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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Baby Vacations

We did lots of traveling this summer in this country and in Europe.  Most of it related to Mistress' job and some pleasure.  We got back two weeks ago in time to travel with The Boyfriend up to Oregon to get a great view of this past week's eclipse.

The three of us shared hotel rooms and we were usually in a suite where there was a second bedroom or a sofa bed.  Guess who slept with Mistress.

i've been in diapers most of the summer and the trip to see the eclipse was no different.  The diaper bag was on full display when we were out and about most of the time.  Sometimes i was made to carry it which drew plenty of glances.  And when people saw the diaper bag they would also see my padded bottom with my shorts just barely covering the diaper and plastic panties i wore.  Most of the plastic panties were pink, baby blue or yellow. 

Diaper changes in front of The Boyfriend were embarrassing but excited me.  

Keeping me in chastity kept me from cumming from the excitement.

More to come.

Sorry for not blogging more regularly.

sissy pet


  1. Can't wait to hear more about all your embarrassing diaper adventures


  2. welcome back, with a curtsy, fifi

  3. Happy you two are back. Ms. Catherine must be a very good mommy!

    sissy kevin

  4. Looks like a paddle on the bed?

  5. It sounds like you have had a wonderful summer! Glad to hear you've been kept in diapers so much!

  6. Sounds like an interesting summer.
    Being at the eclipse must have been exciting, in more ways than one, especially with your cute diapers on full display

  7. Glad to see you posting again. I hope that you are able to blog more often. Your adventures and exploits as a real thrill for someone who wishes they could live out similar experiences.

  8. How lucky you are that your wife keeps you in diapers and in chastity. You are living many men's fantasies . My wife puts in diapers as punishment. If I have displeased her, starting Friday evening she will put me into diapers and pink or yellow plastic pants. I am allowed 20 minutes every morning to shower and use the toilet. Then into diapers. I am also in chastity, strictly enforced and severely denied. My wife has allowed me permission to cum only once so far this year and it is now September. I feel my next chance may be around Christmas. She will remove the plastic sleeve of my CB 6000 many mornings and edge me. It does not take long at all, under a minute. Then I have to ice my hard penis down and she puts the sleeve back on and locks me again. She gives me no contact when she is punishing me. The diaper and plastic pants go on, and out shopping we go. She will not change me until we are back home, and by that time I am very wet. Even my pants are wet.

  9. Being in diapers and chasity is so interesting.
    I've never experienced it but to be made to wear and wet your diapers no matter what.
    How exciting for you

  10. Thank you for the update. Sounds like quite a Summer. I can just imagine what it's like if you have an embarrassing diaper bag -- which leads to folks seeing those bulges and plastic sticking out of your shorts at times. I think getting changed in front of the BF would make me want to die, but I guess you get used to it after a while? ~sara