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Monday, August 22, 2016

My Blushing Baby

Yesterday we did some shopping.  The vanilla sort of shopping.  You know, the hardware store, wine outlet, groceries, office supplies, etc.  Nothing kinky.

That's unless you consider a sissy with a big puffy cloth diaper and plastic pants under her shorts kinky.

No one could see "anything.'  But the puffiness of her padded bottom was pretty hard to miss.  She didn't "waddle" but when I stood behind her as she walked pushing the grocery cart I just had to giggle.

I have to find things like this to amuse me while my boyfriend is away.

Sissies are good for such things.

Maybe next time I'll take her out in a stoller!

Ms. Catherine


  1. Hello Ms. Catherine,

    Sissies can be fun as well as practical. Sounds like you enjoy both sides of the coin. From what I've read over the years so does your sissy,

    With respect and a curtsy, fifi

  2. Ms Cathrine that is so adorable and I sure hope your sissy wet that diaper just like a good baby.
    Oh your so good to sissy she should thank you and please you just for that

  3. Oh what a fun outing!

    Did sissy wet her diaper?

    While it's been a while for me, my Mistress has me out in diapers now and then too. It's very humiliating, especially if you've been out a while in a wet diaper and a little scent starts to develop.

    Take care and have fun!


    1. Jen I bet your so adorable in a diaper and a cute sissy outfit

    2. My Mistress thinks so! I do have one sissy dress, but I haven't posted a very good picture of it :-( You can see here:

    3. jen, i hope you wind up posting you with a diaper sometime, too! sara

    4. Hi sarah! I probably will one day!

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  5. You should have had her wear a little harness back pack or just a simple collar. Hopefully we get to hear more about her baby life and details. Would be fun to get a photo tour of her baby outfits hanging on the coat hangers. Too bad you didn't have a colorful diaper bag with you as well instead of a purse. You never know when she might need a bottle. But if you want to be a little more vanilla you could always just have her in her diapers underneath and get a happy meal or go to a restaurant and have her get a childrens menu.

    What diaper designs have you purchased for her?


  6. Sounds like a great day for sissy baby and mistress. I hope her plastic pants were making lots of crinkly noise.

  7. Nothing like that diaper/plastic pants bulge! And though the plastic makes one feel more secure, the *sound* is so scary! s