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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Memories & Sissy Baby Erections

Yesterday's post about shopping for the adult baby (and with them) brought to mind an incident in the past that sissy pet posted about, where I got upset with her and put her into diapers as "punishment."  Ha....punishment my ass! 

She got erect during the diapering, got harder when I put her is some form of bondage and during a shopping trip later, I thought she was going to wet her pants from excitement.  That was almost 7 years ago. 

It turns out that her post about has been the one that's been viewed more than any other.  Granted, the number of views is driven in large part because it's an older post.  However, it also offers a candid glimpse into the mind of my own, and other adult babies.

Here it is again for your reading pleasure....

Her Sissy Baby

"Diaper time" She said.  The words came out quickly, assertively and put an end to the little argument we were having.  It also put an end to my childish behavior.  It was too late.  The two words meant that i had to go upstairs and get "the supplies" needed for my regression to becoming Her sissy baby.
About ten minutes later, i made my way to one of our guest bedrooms with a puffy white adult sized baby diaper, plastic panties, diaper pins, baby powder and a cute little baby blanket.  Mistress Catherine was waiting for me with a few other items in hand.
"Someday you'll learn" She said, as i lay the items onto the bed.  i stripped down to my panties, looking at Her one last time pleading with my eyes for some sort of reprieve.  There was none.  "Off with the big girl panties" She told me.  i slid them off and stood there naked before getting on the bed for the diapering.
It didn't take long before i was overcome by Her demeanor; assertive and dominant.  i loved the look in Her eyes as She told me to lift my legs and slid the diaper under my bottom.  i started to become erect. 
"See, I know you like this.  Don't insult me and feign that it's punishment for you.  You're such a sissy" She laughed.
When the diaper was pinned on snugly and the plastic panties tightly covering it, the pacifier She had by her side was stuffed into my mouth.  Then it was the bib, embroidered with "Mommy's Little Girl" on it.  Finally, the wrist and ankle cuffs were secured and tethered to one another.  The short straps forced me to stay in the diapering position. 
"You look so cute.  Stay like that for awhile and think about how you've behaved" She said and, before walking away added "If you're a good sissy, maybe I'll rub you through your diaper and let you mess in it before we go out shopping."
I wondered if She would make me wear the diaper out shopping. 
She did.  And if someone looked closely, i was sure they could notice it under my white shorts. 

Seven years later and my sissy hasn't "matured" one bit.  The erections are still tiny, and she's still in diapers much of the time.
Do any of you Mistress', Masters or submissives have any favorite memories to share?

Ms. C

Friday, March 29, 2019

Shopping for the Adult Baby

It's hard to find adult baby clothing in brick and mortar retail stores.  For some things, it's just about impossible.  But for other things, it can be fun. 

There are some western wear/square dance apparel shops that sell ruffled pettipants that are great to wear over diapers and even plastic panties, enhancing and enlarging the appearance of your sissy baby's butt.

My sissy pet looks so cute when her diapers are so thick that she has to waddle a little.  Her waddle is just enough to be noticed by others.  The waddle isn't the only thing that might bring a little attention to her diapered status. 

While looking over the ruffled pettipants, I might wait until either a sales clerk or another customer starts approaching before picking up a pair of the panties and asking sissy pet "Do you think these will fit over your diaper honey?"

The comment usually gets an interesting look from anyone within earshot.  The look never fails to end up focusing on her thickly padded bottom.

Make sure you plan appropriately for these shopping trips.  Diaper thickness is important along with some crinkly plastic pants for extra protection and some interesting sounds.

Have fun!

Ms. C

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Toys for Sissy Babies

Yesterday Sarah left a comment asking about some of my baby toys that Mistress has me play with.  A little while ago I wrote a post about Adult Baby Toys and sitting on a blanket playing with my oversized rattle.

Not all of my baby toys are oversized.  And as Sarah mentioned they are readily available on Amazon and many other online or brick and mortar retailers. Here are a few of my favorites.

This is a high quality tea set which comes in its own carrying case.  Dressed in a pinafore and made to serve tea to Mistress and Her Mom or friends really makes me feel like a sissy baby girl.

These geometric wooden stackers are "perfect for the playpen" according to Mistress!

And every sissy has to have dolls to play with.  This is one of Her favorites to see me with.

Have fun!


Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Close Friends

Some of Mistress' "close" friends and Her Mom know about me. 

"How's the sissy baby?" they might ask Her on the phone.  They know She's on speaker and well...they do it to tease and out of curiosity.

"Say hi to Nancy" Mistress might say. 

I don't do it in a baby voice but when you're in diapers and plastic panties it's hart to really sound like an adult male.

Playing on the floor with toys is another humiliating thing i do in front of Her friends.

my toys are girls trucks or cars.

i found a nice sissy blog today.  Mistress said i could at it to our blog list.  It's called the enchanted sissy.  It brings back memories.  Hopefully the stories there will continue.  i love the wall paper there :)


Monday, March 25, 2019

Office Boi? Girl?

I've been thinking of my sissy pet pantie girl getting a full time job.  Yes, it's nice having someone do all the housework and shit like that but I can pay a cleaning lady.  Even if I lose money on the deal (good help is hard to come by in the city and more expensive) it might be good for my bitch to have to go out and work.

There are a few initial entry positions in my company that she might be good at.  All of them are some sort of administrative assistant positions.  There are hundreds of such positions, with only a handful or so held by "males."  I, and every other VP, director or manager always takes notice of those men who are in traditionally female positions.  It's very noticeable, sticks out and they get plenty of attention.

One of my peers and close friends will be losing her admin and I've discussed the possibility of her hiring my sissy pet pantie girl.  All I'd have to do is get her through the initial application process with HR which would be no problem.  Then she'd have to sell herself to "Sharon" during the interview. 

Pantie girl wouldn't have the "office dilemma" that some feminized husbands might face.  I'll tell her what to wear and I wouldn't want to upset company policy.  And Sharon would know what's underneath her fake boy clothes!

Ms. C

Sunday, March 24, 2019

White Chocolate

From the "other room", i heard Mistress loud and clear last night.  Her moans, cries and please for more were loud enough for me to discern the intensity of the sex She was having with The Boyfriend.

i was of little use for them last night.  Save for a single kiss on the head of The Boyfriend's Cock and a lap of the tongue on Mistress' beautiful bottom hole, i was hauled away and tucked into my crib for the night.  Diapered and left with a baby bottle of Mistress' nectar, i orgasmed quickly and soiled myself, the sounds of their sex sending me into a pitiful humping of my pillows.

Earlier in the day while i was preparing some snacks for them, The Boyfriend grabbed Mistress from behind and whispered something in Her ear.  She smiled.

i asked Mistress what He had told Her...

"He said He loves white chocolate" She told me.  "Make sure to get Him some for Easter."


Monday, March 18, 2019

Sissy Tasks

"Tell the world about your small penis."  Mistress told me that.

Social media lets you do that.

This blog is just one of the ways i've had to do it.


Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sissy Erin

It's St. Patrick's Day today and Mistress has changed my name to Erin for 24 hours.  Her Irish heritage and ancestry takes over today.

"Erin go get your bra!" She said laughingly today.

We shall be visiting an Irish pub this afternoon and i'll be in some ruffled panties, but probably no diaper. 

Mistress kind of apologized (sort of) for not getting me any special sissy baby outfit for today.

She did task me with looking at some in case She wants to buy one next year.

Binkies and Bows has a lovely line of baby things.  You can find them on Etsy by clicking the link.

Here's one that would fit for today:

It's not emerald green but the pastel shade is very sissy.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

sissy erin

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Wifey Panties

Yes i am Her sissy baby.

But more than anything, i am still Her sissy wife.

These panties are a reminder...


Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Sissy Baby, Cuckold, Maid & Wife

My sissy pet is many things to me.  And even though many might think I'm cruel to her, I love her very much.

She satisfies my needs in a variety of ways.  It's not all about sex.  Her utility and usefulness goes well beyond the sexual.

My home is spotless.  It's her job to keep it that a maid, or even as a wife. 

She's to be commended. 

But I'm truly the one responsible for the cleanliness of our home.  If it weren't for me, things wouldn't get done.

I'm not the one who does the cleaning.  Sissy does that.  She's outstanding at it. 

However she's this way because I've trained her well. 

Part of my training includes the mantra "Inspect what you expect."

A good teacher corrects homework, papers, etc.  A good Mistress follows up to make sure her instructions are followed.

One of my favorite sites to visit on Tumblr is the blog "An Alpha Female."  It's where I found this very appropriate picture:

The photo shows a leather clad Mistress watching her submissive sissy cleaning a toilet.  Sissy pet cleans our bathrooms frequently.  Regularly at least three times a week or whenever they need it.  She knows what I consider "needing it."

The picture has the simple comment "Inspect what you expect."

It's a rule dominants of either sex should follow.

Alpha Female has a blogger blog as well.  It has a link on the left side of my blog.

Ms. C

Monday, March 11, 2019

Adult Baby Toys

The diapers are humiliating enough when i'm wearing them with other people around.  Whether it be The Boyfriend, my Mother-in-Law or one or more of Mistress' friends.

But the oversized baby toys and being made to play with them as they're intended to be played with is among the most embarrassing things i've had to do.

"Shake your rattle like a good baby girl" Mistress might say to me.  

i obey.

"I shouldn't have to keep telling you to do it" She adds.  "You should be able to amuse yourself with your toys."

So there i sit.  In my diapers and maybe my special playpen or on a baby blanket, a sissy baby and her toys.


Friday, March 8, 2019

Her Gurlfriend

With The Boyfriend out of town Mistress becomes my "Master" at times, sporting Her strap-on-of-choice and turning me from Her sissy baby to Her sissy gurlfriend.

i submit and enjoy the transformation into a submissive "woman" taken by her lover and opening herself up for breeding.

It's a lovely feeling. 

Oh yes....i suck Her cock also.


Thursday, March 7, 2019

Sissy Training

I've heard of  and actually seen this type of punishment before, but never really put it into practice before.  I'm talking about making sub write repetitive lines as punishment...handwriting them.

Here's an example of what Mistress Linda at the Alpha Female Blog made one of her submissives do:

I guess "beccy" is still learning her lesson.  I checked beccy's tumblr blog and she's still posting every day!!!!

Kind of funny how easily a male can be "man"ipulated and controlled.

Ms. C

Sunday, March 3, 2019


My own little sissy pet acts like a little bitch every so often.

It's noticeable at certain when she has her "monthly."

She acted up a bit yesterday so....

This is how we handle it.  We now have plenty of supplies on hand.