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Sunday, August 7, 2016

My Tumblr & Misogynistic Thoughts

What seems like a long time ago i began a blog on tumblr and had little time to keep it active.

In the past few days i've started blogging there again and hopefully, will post more often.  Not sure what direction i am going to go with it and maybe Mistress will contribute as well.

Here's a link to the site:  Ms. Catherine and Her sissy 

i re-blogged the following picture today...

and added the following comment:

The girdle seems so misogynistic.
No wonder i love them.

It's embarrassing to admit but misogyny turns me on.  When i see pictures of women being dominated, made to look like bimbos, going out of their way to please men or adopting a passive and submissive stance and demeanor....i so want to be them.

Foundation garments in my opinion represent such a philosophy.  Created to make women appear more attractive to men, to reshape their bodies to please men, all while making them feel more uncomfortable.

When Mistress makes me wear a very tight pink girdle or corset, She knows how deeply submissive and girly i feel.  

Do other sissies feel the same way?

Please leave a comment, if if you disagree. 


  1. Hello and curtsy,

    This is as interesting point of view from one who is a slave to his wife.

    When I see any submissive women i still consider her my superior. I recently had a conversation with my Mistress about female subs and slaves. She believes my belief is the correct place for her sissy to be. As a matter of fact she believes the most devout female slave is far above the even most devout male master. I believe this too. My desire and envy of women will never allow me to think anything different.

    with respect and a curtsy, fifi (formerly pantymaid)

  2. Not having a mistress to serve but still being somewhat submissive I do agree anytime I can wear such femmine cloths it does bring out my submissiveness.
    I feel very girly and just want to be the best girl I can be

  3. i think you are right! It's our way... we want to be women. And objectified. So those two come together strongly in that way

  4. I feel the same way, in that I relate to the submissive women, if I see pictures or read stories with such content. But I don't think of corsets/girldes/shapewear as misogynistic attire. I envy the girls who wear them. They can wear them anytime and they look faboulus in it. I wear it too from time to time, but only at home. My dream would be a girlfriend and we both would wear girdles and such.