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Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Sissy Baby Orgasm

It was what Mistress called "an accident."  An accident that came about because of my pathetic penchant for humiliation as a form of erotic arousal.

In chastity and thickly diapered, blindfolded, bound with a spreader bar and a pair of handcuffs, my ass propped up by a few pillows, i lay on the bed in front of Mistress and The Boyfriend.

i almost came in my diaper without any physical stimulation.  i heard the buzzing of Mistress' favorite vibrator and within a minute or two of it being applied to my crotch i started to leak and moan with a disgusting wave of pleasure.

The laughed and called me names.  i heard them but was nearly oblivious to it all, trying into my own world of shame.

"You didn't ask me for permission to cum" Mistress said.  "Just for that, stay in your messy diaper until we're done."

They left to go make love.  i was uncomfortable.  my back ached.  i wasn't totally immobilized but trying to get up and about would have made things worse.  i waited.....they were gone a long time.   One hour and twenty seven minutes to be exact.  

i could see the alarm clock on the nightstand.  

At an hour and five minutes, i couldn't hold it any longer and wet myself.  i peed in my diaper.  

It was soaked when Mistress finally came back.

She wasn't angry at all at my wetting.  "That's what babies do" She said.  i was cleaned up and put in a fresh diaper.

"It's the orgasm that upset me" She said.  "No more cummies without permission." 

"Understand?" She asked me.

"Yes Mistress" i said.  Then She stuck a pacifier and kissed me good night.  

"i love my baby" She said before leaving the room.


  1. She should have put a suppository in you for punishment, that would be a MESSY night

  2. I think your Mistress really loves you all diapered up! It's great that she's fine with you wetting your diaper!

    VCs idea about a suppository is devious! But your Mistress might not want to deal with that kind of mess. Mine doesn't!

  3. When my wife feels I deserve a punishment session, she starts by tying my up hands high in her large walk in closet. The rope is passed thru an eyebolt and fastened to a cleat on the wall. As I am tied up for 3 or more hours at a time, she used to come in after about 2 hours and put my cock in an empty coffee can and allow me to pee in it. Pretty soon she felt that was too degrading for her, to hold a can of her slaves pee. So it changed. She makes me drink 2 large glasses of water, diapers me on the bed and then ties me in her closet. She always says I am not permitted to wet my diaper. But if I want to disobey her, I can do it and suffer further punishments. Well, after an hour I am ready to burst, so I always wet my diaper. She will release me after a long while and she always checks my diaper. "Bad slave" she will say. "How dare you disobey me. Now you have a month of no tv, handcuffed while sleeping, 3 months extra chastity, extra cleaning and lots of corner time,. Somehow, I know that what she wanted all along.

  4. Ha ha... having to make sissy cummies in your diaper before Her and Her BF must have been humiliating! i'm sure She knew you'd pee your diaper.. just adds to Her fun! ~sara