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Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Gift From The Boyfriend

i had to thank Him for it.  "Him" being The Boyfriend.

"What do you say?" Mistress teased.

"Thank you Sir" i responded.

"Specifics bitch, specifics!" She taunted.

"Thank You Sir for letting me clean up your cum from my Mistress" i said.

"That's better" He said.  "Be appreciative of the gifts I leave for you.  Now lick."

i licked Her until She came.  It was a nice orgasm but not as powerful as the one He'd given Her.

i did so while He watched.  It's always a humiliating thing to do but strangely i do it and get aroused by it.

Here's a little thought provoking piece from one of my favorite tumblr's A Cuckold's Life  written by James.
Cuckold fantasy has submissive cuckolds rushing to lick this creampie.
Reality is much different.  The first time is difficult.  As is the second, and the third, etc.
Eating another man’s cum from your wife might get you hard when you think about it.
But when your faced with having to do it, the arousal factor isn’t the same.
Each time i clean Mistress is a different challenge.  The emotions range from disgust to devotion and from embarrassment to appreciation.

Only cuckolds can understand.

James understands.  He also has a great blog called Cuckold Scenes.



  1. Lovely. Just lovely. Thanks for sharing such a powerful scene.

  2. So thoughtful of Him..heh

  3. Now that I can understand. The longer I haven't ahd an orgasm, the more submissive I feel, the more do cuckold stories arouse me. But I think in real life, such an arrangement would destroy me, emotionally. It would take a very slow journey, with a very, very loving woman, who knows my psyche by heart, to try and endure this. I very much admire you.