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Monday, May 16, 2016

My Baby Onesie

i felt so silly in my pink onesie last night while The Boyfriend was here.  The puffiness of my diaper and the plastic panties made the crotch of the onesie appear way to small inciting humiliating comments from both Mistress and The Boyfriend.

i stayed dressed like that all night and when they were finished making love, Mistress massaged my crotch until i came in the diaper in front of the both of them.

When He left i licked Mistress clean while still in my diaper and came in it again.  

i was a soggy sissy.


  1. Have you ever been forced go number 2 in your diapee this is happening regulary over here...diaper is changed only at certain time of the days. s

  2. What a lucky sissy you are, two cums in your diaper, great evening and sticky night

  3. Oh my!

    What a wet warm and gooey night you must have had simmering in your dirty diaper! Did you enjoy the feeling?

  4. Love how puffy they are.

    sissy kevin

  5. O, that would be sooo humiliating! That said, two cummies in your diaper is a pretty good deal :)