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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Body Worship Before or After?

The masochistic tendencies of many submissives finds them fantasizing about and actually doing some things that otherwise normal people might find repulsive.

For some even their own Dominants might find their fantasies a bit unusual and even make the Dominant feel uncomfortable.

When it comes to body worship i would say that most mainstream kinksters would prefer to practice it after a bath or shower.  Most, but not all.

At first Mistress was a little squeamish about "making" me worship Her gorgeous curves before She'd showered after a long day at the office, a jog or a workout at the gym.  Over time She's grown rather fond of the attention She gets before those hot baths and showers.

"Ready?" She might ask.  "I'm nice and ripe for you!"

What's your preference?



  1. my preference is the same as yours. worship straight after bath is just half the fun.

    submissive from other side of the planet

  2. Before - organic in preference to chemicals

  3. Fresh from the shower or bath is almost a bit of a licking a plate right out of the dishwasher. However, I think there is a 'zone' here. And that zone is more dependent on just how long after the last shower we're talking. You CAN have too much of a 'good thing'.

  4. I really enjoy the "before" worship.....she loves it appeals to her domme side and really feeds my submissive side!!! After all great sex is always a little sweaty isn't it?
    And it's a delight to taste the difference after her bath as well!!!!
    However....I may have a preference.....I don't get to make that choice....when and where I worship he is entirely up to her!!!
    As it should be.

  5. Something you two might enjoy to change it up a bit for toys that I thought you might enjoy They are more fantasy style dildos and you can even request custom ones.


  6. I enjoy "before" especially when she comes home from a long day at the office and she directs me to rub her feet. My wife seems to enjoy the treatment and it can sometimes lead to more sex and her reaching orgasmic stages, which is very relaxing for her.

  7. "Before" is definitely more kinky, especially if sweaty!