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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Smoking Hot

i thought of calling this post "The Smoking Gun" after noticing what appears to be a pistol in this Mistress' left hand.   It also shows the curvy Domme holding a cigarette while the submissive pleases Her.

i used to get turned on by a dominant woman smoking a cigarette and imagining that i would have to cup my hands to serve as their ash tray or worse yet, have then flick their ashes in my mouth.  Even having to light her cigarette would have been exciting.

The smoking thing doesn't seem to excite me as much as it used to.  

What does excite me is seeing Mistress with Her perfect thighs spread wide as She's sitting on the sofa waiting for me to please Her.



  1. Equally exciting for a cuckold is knowing that she has been with another man and that you will have to continue to please her for as long as she says so.

  2. Thick thighs are such a turn on especially when my head is between them servicing my mistress.

  3. That would be a great position to be in for the boy friend to getting him ready for misstress