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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Marking a Sissy

i've not yet been "marked" by The Boyfriend, nor has Mistress.  The topic has come up though.  Both of them have differing opinions about "what" should be done to me.

The Boyfriend seems to prefer a tattoo on me, probably because of the permanency of it.

Mistress believes i should be pierced some way and "adorned with something appropriate."

Just the thought of it gets my clitty hard and i start to leak.


  1. The idea of a tattoo is amazing. Such a fundamental surrendering of sissy's body to her superiors

  2. i do love that navel piercing.
    Have you been written on by marker by Them, first?
    hug, sara

  3. That piercing is quite pretty!

    sissy terri

  4. i love how they treat you, especially when you're in diapers!

    sissy karen

  5. My Mistress is leaning towards a tattoo just above my caged clitty as respect towards our Master.
    Our Master loves the idea of earrings which I can wear 24/7 as a symbol of my being a cuckold sissy.
    I am "red" with embarrassment either way.

  6. There could also be a piercing of the frenulum, that little band of skin under the head of the penis. A good place to hang jewelry from, or to place a chain to join dick and navel rings.

  7. I vote for a frenulum or (better) prince albert piercing, as they can be extremly useful in increasing the security of a chastity device. If I weren't so chicken-hearted, I would get one.