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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Tongue and toys

The Boyfriend is not around and it's put Mistress in a cuckolding funk.  

"It's not fun being left with just a sissy baby in diapers" She says.  She says it jokingly but She has a good point.

i can't please Her like the Boyfriend, and i never could.

i do it with my tongue and sometimes add some toys.

She enjoys the orgasms i give her.

Sometimes she puts me in a chastity cage when i please her, other times in diapers.

When i'm diapered, i always cum when i'm pleasing her.  Often, i cum before she does.

sissy pet


  1. When you cum, does she rub you thru your diaper or allow you to do it yourself? Or do you cum just from giving her orgasms? My wife has never allowed me to cum in my diaper. I think it would be great, would not be messy at all, like when she allows me to cum in my panties. She puts me in a diaper for punishment on weekends. We go out shopping and I am wearing one with pink plastic pants. How humiliating when I must pee in my diaper when in the middle of a store. I
    When I have to pee, I must stop walking, fold my arms to signal her I am about to pee, and let loose. She laughs and says"good boy". Women all around me. As I try to hold it in as long as possible, I wonder if they can tell I am peeing by the look of relief on my face. I am not changed into a fresh diaper until we get home.

  2. Cumming in diapers is always embarrassing. Having to hump the bed corner to do it, while orally pleasing Her just makes Her laugh. ~sara

  3. Just read ALLHERS post. Reminds of memory someone posted once... he was made to pee his diaper in the store often, under plastic pants. Well, his Mistress used a pin to put HOLES in everything! He thought he was safe, peeing at the mall...but then noticed the wet spots! ~sara