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Friday, July 1, 2016

A Place to Sit

Pleasant surprises happen at unexpected times.  Whether it be a sharp command by Mistress to worship Her ass, a kinky toy as a gift or even the sudden appearance of The Boyfriend for a heavy dose of cuckolding they all ignite the flames of arousal in a submissive.

And today there was a very unexpected and pleasant surprise.  

SHE left on one of my older posts - Qeening Her Sissy Maid.

SHE is Vanessa Chaland, who used to have a very sexy blog on Female Domination and Cuckolding and yes....Queening.  

SHE was the primary force behind my own Mistress' attraction to face sitting and queening.

Welcome back Vanessa!

You can check our Her blog "Queening Chairs" and enjoy.  i also have it on my blog list.

Happy days are here again.