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Monday, January 2, 2017

Cuckold Blog Search

I guess if you're into cuckolding, more is better.  I'm not necessarily referring to more lovers or  I'm talking about cuckold blogs silly!

Personally, I think there's a shortage of good cuckold blogs and I'm sure some of you reading this would agree. 

So first of all, does anybody know what happened to the blog called "Cuckold Scenes?"  All of a sudden it's gone.  Bummer.  If anyone knows what happened, if the name changed, is it private, etc...please let me know?

Also if you know of any good cuckold blogs that aren't on our recommended list please share them with a comment here.

Ms. C


  1. Strict Julie Spanks

    A Dominant Wife


  2. Good blogs often disappear. I guess they don't have an obligation to us forever. Those are two good ones that Emily suggests.

    sissy paula

  3. Check out I'm pretty sure I got that address right.

    1. Sadly, the cuckytoher blog was recently discontinued. I wrote to him and he cited lack of response as his reason. So, if there's a site you enjoy, or a writer you like, don't be shy about commenting.

  4. I think this one is very good
    hug, ~s

  5. Hi. How does one receive an invite to read A Married Sissy Cuckold?