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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Locked or Unlocked

The Boyfriend returns later next week.  He should be visiting next weekend.

Conversation turned to making his return next week a "little more special than usual" and what type of role i could play.

"Something different than diapers" Mistress laughed.  "Maybe I'll even let Him see your little clitty for a change."

Putting my little clitty on display for Him is worse than keeping it in a chastity cage.  Much worst.  It gets hard but is still small.  Their laughter follows.  my embarrassment worsens.  They tell me to stroke.  i cum so quickly.  Very humiliating.

i hope i can stay locked.


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  2. I can understand your humiliation as I am that small and my mistress/wife and the Master love to make fun of my short cummings. They have watched me cum with a two finger jerkoff while staring at my wife's pussy. The Master loves to talk to me during this time and I cum quickly, than ushered from the room allowing them privacy.