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Saturday, July 6, 2019

And Then There Were Two

I've finalized my list of applicants for my submissive position two two people and surprisingly, one is a female. Only two females showed interest and I didn't think that,with such a small pool I would find someone that interested me.  Well I did.  We spoke on the phone twice and I meet her tomorrow morning for coffee.  As always, one never knows so the search will continue but in a passive way.

I've met the male and so far so good.  Generally he fits what I'm looking for.  As a novice in many of the areas of I'm interested in there will be the issue of putting him through my personal formation program which can be challenging.  But it also can be fun.  I've given him an assignment to complete this weekend and we'll see how that goes. 

I've thought about this situation and there is a possibility I might chose the both of them.  Or maybe take one first and add the other at a later date.  I just have to think this through.

Look for an update around midweek.  Maybe sooner if there's a breakthrough.

Ms. C


  1. Sounds like a interesting development. It would be cute if you do agree to both submissives and get them acceptable to be at parties to be in matching maid or abdl outfits. I'm sure they would have lots of fun in diapers under your guidance


  2. if you do end up with both at somepoint one positive note is that the female sub may actually help and encourage your male sub's training along and give him/her if a sissy more confidence as a sissy to perform her tasks


  3. Agree with Ashley and Emily. Great you have found some potential subs and i look forward to reading your update.


  4. Hope the last week with your two possible candidates for a new sissymaid/baby has been an enjoyable one