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Friday, January 27, 2017

Bibs & Bonnets Panty Style

One of the things that my sissy baby gets most humiliated by is having to wear a baby bonnet in front of my friends or in front of my boyfriend. 

A bonnet and either a bottle or pacifier to suck on in front of us always leads to some good natured laughs, taunts and teases.  The taunting and teasing can lead to her wetting herself which leads to more taunts, teases, etc. and an eventual diaper change.  The change is done in full view of either my friends and the boyfriend or both. 

I don't always have a bonnet handy though and if I feel like improvising, all I do is take my panties off and place them over my sissy's head "bonnet style."  Panties can also serve as a bib for the baby by simply sliding them over her head through one of the leg openings.

With the pacifier in her mouth and panties dangling over her head and around her neck she's a sight to behold.

Last night she had the privilege of wearing my friend's Nancy's bonnet while she sucked on her pacifier and eventually wet her diaper.  Fortunately she didn't drool onto Nancy's panties (she was wearing a regular baby bib) so Nancy was able to put them back on when she left.

She didn't leave until the baby was changed into a very thick overnight double diaper.

Ms. C

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Tongue and toys

The Boyfriend is not around and it's put Mistress in a cuckolding funk.  

"It's not fun being left with just a sissy baby in diapers" She says.  She says it jokingly but She has a good point.

i can't please Her like the Boyfriend, and i never could.

i do it with my tongue and sometimes add some toys.

She enjoys the orgasms i give her.

Sometimes she puts me in a chastity cage when i please her, other times in diapers.

When i'm diapered, i always cum when i'm pleasing her.  Often, i cum before she does.

sissy pet

Monday, January 2, 2017

Cuckold Blog Search

I guess if you're into cuckolding, more is better.  I'm not necessarily referring to more lovers or  I'm talking about cuckold blogs silly!

Personally, I think there's a shortage of good cuckold blogs and I'm sure some of you reading this would agree. 

So first of all, does anybody know what happened to the blog called "Cuckold Scenes?"  All of a sudden it's gone.  Bummer.  If anyone knows what happened, if the name changed, is it private, etc...please let me know?

Also if you know of any good cuckold blogs that aren't on our recommended list please share them with a comment here.

Ms. C