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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Her Footstool

Objectification has a powerful effect on me.  Mistress doesn't do it that often but when She does there is usually a little twist to it.  Lately, with The Boyfriend gone, She has been using it more often.

Last night's twist had me naked and serving as Her footstool while She talked on the phone with one of Her close friends, one who knows all about me and would call me "pg" (for pantiegirl) and ask me what color panties i was wearing whenever she would see me.  

They talked and i listened.  There were occasional references to me and i was always referred to as "the pantiegirl" as in "the pantiegirl is right here in front of me."

i was Mistress' footstool and that information was conveyed to Her friend.  It didn't seem like a big deal to either one of them.

Her friend is planning a trip here next winter and Mistress has promised her that she can avail herself of some of my services.  Not all of them.  Just some.  That was very clear.  i just don't know which ones.


  1. Objectification fascinates me. Please share more if Mistress allows.

    sissy kevin

  2. Luv it... ooh, a pantiegirl! :) s

  3. well now when her friend stops over you'll just have to make sure not to need any bathroom breaks and have a pretty diaper and baby panties on wont you.


    1. Emily, that sounds like a fun evening ~sara