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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Baby Bottles

i sucked on my pacifier as i went about doing the dishes while Mistress and The Boyfriend sipped on coffee while admiring the city's skyline from our living room.  Some jazz played on the radio.  When Mistress put the pink pacifier in my mouth it was Her way of saying i was to be quiet.  i tidied up the kitchen and when i was done, She told me i could go in my room to pick out some toys to play with and return to the living room.

"You can play here in front of us for a little while.  It will be bedtime soon."

i had some baby books and some blocks.  They were about the most mature types of toys i could choose from.  Even though i was wearing a diaper, plastic panties, and a pink baby t-shirt, having to bring back these baby toys and books was the most humiliating thing of all.

i sat there and read and reread the books and stacked the blocks while they ignored me for the better part of a half hour.  It seemed like an eternity but i knew i had to sit there and keep playing.  Their indifference to my presence other than occasional comment about what a good baby i was actually aroused me.  The more i hated it the more i got aroused.

"Bedtime!" Mistress announced as if it was the highlight of the day.  i'd been diapered immediately after dinner so there would be no need for a diapering before bed.

"Let me get you a nice bottle of milk.  You say goodnight now" She said.

i said goodnight to The Boyfriend and followed Mistress into my room.

After i was tucked in, She kissed me and removed the pacifier.  She held the bottle to my lips and i took it like a baby.

The bottle was an old fashioned plastic type with a big nipple.  i held it with two hands and sucked on the nipple, tasting the milk sleep slowly into my mouth.

"Good night sissy.  See you in the morning" Mistress said.  "Love you."

i lay there and sucked on the bottle for awhile.  my arousal had dissipated and i dozed off a bit.  Later, i heard them across the hall go into the master bedroom.  i got aroused again.  The arousal grew as i could hear the faint sounds of lovemaking.  Mistress' moans and The Boyfriends grunts grew louder. 

Pathetically, i rolled onto my stomach and began to grind my pelvis against the bed.  Back and forth, moving my padded bottom up and down a bit, i had an orgasm of my own and let go a small amount of some sissy juices into the pink disposable diaper i was wearing and fell asleep.


"Good morning baby" Mistress called this morning, opening the door as She made Her way to the kitchen.

She came back with a cup of coffee and another bottle, this one with some orange juice in it.

"Sleep well?" She asked.  i nodded.  

"I'll be back for your bath and to change you in a few minutes" She said.

i wet myself as i sucked on the juice.  i looked forward to my  morning bath.



  1. This is a really nice story of a day in the life of your submission and sissyhood.
    I find it absolutely fascinating for sure.

  2. Sounds like a very lovely evening you had. Hopefully Mistress and the Boyfriend taught you how to cook as well. Mistress mentioned you working as a secretary. Since a number of her friends know about you maybe she should inquire if any of them would be interested in hiring you to clean their places for a while etc.


  3. Have you thought to put pee or cum in her bottle?