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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Diaper Advice

Can't believe how fast this month has gone by.  And now it's almost Tax Day...yuck.

We've both been very busy hence the pause in blogging. 

I've been wanting to answer "Denise" who left a comment/question a couple of weeks ago asking what types of diapers I use on my sissy pet/pantie girl.

I agree with Denise that finding the right type of diapers to put your big babies in.  Shopping can be a hit or miss thing.

Besides getting the right fit, you also want something that looks sissy enough.  At least I do.

I use two different types of diapers on my sissy baby.  Most all the time when we're home, I use cloth.  I love the thickness and the puffiness of thick cloth diapers.  The ones we use are from a company called LL Medico.  They have a wide range of incontinence products and have lots of items that cater to the kinky community.  I've bought lots of stuff from them and never had a problem.

LL Medico even has some very pretty plastic pants in various colors (the pastels are best for sissies) and patterns.  Here's an example:
When we're traveling for one or a few days, I tend to prefer disposable diapers.  There are plenty that are available for the purpose of incontinence, but those of us in the lifestyle want something that adds to the sissy's humiliation right?

The one's I've been using can easily be purchased on Amazon.  As a prime member, you get free shipping and they fit my sissy well. 

These are from a company called DC Amor.  Check them out here.

I'm also open to other suggestions from both Dommes, Doms and babies alike.

Ms. C


  1. rearz princess are also nice a fun and very crinkly and thick

  2. Love those plastic pants, very cute and just right for a sissy. I hope they are crinkly also.

  3. My wife loves to take me shopping after she has put me in a diaper and pink plastic pants. On the way I must drink 2 bottles of water. It doesn't take long for the urge to pee to start and it gets stronger and stronger as we know. When I will pee in my diaper and we are in a store or walking the mall, I must stop, fold my arms and pee. This way my wife knows I am fwetting my diaper. How humiliating to be in Macy's with women all around me and I am peeing. I wonder if they see the relief look on my face and know what I am doing. Several have smiled at me and looked at me a little too long. Then they smile at my wife. Women are so smart!

  4. I would like to add, the crinkle sound of the pink plastic pants under my jeans as I walk is also very humiliating. Others can hear it. My wife laughs.

  5. Yes, the crinkling is so humiliating! Fortunately, women haven't seemed to notice as i've peed my diaper while my Wife talks to them ~sara

  6. Without question the thicker the diaper the better especially while in public

  7. Oh yes the crinkle sound, and worrying about people smelling you - soooo humiliating.

    We use bambino diapers ->

  8. Hopefully the little sissy baby is have fun with baby time its been so quiet

  9. Now that you have all this diaper advice, how about getting that little sissy diapered and into crinkly plastic pants

  10. What's been going on with the sissy baby lately


    1. Blog died due to boundary issues.