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Friday, May 6, 2016

Humiliated in Diapers

The Boyfriend came over the other night and i was dressed the way he wanted me:  In diapers.

Mistress added a few other touches like the pretty little anklet socks, a short nighty and pink plastic panties.  And then there was the pacifier.

i was paraded out in front of the boyfriend so that i could meet His approval but that was the extent of my participation.

"It's baby's bedtime isn't it?" He asked Mistress.

"It certainly is" She said as She took me by the hand and led me into the spare bedroom.  

She tucked me in and reiterated what She had told me before.  "No coming out of your room tonight, even to go to potty.  Understand?" She said.  i said i did.

She tucked me in and there i stayed all night.   Fortunately, all i had to do was pee during the night so i slept in a wet diaper.

Mistress came in to the room in the morning with The Boyfriend by Her side.

They laughed at my wetting my diaper and The Boyfriend watched as She changed me.  i was then allowed to get up and sit on the floor in front of the television and watched the PBS kids shows while they had their coffee.

i was let out of my diapers after The Boyfriend left for work.

From now on, whenever The Boyfriend is here, i will be in diapers.


  1. Oh my!! Love the anklets and pink plastic pants additions :)
    I can see Her need to leave your room to potty, when you're like that! Sounds like a humiliating morning, too!

    1. Yes Sara it was humiliating, but i get used to it. Do you ever wear diapers?

      sissy pet

  2. I'm sure that having them looking down at you and laughing at your situation added a lot to the experience.