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Monday, October 30, 2017

The Sissy Baby "Costume."

I have a standing order with Amazon of 2 dozen pink adult baby diapers to be delivered each week.  I still use cloth diapers on the baby from time to time but most of the time she's in disposables. 

We went to an "adults only" Halloween party on Saturday night.  It was made up of swinger friends I met with my boyfriend last summer.  After a lot of deliberation and discussion with many of the people attending the party we decided to bring the sissy baby with us.  I dressed up as Morticia from the old "Adams Family" TV series and my boyfriend dress up as Gomez, both pretty low key and comfortable costumes.

The sissy baby went as herself...a sissy baby.  All there were kinksters in some way.  The least kinky were just swingers but open to other lifestyles.  Many of the couples had a D/s sort of relationship and there were a couple other cuckold threesomes there.  Several people knew our relationship well enough that they understood that sissy was in her "element" dressed the way she was.

Sissy wasn't allowed to speak and spent the night with either a pacifier or a baby bottle in her mouth.  I even let her drink white wine in the bottle.

No one really noticed when I slipped away to one of the bedrooms to change sissy after she'd wet herself.  I invited one other couple in to "watch", the couple the most familiar with our lifestyle.  I won't get into how humiliating it was for sissy but she was beet red. 

I didn't change her immediately because I knew if I did, she might "accidentally" mess herself again from being so excited at being exposed in front of the other couple (she's done that before, cumming in the middle of a diaper change and wasting a brand new diaper). 

So what I did was make her hump a pillow on the bed while I teased her by patting her wet bottom and playing with her little cock as she humped up and down.  She came into her already wet diaper then we proceeded to the diaper change.  The other couple (Jim and Eileen) applauded with mock cheer. 

I promise to try and post more often.

Ms. Catherine