Kinky Places W/we Like

Thursday, May 23, 2019


A thank you to all who have commented or written to me.   I will update these pages for awhile but at some point will take this blog down.

One must start anew right?

sissypet/pantiegirl is not up to posting here, perhaps out of embarrassment.  Whatever the reason I respect her wishes.

I will update you soon but for now I'm headed out of town with The Boyfriend to enjoy the holiday weekend.

Hugs to all of you.

Ms. C


  1. Are you going to look for a new sissy pet?

  2. I hope you will reconsider and leave the blog up. So many people dream of this lifestyle and have no idea that there are others out there just like them. Every time a blog like this gets deleted, it's a huge loss. Every little bit helps in raising awareness.

  3. I was surprised and a little upset by your news. You had both expressed your deep rooted love for one another. Until you reveal all, we will just have to guess :
    Is Boyfriend moving away and wanting you with him ??
    Has Boyfriend given you an ultimatum - Sissy or me ??
    Maybe its Sissy ?? Fed up with lifestyle ??
    Maybe someone else involved ? His new boss ??
    We are intrigued.
    We have enjoyed your "adventures" and wish you both luck, love and happy lives.
    Who knows ?? It may not be final ??

    Love always

    Tanya xxxx