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Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Humiliating Diaper Change

Ms. Catherine invited Her friend Nancy and her boyfriend over last Sunday.  i'd never met Nancy's boyfriend before and was very, very nervous.  Ms. Catherine had me in my baby attire and i was also diapered.  A baby blanket was spread on the living room floor along with some toys.

"It's a baby day.  100%" She said.  "You know what that means right?"

i nodded "yes" with the pink princess pacifier in my mouth.

i sat there in shame when Nancy and her boyfriend Dick arrived.  Rather than appear incredulous at what he was seeing, Dick just went with the flow when i was introduced as Ms. Catherine's sissy baby cuckold.

After a brief tour of the house while i sat on the blanket sucking on my pacifier, the three of them settled down in the living room with drinks and chatted as if i wasn't even there.  Nancy asked Ms. Catherine about The Boyfriend, Mistress asked Dick about his job and other things and the afternoon just seemed to go well until Mistress decided to check if i was wet.  i had wet myself a little while earlier, since i had three full bottles of water.

"Oh -oh.  It looks like she's a little damp.  Time for a diaper change" Mistress said as She took my hand and told me i could waddle to my sissy bedroom.

"Mind if we watch" Nancy asked Her.

"Of course not" Mistress said.  "You can even join in!"  There was laughter.  Then....a suggestion.

"Maybe Dick would like to change her" Nancy suggested.  More laughter.  

i'd never been changed by a man before.  Never.  The silence of the three of them made me nervous.

"Hey why not" Dick said.   ""I'm up for it!"

And so it happened.  i wasn't in my chastity either, and the humiliation aroused me.  As i sucked on the pacifier and they made teasing remarks, i got bigger.

"Don't worry.  It's the biggest she gets" Ms. Catherine said.

Dick laughed and did his best to change me.  It took several attempts.  

i was left in the room to take a nap.

After Nancy and Dick left the room, Ms. Catherine leaned over to give me a kiss.

"It excited you didn't it?" She asked.  i nodded.

"Go ahead, you can hump yourself in your diaper and make a sissy mess.  I'll change you myself once they leave" She said patting me on the bum before she walked out of the room and shut the door.

i did hump myself and came in my diaper.

She changed me later.


  1. Hi sissy pet!

    What a wonderful day for you, pushed into a whole new level of exposure and humiliation! I would love to experience this.

    Does Ms. Catherine ever share with you conversations she might have about you with others, like in this case? I imagine there may be some interesting things said about you :-)

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us!

    Best wishes,

  2. What a thrilling afternoon, you were one lucky baby to be out of chastity

  3. Oh my what an interesting day sissy, I fully understand the arousal it got me excited too reading about it. Being a sissy baby cuck and having such a wonderful misstress to be there is so lovely.
    Thanks sissy for sharing

  4. Something new is always exciting. In this case having Dick change you. Surprised you were not locked in chastity. Bet that cum felt so good making your diaper wet again. How lucky you were to be allowed to cum in it.

  5. Has Nancy been allowed to breast feed you. I am sure Ms Catherine is now completely ok with them babysitting you when she needs to run some errands. You are getting better with your story details. Thanks for sharing I am sure you can't wait to be changed again by one of Ms Catherine's friends

  6. It seems natural that They would just ignore you like that, as They had adult conversation around you. No doubt you'd be embarrassed, especially with that diaper change! ~sara