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Monday, August 15, 2016

DIsposable Diapers for Sissies

New diapers always bring a little bit of excitement into our play.

Mistress prefers the puffiness of cloth diapers, but recently with the increase in both variety and quality of disposable, She's decided to use them on me more often.

Also with some of the newer disposable there are some rather sissy looking designs on them that make me look very sissy without having to put on some plastic panties or other types of diaper covers.

So i wore disposables last night.


  1. you are such a tease.

    now we need to know which ones you bought with what designs and which you wore.


  2. Yes, diapers that make you more submissive and sissy will always be appropriate for sure and yes the very thick ones that are are to hide are very nice indeed

  3. But, a sissy should always be in plastic baby pants to add to the humiliation of being diapered

    1. Oh isn't that so true and when the diapers are especially thick it makes it so hard for the sissy lol

  4. My Mistress gets my diapers from Bambino. They have alphabet, teddy bear and other designs.

    She loves when they are really full in the morning and she can push on them when I'm in them and they are all squishy!

  5. These are so cute! i've been having problems finding the side-tab ones in stores any more. i think i need these patterns :) s