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Monday, February 13, 2017

Bonnets, Bibs and Binkies

New rules for when The Boyfriend comes back from his deployment:

Until further notice whenever He is around i am to be in diapers and...

 1.  Wear a baby bonnet

 2.  Wear a baby bib

 3.  Have a baby binkie in my mouth....a pacifier.

Mistress says the first is for humiliation.

The second to catch the drips and drools from both Him and Her when i service them.

The third to keep me sucking like a baby.

The Boyfriend is back March 1st.

Mistress just spent two weeks with Him and returned yesterday.

"Your submission to us needs to intensify" She said.  "Your limits tested."



  1. I would add rhumba panties too. Hopefully we get to hear more details of these humiliations


  2. Hee hee.. this will be good :) ~sara