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Friday, December 4, 2015

Sissy Baby Cuckolds in Cages

You asked for a few more details so here they are.

There was some heavier-than-usual humiliation this weekend that caused our sissy pet to overreact just a little bit.

My boyfriend and I decided to go out on our own for dinner on Saturday night and, lacking a babysitter, we put our diapered sissy cuckold in a cage while we were gone.  We weren't gone that long, and we left sissy with a cell phone in case there was a real emergency.

I don't call having to mess your diaper an emergency, but she interrupted our dinner to ask us when we'd be back!

The cage was large enough so that it wasn't that uncomfortable, she had water and a few baby toys to play with so everything should have been fine.

We didn't appreciate the interruption.

I changed her messy diaper when we returned in front of the boyfriend and she spent the rest of the night in the cage and the entire weekend in diapers. 

Don't feel bad for her, she's fine now and her attitude is 100% improved!

I'm feeling great too!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

In The Dog House

The humiliation my sissy bitch went through this weekend while The Boyfriend was here was more intense than usual, but nothing she hadn't experienced before.  There was probably just more of it and it was pretty consistent.

A few times she got out of line and because of that, she's now in the dog house.

She doesn't like it one bit.

Doesn't bother me at all.  I kind of like it.

Ms. C

Saturday, November 28, 2015

My Sissy Baby Cuckold

My boyfriend was late arriving last night so that by the time he got here, it was almost my sissy baby pet's bedtime.  So we wasted little time in getting into our sissy baby cuckold bedtime routine.

All babies need a routine before being put to bed.  We made the baby cuckold go brush her teeth before heading to her cuckold bedroom.

Then instead of a bedtime story, we put her on her tummy on the bed with a pacifier in her mouth and made her hump herself up and down in her big fluffy diaper as I rubbed her back and teased her until she messed it!  My boyfriend stood by and added a few sissy insults too!

Poor baby.  She thought the humiliation would be over but it wasn't.  I wasn't about to let her sleep in a messy diaper so I changed her in front of my boyfriend.  

By the time I had finished with the baby wipes, her clitty was hard again..LOL.  Too bad, it was bedtime.

But guess what?  She was messy again this morning!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Diaper Humiliation

i've been diapered many times by Mistress, but i never get used to it to the point where the humiliation factor isn't intense when someone else sees me in diapers.

The Boyfriend is here tonight and wants to spend some "time alone" with Mistress.

"We'll be putting the baby to bed early" He told Her.  "Have her diapered when I get there."

As a result i was put in diapers about an hour ago.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Bathroom Intimacy

i found this picture on sissy terri's tumblr site.

Under the post, terri writes how it reminds her of getting her wife ready to meet her lover.  i also help Mistress prep Herself for "The Boyfriend" at times, but the photo evokes very different emotions  and memories for me.

i serve Mistress in the bathroom in very personal and intimate ways.  This is a very, very sexy and sensual photo.  It reminds me of those times when, my service to Her completed, Mistress is quite satisfied with how well i've performed for Her.

My duties there are possibly quite different than terri's.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Chastity - No Going Back

i knew Mistress enjoyed having me in chastity.  In the early days of our relationship we talked about it and one day, i surprised Her.  i had bought a chastity cage (in pink) and knelt at the door waiting for Her to arrive.

i had a maids uniform on, heels, white thigh highs and my chastity device just waiting to be locked.

i think the only time i saw Her happier was the first night She took me with a strap-on.

It made me happy too.

The following picture applies somewhat to us.  There's no going back to the old days when i was "free."

What doesn't apply is that i really didn't have a choice.  i knew She wanted it.  That's all i needed to know.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Rules For the Sissy Maid

I'm always looking for interesting little ideas that have to do with D/s, Female Domination, Humiliation or kinky sex of any kind.  I found this little short list of rules for sissy maids interesting and to the point.

Sure mind would be different but "10" rules is a nice round number and these can easily be modified. 

I probably wouldn't make my pet "pee pee outside" unless we happened to be outside.  I have watched her squat and pee outside like a cute little girl.  sissy pet and pantiegirl always sits to pee.  she's done that for years now.  A constant reminder of how different she is from a real man.

And peeing standing up with a chastity device on is just too messy! 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Name Change & More

Mistress Catherine posted yesterday and revealed something about me that i'd not written about before.  When i committed myself to Her for the rest of my life in our marriage ceremony, i took Her surname.

Doing so wasn't so much about renunciation of my own surname as it was about a personal expression of giving of myself to Her.  my family did not view it that way.  There was shock and disbelief.  i also could not explain the reasons why i did it in totality, but over time i think many of them may have guessed.  And time has a way of healing whatever wounds it caused.  Most are over it.

It's a topic both of us will write more about here at some point.

If you've followed this blog you might have an inkling that we partake in some level of water sports.  i from the obvious receiving end and Mistress Catherine from Her ever-so-generous giving side.

Here's an interesting and very erotic piece of art that deals with the subject indirectly.  i've never had to do this, Mistress always opting for the immediate consumption of Her tasteful golden nectar.

Just imagining Mistress saying "I couldn't wait for you to get here, and I didn't want it to go to waste.  I know how much you like it."

Credits to Femdom Artwork.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Caging My Pet & Pantiegirl

I call her sissy pet some of the time.

Her original name was "pantiegirl."  Cute isn't it?   The name came from her initials "pg."  So it stuck...pantiegirl.  It's now what I and my boyfriend call  her most of the time now.

Her initials were they're pw.  Yes, she is pussywhipped but the real reason for the change in initials was because when we were eventually married, she took my surname.

I love that.  I was amazed at how easy it was to convince her to do that.  I also found it so hot.  Real hot.

But she's till my pet and at times I need to treat her like one.

I'm looking for a cage to put by the bed.  She could sleep there when my boyfriend's here.

Pantiegirl loves Namio art.  I'd make an excellent Namio model.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Baby Diapers

Mistress C loves to call them "baby diapers."  The word diapers alone don't suffice.  She loves to add the word "baby."  

It's excruciatingly humiliating when The Boyfriend is around.  

"Go get a baby diaper" She'll say (if i am not already in one).  Often it's at the insistence of The Boyfriend who, despite not being sadistic or intentionally cruel to me, does enjoy to heap plenty of humiliation on me.

"How come you're not in diapers tonight?" He might ask upon his arrival.  "You trying to pretend you're a big girl or something."  Mistress laughs at the joke.  "Go on, get them" He'll add.

Then there's the diapering in front of him.  It's also followed by a pacifier, which usually keeps me quiet the rest of the night.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Plenty of Everything

For me, this picture has everything.  Mistress C is a stunning BBW.  She's Dominant.  She loves sexy boots and She loves it when i attend to Her in the bathroom.

i'm there to slide Her pantyhose and panties down.

i'm there to worship Her privates both before and after.

This lovely shot can be found on Panty Guy's Hideaway.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


i love curvy Dominant Woman in girdles.

This lovely picture is from the Big & Beautiful tumblr site.

Mistress things i should be girdled more.  Guess what i just ordered online?

Two of them actually.  One has garters.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Maid Service

i prepared dinner for Mistress last night while dressed in a maids uniform.

The sissy maid fantasy is one that i've had for all of my adult life.  It started in my teens after reading some soft core porn novel set in Victorian England, where a young man was disciplined by having to service his aunt as a maid. 

There was plenty of feminization, discipline and displays of female authority.

While i enjoy dressing as a french or sissy maid (not really sure there's a, much of the thrill comes from doing so in the presence of others and serving them. 

Though it might be nice to do it with other pretty sissies too.  Got this from the Married Sissy Cuckold tumblr but i believe the original is from Then & Now.

Monday, November 9, 2015

A Walk in the Park

Mistress took me for a walk in the park yesterday.  i had my collar on and the leash was in Her purse most of the time.  She teased me for a bit by taking it out and holding it in Her hand. 

We went for the walk after watching our favorite football team and before heading out to dinner in town.  Yes it was a pleasant walk but in my mind i felt like She was taking Her pet for a walk.  We talked about how kinky it would be if i was leashed.

"Maybe next time" Mistress said, noting that despite the warm and pleasant day there weren't too many people in the park.  We admitted that we both need to get over some of our inhibitions.

i love this photo from the luxslave  tumblr site.  We probably won't go this far, but if She ordered me i would do it.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Dressing For Pleasure

It was a discussion that changed the course of our relationship.

"I just love the Rocky Horror Picture Show" She said.

"Oh really?  What did you like about it?" i had to ask.

"I thought Tim Curry looked so hot in a corset" She said looking at me in Her piercing eyes.

The eyes are the windows to the soul.

i opened up.  i told Her everything.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Missing Mistress

Mistress has been gone much of this week and i can't wait for Her return.

Submissive sissies get quite bored when they're Mistress' aren't around.  We need direction, we need to be controlled, told what to do, etc.  We're kind of high maintenance when you think about it.

i told Mistress that last night and She agreed.  "I like you that way."  That's what She said.

i pick Her up at the airport tomorrow.  i can't wait.

Maybe i'll get to enjoy another diaper orgasm this weekend!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Diaper Orgasms

"Wanna be a sissy baby tonight" Mistress asked me in an unusual display of inclusiveness.  i rarely take part in any such decisions, especially when The Boyfriend comes over.

"Yes Mistress, that would be fine with me" i said.  i was careful not to just say "fine" but to say it in a way that indicated my pleasure, but not too much of it.

"You know, it would be fun if we could find a babysitter for you.  Someone who understands all this stuff.  We could go out while she watches you" Mistress said.

my clitty puffed up in my cage.  Instantly.  She knew it.  i was immediately lost in fantasy world.  The Dominatrix Babysitter rushed into my brain.  But not for long.

"Instead we'll just have to diaper you and put you to bed early" She said.  "How about a diaper and no chastity? That way you can enjoy yourself in your diaper While I enjoy myself."

So tonight i'll be tucked away with a bottle and in a diaper, enjoying a "diaper orgrasm" while Mistress is with The Boyfriend.

i'll take it any way i can get it!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sissy Baby Shopping

Mistress is getting into one of Her "sissy baby moods."  No, She doesn't want to be a sissy baby, She wants to have me play that role.  She always enjoys this but sometimes the moods are more powerful than others.

Shopping for adult sissy baby clothes used to be far more difficult than it is now.  When She's in one of Her moods, She always likes to buy something new for Her baby.

Now, with places like ebay, etsy and other places on the web that cater to many of these fantasies, shopping is so much easier. 

How can you go wrong shopping at a place called "Sissy Baby Boutique" that features custom made sissy baby dresses?

She has Her eye on this one, and thinks The Boyfriend will like it on me.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Filling In for The Boyfriend

Has any other sissy cuckold had to do this?

It might look sexy but it's difficult to fill in for The Boyfriend this way.  But Mistress insisted upon it so i obeyed.  i had to do it gently and most of the time i did it, Mistress was giggling and making fun of me for having to make love to Her with a strap-on.

No surprise that it didn't "work."  She eventually had me stop and told me to worship Her.  i've had to do this before, and it's the same non-result every time.

So my question is has anyone else had to do this?  And if you did, were you able to make your wife cum from it?

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Morning Worship

i read on the Married Sissy blog today how sissy Terri's wife was away at a conference with her lover, and not surprisingly starting and ending each day with sex.  

my own circumstances have me lucky enough to have my own Mistress here with me every day lately, and we also start the day with sex.  The average male, if there is such a being, might not consider it sex for me, but i do.  

i get the opportunity to worship Her in the morning.  She likes the way the day starts and so do i!

Leave it to Namio to capture a perfect morning sunrise.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Emasculated Again

Last week i wrote about emasculation, with a reference to the recent vacation we took as well as a reference to another blog.  The boyfriend spent part of the vacation with us and on several occasions i felt very emasculated.  

The boyfriend was over on Tuesday night and i had to answer the door wearing nothing but my "sissy socks";  white anklet socks made of lace, ruffles and little ribbons.  i wasn't even in chastity.  my smooth body was on full display for The Boyfriend to see and make fun of.

The Boyfriend wasted little time in doing just that, asking me how His "sissy cocksucker" was doing.  The Boyfriend interrupted my answer to tell me to go get my collar and leash.  i turned and started to walk toward the bedroom to get it when i felt a hard barehanded slap on my ass "Run bitch" The Boyfriend said.  i hurried both ways and returned with the collar and leash.

Mistress laughed at my treatment and lovingly put the collar on me then attached the leash.  As i knelt, She handed it to The Boyfriend.  From there, i crawled to the bedroom where i knelt in front of The Boyfriend and ended up sucking His cock.  

"You really should have been a girl" He said to me as i sucked.  "You were meant to suck cock and you love it so much."

"Her clitty is hard" Mistress chimed in.  

The Boyfriend looked down and laughed.  "Play with it and cum on my feet" He ordered.

i momentarily stopped sucking to look down to see His feed which upset Him.  i got a hard slap on the face for that.  i went back to sucking, played with myself and came on His feet and the floor a few minutes later.

"Clean up and get your sissy ass out of the room" He said.  "We want to be alone."

i licked everything up.  The cum on His feet as well as the cum on the floor.  Mistress took my leash off but kept the collar on me.  i left the room and remained naked for the rest of the evening. 

The boyfriend left around 9:30.  

Mistress and i talked for a long time.  She enjoyed my posts on the subject of emasculation and wanted me to write another one.  "You do know we both enjoy emasculating you right?" She said and i told Her i knew that.  

The more they do it, it seems like the more i want it.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sissy Socks

Mistress has always loved me in little anklet socks.  Pink ones, yellow ones, blue ones and white ones.  Some are ruffles and some are lace. 

Now The Boyfriend likes me in them too.  i've worn all kinds of feminine things but for some reason, prancing around with little sissy anklet socks is very embarrassing. 

The Boyfriend wants me in them, and He's coming tonight.

Guess what i'm wearing now?

Monday, September 28, 2015

Sissy Lovemaking

"I want you to make love to me tonight sissy" Mistress told me.  "I need a stiff one" She continued.  

i knew exactly what She meant.  The Boyfriend was nowhere to be found.

For these times, i have my own strap-on.

It's my best attempt at being a man.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Emasculating a Submissive

We just returned yesterday from a two week vacation, one where The Boyfriend joined us for several days.  It was the first time that we did this.  It's a sign of Mistress' attachment to The Boyfriend and how Her feelings for Him are pretty strong.

A D/s relationship that includes cuckolding can take on many forms.  One is where the wife is a "hot wife", taking on various lovers to cuckold her submissive.  Others are more monogamous in nature.  The wife has one lover only (for regular M-F sex) while still cuckolding her spouse.  That's what we're in.  Mistress doesn't have any interest other than in The Boyfriend and in me.  and i know my place.

While with us for five days and four nights during our stay on Grand Cayman, The Boyfriend exerted his Alpha Male status.   i was their submissive the entire time He was there.  i fetched them drinks while they lounged by the pool or the beach.  i drove them around the island.  i walked two paces behind them (wearing my collar) wherever we went. 

And the sex was the same.  i was an afterthought until they wanted me for their amusement.  The morning The Boyfriend Left, they gave me a spanking that left my bottom sore for a few days.  They took turns using his belt on my bottom.  It was sort of like "I'll be gone but not forgotten."    On this vacation, i was essentially emasculated by the two of them.

This morning i read a post by Diane over at Married Sissy where she talks about her sex life with her own sissy and goes into details about the sissy's premature ejaculation and other sexual shortcomings. 

i liked the post because it stirred my submissive juices but i also enjoyed if for its frankness.  Diane was very comfortable talking about her submissive and a very intimate subject.  i don't say this in a bad way at all, but within the context of a loving and strong D/s relationship, but Diane post emasculated her submissive in front of all their readers.

It was a wonderful vacation but we're glad to be back.  Mistress is happy to see The Boyfriend again.  And i'm still emasculated.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

FemDom Role Reversal

i don't believe Dominant Women can be easily identified by size, strength, looks or any other specific characteristic.  Every submissive male has their prototype perfect Dominant Woman, fantasizing about what they look like, their shape, hair color, eyes, the way the act, etc.  But i believe what makes a woman choose dominance as a way of life comes from's Her DNA, it's how She's made.

Mistress C happens to be a strong and sizable woman.  Yes, those are some of the things that initially attracted me to Her, but of course there's more.  Naturally, those characteristics play very well into our lifestyle.  Maybe somehow it's easy for me to feel more submissive in Her presence because of Her size and strength.  No, She's not an Amazon, but Her stature and strength can be sexually and sensually imposing.

Mistress commands respect wherever She is and whenever She wants.  i'm always giving Her the respect, honor and obedience She deserves.

i know my place as Her submissive sissy wife and cuckold.

i know what my role is.

i don't have any false aspirations.

i just want to be the best submissive i can be for Her.

Yes, She has a Boyfriend.

But...i know She loves me for who i am.

"I am a lucky Mistress" She says as She hugs me.

But She always adds:  "you my pet are an even luckier submissive.

i don't mind reversing traditional roles.

i play this role so much better.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Her Pet

i have a real name, but for the longest time i'm always referred to as either "sissy pet" or "pet" by Mistress.

Mistress has always loved me collared and pantied.  Those were Her two earliest requirements. 

i have many collars.  Some don't even appear to be D/s or kink related, but the important thing is that Mistress and i both know what they mean.  Some are clearly kinky, and those aren't worn very often in any public setting. 

But many times when we're out, i do have a collar that has some sort of ring or other device to which a leash can be attached.  Knowing that Mistress may be carrying a leash keeps me on my toes.  She's only used it three times in a public setting. 

Mistress' favorite collars are those that bring out my "pet" status.  Some have been purchased at pet
stores and others on specialty sites that are part of places like Etsy or Ebay. 

She fell in love with this one.  She loves the pastels and the little bell.  She makes me prance around so that the bell rings.  She and The Boyfriend have a laugh.  i have to do it until i'm told to stop.

Call it one of my pet tricks.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Using My Face

When relationships first blossom, there's always some reluctance to share your innermost fantasies and desires with someone for fear of a smack down.  Such it was with me and Mistress C.  Much more so me than Her.  i failed to react properly to Her subtly suggestive words.  It took me awhile, even though my deepest desire was to be Her submissive sissy.

When i finally broke down and admitted many things to Her, She would just smile and say "I understand my baby."  Yes, She truly understood.  More than i ever thought.

i remember when i admitted that i would love to have Her sit on my face.  Even writing it now seems so crass and not-too-submissive on my part.

She responded with so much understanding and acceptance, telling me She would love to make me happy that way.  "I'll be a very good facesitter for you" She said in Her sultry voice.  "It might make both of us happy."

The first time She sat on my face didn't happen the way i expected it too.  She did it Her way.

i learned that She does everything Her way.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Proper Maid Service

"Look how pretty she looks" Mistress said to Her Boyfriend as i minced around in my maids uniform and served them dinner.

As expected, The Boyfriend was over for dinner this weekend and i spent the better part of Sunday in preparation for His arrival.  There were provisions to pick up and making sure the house was clean to Mistress' specs.  And i had to get prettied up just prior to His arrival.

Dinner had to wait until they had sex.  Everything without me.  No participation whatsoever.  i stayed downstairs the whole time.

i made the lobster tails and steaks on the grill outside.  Our home is mostly private, with woods surrounding the back yard.  Though our nearest neighbors could probably make out someone in a pink maids uniform moving about on our deck and patio at times.  And that's where dinner was served.

"Notice her posture?" Mistress asked The Boyfriend.

He glanced over, took a sip of wine and sat back looking at me as i stood off to the side of the table on the patio.  "Yes, it's quite nice.  Good to see she took your advice to stop slouching" He said.

"It wasn't easy.  It took practice didn't it sissy pet?" She asked looking at me.

"Yes Mistress, it did" i answered while holding my very best posture.

"Tell us what you did to practice" Mistress said.

With no outer appearance of shame or humiliation i went on to explain...

"i've been practicing for an hour each day.  A half hour during the day and a half hour in front of Mistress each evening.  i balance a hardcover book on my head" i told The Boyfriend.

"What kind of book?" He asked me.  "The title?"

"There are two.  The smaller is Cosmos by Carl Sagan, and the larger is National Geographic book featuring 100 years of adventure and discovery" i told Him.

"Interesting.  Go get them" He said.

i obeyed and returned and showed Him the two books.  Mistress was enjoying this whole exercise and smiling broadly, almost ready to giggle.

"Show me with the larger of the two" He said.  i balanced the National Geographic book on my head and just stood there.  Mistress finally did giggle and so did The boyfriend.

i stayed that way until they finished dinner and i was told i could clear the table.  i put the book down and asked if they wanted dessert.

They loved the strawberry shortcake.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Having Her Way

The majority of the time i'm the one who fetches the strap-on for Mistress to use on me.

Whether it be a simple nod after a brief conversation, or a very direct instruction to go get it, i obey and either bring it back to Her or set it out wherever She wants it.

i know what's coming and both of us enjoy it very much.  Mistress looks even more beautiful when She has Her cock strapped around Her waist snuggly.

i also love to strap it on for Her.  i think most submissives, be they spouses, boyfriends or in another form of a relationship with the Domme, enjoy that task.  Which ever way they're fastened, letting the submissive do it adds to scene that is soon to follow.

One thing that i find even sexier than what i described is when Mistress Herself goes to get the strap-on.  For some reason, it looks and actually is much more Dominant.  It carries with it this "Forget it.  Let me do this myself" type of attitude that i know i'm going to pay for later.  As if She's annoyed with me and not willing to get the strap-on put on and start using me with it.

That happened last night.  i was outside and when i came back in She asked me to pour Her a cold drink.  While i was outside, She must have gone upstairs to get Her strap-on and harness and had it next to Her behind some throw pillows on the couch.

When She finished Her drink She suddenly got up and said "Let's go" as She headed to the stairs with Her strap-on.

i followed.

She made love to me like i was a little girl.  

i felt like one too.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Posture Training

"You're posture needs to improve.  All the time but even more so when you're serving" Mistress C told me.

It was a reference to the last time i was in full maid regalia and serving dinner to Mistress C and The Boyfriend.  i used to leave the dining room and stay in the kitchen when i wasn't actively serving, waiting until i was summoned.

She doesn't want it done that way anymore.  i am to stand in  the corner of the dining room with my hands neatly folded behind my back while wearing one of my maids uniforms.

The last time i did so Mistress had to tell me to stand straight.  "No slouching" was all She said.  i thought that was the end of it until last night when the comments about my posture came up.

"I think you should practice everyday until it improves" She told me.  When She says She "thinks" i know it is more than a thought.  i consider it as an order.

Mistress had me fetch a large hardcover book from one of the bookcases in the den and told me to stand by Her side and balance it on my head.  i tried to do so as She watched the news.  i wasn't very good at it but after about a half hour i was much better.  The book was able to stay on longer.

"Half hour each night and a half hour during the day when I'm not around" She said.  "I'll be able to tell every night if you've been practicing, so don't disappoint me."

i won't.  There would be hell to pay if i did.  

i could only surmise that The Boyfriend will be coming for dinner soon.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Morning Ritual

The closest thing we have to the bench shown in the beautiful piece of art by Namio is a Queening Chair.  Mistress has used it for various purposes, including to feed me Her wonderful tasting chardonnay.

But lately Mistress has been prone to use me for Her morning pee.  It's one of the first things most people do when they first get up in the morning.  

i'm usually up first and get Mistress' tea going.  

i used to get my own coffee going at the same time.

Now i am not allowed to make that pot of coffee for myself until later.

The first thing each morning i'm allowed to drink comes from Her.

It's usually a stronger version of the vintage i would taste later in the day, a result a full night's resting and the fermentation that comes with that. 

Only when i'm done am i allowed to start my coffee.  As much as i love a strong cup of coffee, i often delay that first cup so that i can savor Mistress' taste for a while longer.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sucking Her Cock

Mistress loves to see me do this.

She may not even use Her strap-on on me after i do.

It arouses Her.

She loves to see me sucking Her "cock."

She loves to say the words "Suck My cock sissy."

When i suck Her cock, i can't help but get aroused.

There's straining in my chastity belt.  Lots.

"You're a sissy cocksucker aren't you?" She often asks.

i nod.  i can only nod.  She holds my head in place.

Mistress knows how to use Her cock very well.

In my mouth and otherwise.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Drinking From My Mistress

i don't write about this nearly as often as it happens.  Partly because for a long time i didn't want to offend someone and partly out of embarrassment.  i often drink from Mistress' most private parts.  This is not really about golden showers, though i've received those quite often.  This is about consuming Her most intimate of juices.

The first time i tasted it was by accident, the result of an amazingly powerful orgasm She had that "accidentally" released some urine.  Nothing was said but i believe Mistress knew that i did my best to consume it all and that i really enjoyed it.

It wasn't long after that that during one of our intimate discussions She came right out and said "I'd love to piss all over you."

Her directness didn't surprise me at all.  Neither was i disappointed.  If anything, i tried not to look like i couldn't wait for it to happen!

Before i could answer She asked "Would you enjoy that my little sissy?"

i told Her that i would love it.  i really wanted to tell Her that i wanted even more.  i wanted to drink Her golden nectar, Her piss, Her tasty it what You wish.  

The first time i we did it i was in a large whirlpool tub.  On all fours, She stood over me with Her hands on Her hips and let it flow all over me.  The warm stream found its way all over my back, the back of my neck and She moved forward to spray my hair.  i wanted to taste Her so bad.

"Now lick me" She said when She was done.  i turned around, knelt in front of Her and began to worship between Her legs.  Soaked from Her piss, i now got to taste it.

It was about a week later that we began what has now become my routine consumption of Her body fluids.  It doesn't happen every day, but at least several times a week.  If i'm close by and She has to go to the bathroom, then i am called upon to take my place at Her lovely "V."

It's an honor, a privilege and a duty for me now.  

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sissy Maid Service

With plenty of housework to get done Mistress C wants to make sure Her sissy maid (me) doesn't lollygag around.

"The fewer interruptions the better.  I want the house in perfect shape by the time He gets here tonight" were Her instructions this morning.

"He" is The Boyfriend.  

"He" is here for drinks, sex, dinner and more sex.

"He" may spend the night.

So before She left this morning and after i was changed into my maids uniform, Mistress C told me to get my diaper and things.

"No need to take potty breaks today" She said as She pulled the plastic panties up to cover my baby diaper.

i just finished all the housework with plenty of time to spare.

Yes i'm wet.  But Mistress will be happy.

That is what is most important.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dominated, Diapered and Humiliated

Mistress C told me to get out of chastity last night moments after The Boyfriend arrived and She had greeted Him with a big sloppy kiss at our front door. Before i could ask Her if She wanted me to use the spare emergency key which is in a sealed envelope with her signature across the flap She unhooked Her necklace which had the other key on it.

"Here, you unlock him" She said to The Boyfriend.  He seemed surprised but chuckled as He took the key and let me out.  

"Say thank you" She said.  i obeyed and submissively said "Thank You Sir."  i knew that my release from chastity meant something else was going to happen and it did almost immediately.

"Go get your baby diaper and things and meet us in the den" Mistress C said, "and come back naked."  As i walked away, i heard Her tell The Boyfriend "Watch, this always gets her hard."   i had already sprung to life and hearing Her made it happen faster.

i returned naked, holding the diaper and "things" She had asked for.  They included a baby blanket, diaper pins since i had a thick cloth diaper, pink plastic panties, a pacifier and some baby powder.  

"You know what to do" She said.  i did.  She'd done this before.  i lay the blanket on the den floor, set the diaper, pins, panties, powder and pacifier down and sat down on the blanket.

"Time for your diapering" She said with a big smile and looking at The Boyfriend.  "Now lay back and be a good sissy baby."

Mistress C put the pacifier in my mouth before doing anything else.  "No more baby babble now.  You be quiet."  

The powder went on first and i got harder.  "See what i mean" She said to The Boyfriend....she loves this!"  The diaper slid under my bottom and eventually Mistress had me pinned in very snugly.  Then it was the pretty pink plastic panties.

"There!  All nice and babied up aren't we?" She asked.  i nodded my head but was ashamed.  

"Baby loves this doesn't she?" Mistress asked as She began to rub the front of my puffy diaper.  It was extra puffy because of my erection.  She was rubbing it just right as She knelt between my legs and leaned over me as She teased me.  

Mistress knew i was ready to cum and urged me on.   "Go ahead.  Enjoy being a nice sissy baby in front of my him how a good sissy messes in her diaper."  

Part of me was so ashamed i didn't want to cum.  But the most uncontrollable part of me wanted to make a big mess in my diaper.   It didn't take long to happen.

i was a very pathetic figure in front of the boyfriend, humping up and down on the floor as Mistress rubbed me through the diaper as i came into the soft thick cotton.  When it was over, Mistress reached down, pulled me up, hugged me and held me to Her bosom.

i stayed in the diaper all night until The Boyfriend went home.  Following Mistress' instructions, i left it on and wet in it.  i remained a baby for the night but She changed me before bedtime.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Maids and Housework

"Thank You for making me do all the housework today" i told Mistress C yesterday.

She was getting ready to leave to go to The Boyfriend's house so She was a bit busy.  She didn't say anything right away.

Finally She acknowledged me and said "You're welcome.  I know you like being a sissy maid and I like to be nice to you."

"I may or may not sleep over.  Depends how I feel" She said as She threw a few things into a small overnight bag.

Before She left She gave me a lovely kiss before i knelt before Her and kissed Her feet.

"Wash the tile floor in in the small foyer off the kitchen.  I think you missed a spot" She told me as i licked her foot.

While washing the floor, i was hoping She would sleep here tonight.  She didn't.  She came home around 11 this morning but in a very good mood.

"I'm all yours tonight" She told me.  It sounded strange because i'm really all Hers.  i belong to Her.

i had to wash the floor again.  The spot which She had seen was still there.  i tried but couldn't get it off.  It was so tine and almost invisible.  i told Mistress i just couldn't get it off.

She came over to look at it, shrugged Her shoulders and said "Oh well.  You really can't see it anyway." 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sissy Dream Come True

Many sissies had dreams and fantasies when they were young about being a french maid right?

i am one of those lucky one's who's been able to achieve this dream.

i just never thought it would in front of my Mistress' Boyfriend.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sleepover with The Boyfriend

The Boyfriend slept over last night.

The cuckold wasn't included.

The Mistress was dressed to the nines.

Last i saw Her, She was naked except for those sexy heels.

i slept alone.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bondage Cuckold

Mistress Catherine enjoys bondage far more than i do.  Putting me in bondage that is, not the other way around.  It's one of those "give and take" things that are part of a kinky relationship.  

i really don't like bondage but it would be dishonest on my part to call it a "hard limit" because it's not even close to that.  And, knowing that She gets aroused by binding me, restricting my movement, taking away some of my senses and even putting me on display that way for Her boyfriend or other friends makes me happy and in some way even mentally aroused.  

i'm getting used to it more and more.  i also think She's enjoying it more and more.  She seems to get the most enjoyment from having bound in some way while Her boyfriend is here.  Most times, i am not totally immobilized, but rather highly restricted in my movements.

Then there's the combination of bondage, feminization, servitude and whatever other extra kink She can add on.  Those combos are very effective in putting me into a deep submissive state.

The presence of the boyfriend adds humiliation and embarrassment.

That is especially true if i cannot see their reactions to the state i'm in and what i am called upon to do.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Clear Cut Roles

This picture represents one of the rules that was set out very early in our relationship.

Mistress C is in charge of everything - i already knew that.

But She wanted things to be a bit more specific.

Goddess is a powerful term.

She's a powerful Woman.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Loving Her Curves

i was madly in love with Mistress' curves well before i was in love with Her.  Sad to say but it's true.  But before the curves had smitten me, Her personality, wit and brilliance had already caught my attention. 

Circumstances prevented me, and us, from doing anything about the attraction had for each other but during that time, the lust was building.  i wrote about this before in one of my first posts called What Took me So Long?.  There were countless missed opportunities along the way but in the end it was worth it.

Now i'm Her sissy pet.  i belong to Her.  The lifestyle is what we want.

i still worship Her curves.  They're beautiful.  They're sexy. 

i serve Her in the most intimate of ways.  She knows i will do anything for Her.

i will serve Her in any way She asks.

She doesn't even have to ask.  She can just use me.

Big and Beautiful

Monday, July 27, 2015

Baby Bonnet Cuckold

i've written about Mistress using diapers as a means of domination and humiliation before.  Recently i wrote about it here, and in one of my earliest postings i wrote about it here.  The most humiliating thing about being diapered and sissified (Miss C won't have one without the other) is when it happens in front of Her boyfriend.

Nothing can differentiate you more from another male than being a sissy in diapers, and having been put there by the woman he's about to take as his own.

Diapers, pacifiers, plastic panties, baby wipes and bottles are the norm around here.  Miss C's friends and the boyfriend are use to seeing them around.

It's not 24/7 but....

Diapers are becoming more a part of our lifestyle and coincidentally, one of my readers who has left comments lately has some excellent fiction on FictionMania, some of which deals with sissy baby cuckolds.  

i just feel i should mention it here.  Throne has a wonderful story called "Baby Bonnet Cuckold" that you really should read if you're into anything remotely associated with this kink.  Miss C plans to read it, or so She says.  i probably shouldn't have mentioned it to Her.

So, enjoy Baby Bonnet Cuckold, and see how "Mommy Mara" and "Uncle Charlie" treat their little sissy baby cuckold.  

i kind of know what it's like.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

After the Humiliation

Scenes with heavy humiliation like the one i wrote about earlier this week (see Humiliating Sissy Maid Service) are hard to deal with.  It takes me time to recover from them.  i don't even feel like posting for a few days after i've written about them.  Mistress tells me i have to write about them so i do.

But in the days after such scenes, Mistress seems to know how to care for me.  In the D/s world they call it "aftercare."  i'm not sure what She does fits perfectly into that category, but it's pretty close.

Her care for me has plenty of love, but it also has plenty of kink and more expressions of Her dominance.

The things She does reinforce who i am and who i really want to be.

Her actions also speak to the road i need to take in order to get "there."

i feel that my masculinity for all intents and purposes has disappeared.  The penis that is between my legs and locked in chastity just helps to serve as a reminder of the path i've chosen to take.

All of this makes me stronger and better prepared to receive the next dose of humiliation She has in store for me.  Whenever it comes, it's probably going to be more powerful than the last.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Humiliating Sissy Maid Service

Miss C's boyfriend came over last night. 

"Dress for the occasion" She told me.  That meant the maids uniform. 

i had to clean the bathrooms before he arrived but he got there early and saw me cleaning the one we have off the hall. 

He stopped to watch me.  i said hello then continued to clean the toilet.  They both continued to watch until he came in, undid his pants, took out his cock, pushed me aside gently and said "Good time for me to take a piss."

i stood aside and watched a powerful stream of piss come out of his man-sized cock.  The noise it made was earth shattering compared to the dribbles that come out of my own cock because of the chastity i'm in.

Miss C watched with a smile on Her face.

"Oops" he said.  "Missed the target a bit" as his stream of piss hit the top edge of the bowl.

When he finished he faced me, cock in hand and told me to lick his moist cock head.  i knelt and licked it clean, tasting the last drop of his piss that remained on his slit.

He stuffed the cock back in his pants and walked away.

i was left to clean his piss off the rim of the bowl and some on the floor of the bathroom.

When i was done, he and Miss C were already in our bedroom by themselves.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

O/our Life

This is how it is now.  This is how W/we live.

Miss C used to laugh when She would read ads on places like Collarme or Fetlife and see people who who would write they were into the lifestyle 24/7/365.  She (nor i) thought it was possible.  But it is.

It may not always be noticeable to others but my devotion to Her, my submission to Her, Her total control over me and the total exchange of power is always there.  It never goes away.

i am Her property.  i am Her sissy.  i am Her husband and wife at the same time.  And i am Her bitch.

Through it all, i have Her love also.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Queening Her Sissy Maid

With Mistress gone there has not been much to write about.

But, She returned this weekend and so did Her beautiful Ass.  Her queening chair had arrived earlier in the week, so Her return "fit" just perfectly.

i live as Her full time wife now.  No work for me, other than housework and whatever tasks She assigns me.

Worshiping Her ass is one of those tasks.  When i first admitted to Her that i had a "thing" about paying devotion to Her ass, She was a bit hesitant about it.  Yes, She's dominant, but the thought of a submissive tonguing Her ass was something She wasn't sure about.  

i am very proud to say it only took one session of my tongue deep in Her bottom that She fell in love
with it.

She loves the chair, but also loves to put Her full weight upon my face and smother me with Her tasty bottom.  

As Her sissy maid, i clean the house and i also clean Her ass.

It's a task i enjoy, and so does She.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Separation from Her

Mistress C has been away.  It's a work-related separation, but one that is painful.

i miss Her so much.

i ordered Her a queening chair to serve as a throne upon Her return.

It's one that provides for maximum exposure of Her beautiful ass as well as my welcoming face and lips.

i can't wait until She gets back to where She belongs.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

My Beautiful Mistress

i saw this picture on tumblr today and it reminded me so much of my beautiful Mistress Catherine for a few reasons.

Big and Beautiful
1 - She's beautiful.

2 - She's strong, Dominant, yet feminine when She wants to be.

3 - She's sexy.

4 - She is, and was a very good athlete.

5- She has gorgeous curves.

And of course, i'd love to be Her personal sissy cheerleader.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Her Diapered Cuckold

Mistress has been diapering me more and more as of late.  Unlike the past when the diapering were used mostly for punishment and humiliation, they've now become a more regular thing with us.  

There's still added humiliation when made to wear them in front of Her boyfriend or girlfriends of Hers, but wearing them around the house for longer periods of times provides us with a constant reminder of our status.

Mistress went to the Kentucky Derby yesterday while i stayed behind.  She'll be back this afternoon with Her boyfriend.  i've been out of diapers all weekend but will probably be back in once they get here.

She no refers to me as Her "diaper cuckold."

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Look What She Made Me Wear

The boyfriend was over last night.  

Mistress couldn't find a babysitter.

So the baby was around also,

Friday, April 10, 2015

Locked and Licking

When you're like this:

You end up doing a lot of this:

Such is the life of a sissy pet.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Public Submission

Yesterday while out for a run with Mistress in a local park, She decided to stop by one of the park benches for a moment.  It wasn't because She was tired, or had a cramp or had to tie Her shoe.  She simply wanted me to kneel and kiss Her beautiful ass.

i was a bit startled because She's only done such things when we were alone in the woods somewhere on a hike or in the privacy of our backyard.  i looked around quickly and could only see a few people in the distance, probably too far to notice anything.

So i dropped to my knees behind Her and just as i was about to kiss Her beautiful ass She said "Bury it!"  It's an order She uses when She wants me to bury my nose, mouth, lips or tongue as deep as i can into Her luscious crack.

She had Her beautiful yoga pants on, so i couldn't go that deep, but i pushed my face between Her cheeks as far as i could and kissed.  i stayed there until She pulled away.  i'm never allowed to stop unless i'm instructed, or unless She pulls away.  She then started jogging again and i followed, noticing someone on the path who was now a bit closer.  i wondered if the woman jogging saw anything?

The incident made me wonder if Mistress would every go further in Her public dominance of me.  i think i've left Her no doubt that i would obey.

Friday, April 3, 2015

The Boyfriend & The Cuckold

Ms. Catherine's boyfriend came over the other day while i was all prettied up in my petticoat, panties, stockings, garter and other girly things.   Ms. C had me prancing around for Her and doing sissy things like curtseys and twirling around before the boyfriend came.  She was putting me through my paces, even though i had no idea the boyfriend was coming. 

When She told me i almost died and wanted to change right away before he got there. 

"No way.  You're staying this way" She laughed.  

When i continued to protest She went into our bedroom and came back with one of my pacifiers and shoved it in my mouth.

"No lay down on the floor and calm down" She said.  i obeyed, and ten minutes later the boyfriend showed up.

There i was sucking on my pacifier with my panties exposed and my petticoat and garters showing in front of him.

"You relax here while we have some fun" Ms. C said and off they went into the bedroom.  "Be a good baby" She said before closing the door.

It was nearly two hours before the boyfriend left, nearly ignoring me totally as he walked out.  Other than a glance in my direction and some laughter, he didn't pay much attention to me.  

Ms. C told me not to worry.  "He was in a hurry.  He thinks you're cute.  You won't be ignored for long."

i was brought into the bedroom where i tended to Ms. C's well fucked pussy.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Petticoat Punishment

It's referred to using several different terms.  Petticoat Punishment, Pinaforing, Forced Feminization are among the terms used.  Here's what it means:

Petticoating, also called pinaforing, is a type of forced feminization that involves dressing a man or boy in girls' clothing. While the practice has come to be a rare, socially unacceptable form of humiliating punishment, it has risen up as both a subgenre of erotic literature or other expression of sexual fantasy.

Wikepedia continues.....

There is some evidence that "petticoat punishment" has occasionally been used as a form of discipline, with credible stories of such going back at least to Victorian times.[1] "Petticoat punishment," as a sexual fetish interest, involves imagining or reenacting this scenario. However, as a fetish interest, these activities are usually heavily exaggerated and sexualized, including elaborate humiliation and public nudity.[2] They often involve the male being feminized into a sissy by a powerful female presence (often a mother or aunt) in front of his cousins, sisters, or in some cases, girls of his own age whom he had offended by his boorish behavior.
Mistress put me in a lacy petticoat yesterday, with a garter, white stockings and white panties.  i loved it and i would never call it "punishment."  i pranced around like Her little sissy and did whatever She told me.

i didn't know Her boyfriend would be coming over.

This was humiliating.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Her Curves & Her Panties

i love Mistress Catherine's curves.  All of them.  i kiss them all.  i kiss every inch of Her body.  i worship it, i adore it, She is not only my Mistress but my Goddess.

When She drops Her panties it is an unspoken invitation to pay Her homage.  It is a privilege to do so, one that i never take for granted.

i have my own panties to wear, most all of them pink.

But it is a thrill to wear Her's wherever She wants me to wear them.  Like a regular pair of panties, or as a "sissy crown" over my head.  

They're also stuffed into my mouth.  i love that.