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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Back in the "Baby Diaper"

Some sissies have written me asked asked if i am always "babied" or more specifically "in a diaper."

Simply put, i always feel like Mistress' sissy baby all the time, but am not always in a diaper.  Real life situations prevent me from being in a diaper all the time.  When i'm in a diaper, i'm expected to use them to wet if i have to pee, but ask permission if i can "go to potty like a big girl" if i feel the need to have a bowel movement.  Mistress doesn't want to have to get into any "messy changes."

There's one rule that's never broken however...that's that i must be in a diaper when "The Boyfriend" is here.  No exceptions to that one.  When He is here for several days, i'm here in my diapers all the time.

i'm writing this now because "The Boyfriend" is coming over tonight and staying with us for the rest of the week.  Mistress just got home and told me it was time to get back into my "baby diaper."  

She uses the term "baby diaper" because She likes the way it sounds.  

sissy pet


  1. Hope we get to hear about all the fun from you in diaper week for the bf


  2. I would love to know, if you have a nursery, and how it is set up?

  3. Keep her in the baby diaper and plastic pants, that is what the sissy wants and needs

  4. Have you given up blogging?

  5. what happened we miss you and your Mistress