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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Before Her Shower

Rarely a day goes by that i don't worship Mistress at least once.  Many days i do so multiple times.  Her business trips are usually the reason for these breaks in loving servitude.  But this week there were two such days when i wasn't able to please Her orally.

i was so happy to pick Her up at the airport last night and couldn't wait for Her to get home so i could give Her all the oral attention She deserves.

She'd flown most of the day and wanted to shower first.  She could sense my disappointment i think, but didn't say anything.

i brought Her luggage into the house and started unpacking for Her while She went through the mail.  i brought things to the laundry room and when i turned around to leave the room She was standing there with Her hands on Her hips.

"I changed my mind" She said.  "I want it now."

A couple of weeks ago i wrote about this very subject and how some submissives enjoy worshiping their Mistress before they shower.  Last night when faced with that decision, Mistress let me go before and not after

i was a very lucky submissive.  And She was a very tasty Mistress :)

Here are some lovely pieces of art to go along with this topic.


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  1. Here is hoping that the Mistress didn't regret changing her mind and having you provide oral enjoyment prior to her showering. I hope you provided her with the best oral attention you ever given to show her that her choice, was not a mistake.
    The first drawing reminds me of my Mistress wife as she is big busted loves for me provide oral pleasure on our couch after a long day at work.