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Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Blushing Pantiegirl

My sissy's initials are "pg" in real life.  It's what initially led me to call her my "pantiegirl." 

Professionally, we worked together before I married her.  In public I began calling her "pg."  It's not unusual for people to have nicknames that match their initials.  The nickname began to stick and soon, most everyone in the office was referring to my pantie girl as "pg."  Of course, only I knew what it meant.

But that didn't last long.  I had a couple of very close friends that I eventually shared the secret with.  They were people that I could trust and to this day, they've not breached that confidence. 

At first my sissy didn't know that I'd shared this little secret with them but not long after our engagement was public one of the friends let her know about it with my permission.

"Hello pantiegirl" she said to my sissy one day while passing her in the hall.  My pantiegirl blushed redder than the pair of panties she had on that day.

There was no one around to hear, and Nancy let sissy in on the secret.

"What color are you wearing today" She asked my sissy.  Sissy hesitated at first but eventually told her.

It became a game.  Nancy still plays it today.  It's a simple game.

Nancy asks "What color?"

Sissy lets her know.

I'm so proud of my pantiegirl.

Ms. Catherine


  1. Sorry for using an anonymous profile, but I feel it is more honest than making a new profile, just to stay anonymous (for now).
    I am writing a story, and I wanted to ask your pet's opinion about her emotions at certain points, and your view about your relationships. Is there any way I can contact you?

    1. Yes. Leave me your email here and I'll contact you.

      Ms. C

  2. Ms. Catherine,
    You are so good to your pantiegirl.

    Ms. Judi

  3. Aww that is so cute panties are so important too for a sissy its such a reenforcemet of their sissieness.
    Thank you Ms Catherine

  4. Have you ever made pantiegirl ask her if she could borrow a maxipad or tampon


  5. Adore the mind-games you Dommes play. Wondrrful post. Thanks for sharing

  6. If pg is in a diaper, what answer does she give? The color of her plastic panties?

  7. That is so cute - such a fun game!

  8. Thank You Ms. Catherine. This is such a wonderful post. Sharing your panty girl's secret with a close friend has to be fun for you also.

    nancy boy

  9. I love this! My Wife uses initials for me as well, and is doing it alot more in public or around others now. I wonder if She will share the secret with some of her friends at some point? :)

  10. Dear Ms. Catherine,

    What a great post. Your sissy must have felt floored when your friend approached her. I know I would have been. It sounds like wonderful things came from the work place. You are a clever woman Ms. Catherine.

    With respect and a curtsy, fifi

  11. My wife picks the pair of panties she wants me to wear each morning!

  12. Ms. Catherine- Oh! pg must have DIED when the worker called her "pantiegirl'!! s