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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Sissy Baby Collar

At the suggestion of The Boyfriend Mistress is searching for a new "sissy baby" collar for me.  

"It should have a cute little bell on it" The Boyfriend suggested and Mistress has a few of Her own requirements.  They will decide jointly and i won't be involved in the selection of it.  

Collars have always fascinated me.  They're a nice public way to demonstrate your submission without really offending anyone.  They can also be very discreet and hardly noticeable.

This one would be more noticeable, and it's also very babyish.

Part of me wants it so bad, the other part of me is afraid of the humiliation that would come with it.


  1. maybe they can relate their requirements to your blog and we can make suggestions


  2. I think the collar would be perfect with you in you onesie

  3. What a lovely, humiliating bell!

  4. Gosh that would be so submissive that particular collar, especially playing "ring my bell"