress C is in charge of everything - i already knew that.

But She wanted things to be a bit more specific.

Goddess is a powerful term.

She's a powerful Woman.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Loving Her Curves

i was madly in love with Mistress' curves well before i was in love with Her.  Sad to say but it's true.  But before the curves had smitten me, Her personality, wit and brilliance had already caught my attention. 

Circumstances prevented me, and us, from doing anything about the attraction had for each other but during that time, the lust was building.  i wrote about this before in one of my first posts called What Took me So Long?.  There were countless missed opportunities along the way but in the end it was worth it.

Now i'm Her sissy pet.  i belong to Her.  The lifestyle is what we want.

i still worship Her curves.  They're beautiful.  They're sexy. 

i serve Her in the most intimate of ways.  She knows i will do anything for Her.

i will serve Her in any way She asks.

She doesn't even have to ask.  She can just use me.

Big and Beautiful

Monday, July 27, 2015

Baby Bonnet Cuckold

i've written about Mistress using diapers as a means of domination and humiliation before.  Recently i wrote about it here, and in one of my earliest postings i wrote about it here.  The most humiliating thing about being diapered and sissified (Miss C won't have one without the other) is when it happens in front of Her boyfriend.

Nothing can differentiate you more from another male than being a sissy in diapers, and having been put there by the woman he's about to take as his own.

Diapers, pacifiers, plastic panties, baby wipes and bottles are the norm around here.  Miss C's friends and the boyfriend are use to seeing them around.

It's not 24/7 but....

Diapers are becoming more a part of our lifestyle and coincidentally, one of my readers who has left comments lately has some excellent fiction on FictionMania, some of which deals with sissy baby cuckolds.  

i just feel i should mention it here.  Throne has a wonderful story called "Baby Bonnet Cuckold" that you really should read if you're into anything remotely associated with this kink.  Miss C plans to read it, or so She says.  i probably shouldn't have mentioned it to Her.

So, enjoy Baby Bonnet Cuckold, and see how "Mommy Mara" and "Uncle Charlie" treat their little sissy baby cuckold.  

i kind of know what it's like.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

After the Humiliation

Scenes with heavy humiliation like the one i wrote about earlier this week (see Humiliating Sissy Maid Service) are hard to deal with.  It takes me time to recover from them.  i don't even feel like posting for a few days after i've written about them.  Mistress tells me i have to write about them so i do.

But in the days after such scenes, Mistress seems to know how to care for me.  In the D/s world they call it "aftercare."  i'm not sure what She does fits perfectly into that category, but it's pretty close.

Her care for me has plenty of love, but it also has plenty of kink and more expressions of Her dominance.

The things She does reinforce who i am and who i really want to be.

Her actions also speak to the road i need to take in order to get "there."

i feel that my masculinity for all intents and purposes has disappeared.  The penis that is between my legs and locked in chastity just helps to serve as a reminder of the path i've chosen to take.

All of this makes me stronger and better prepared to receive the next dose of humiliation She has in store for me.  Whenever it comes, it's probably going to be more powerful than the last.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Humiliating Sissy Maid Service

Miss C's boyfriend came over last night. 

"Dress for the occasion" She told me.  That meant the maids uniform. 

i had to clean the bathrooms before he arrived but he got there early and saw me cleaning the one we have off the hall. 

He stopped to watch me.  i said hello then continued to clean the toilet.  They both continued to watch until he came in, undid his pants, took out his cock, pushed me aside gently and said "Good time for me to take a piss."

i stood aside and watched a powerful stream of piss come out of his man-sized cock.  The noise it made was earth shattering compared to the dribbles that come out of my own cock because of the chastity i'm in.

Miss C watched with a smile on Her face.

"Oops" he said.  "Missed the target a bit" as his stream of piss hit the top edge of the bowl.

When he finished he faced me, cock in hand and told me to lick his moist cock head.  i knelt and licked it clean, tasting the last drop of his piss that remained on his slit.

He stuffed the cock back in his pants and walked away.

i was left to clean his piss off the rim of the bowl and some on the floor of the bathroom.

When i was done, he and Miss C were already in our bedroom by themselves.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

O/our Life

This is how it is now.  This is how W/we live.

Miss C used to laugh when She would read ads on places like Collarme or Fetlife and see people who who would write they were into the lifestyle 24/7/365.  She (nor i) thought it was possible.  But it is.

It may not always be noticeable to others but my devotion to Her, my submission to Her, Her total control over me and the total exchange of power is always there.  It never goes away.

i am Her property.  i am Her sissy.  i am Her husband and wife at the same time.  And i am Her bitch.

Through it all, i have Her love also.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Queening Her Sissy Maid

With Mistress gone there has not been much to write about.

But, She returned this weekend and so did Her beautiful Ass.  Her queening chair had arrived earlier in the week, so Her return "fit" just perfectly.

i live as Her full time wife now.  No work for me, other than housework and whatever tasks She assigns me.

Worshiping Her ass is one of those tasks.  When i first admitted to Her that i had a "thing" about paying devotion to Her ass, She was a bit hesitant about it.  Yes, She's dominant, but the thought of a submissive tonguing Her ass was something She wasn't sure about.  

i am very proud to say it only took one session of my tongue deep in Her bottom that She fell in love
with it.

She loves the chair, but also loves to put Her full weight upon my face and smother me with Her tasty bottom.  

As Her sissy maid, i clean the house and i also clean Her ass.

It's a task i enjoy, and so does She.