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Sunday, February 28, 2016

In Front of The Boyfriend

my baby day had an interruption yesterday.  

When The Boyfriend arrived i was taken out of my diapers and plastic panties (in front of Him) and was told to change into a pink bra and some panties.  Mistress was told by The Boyfriend to change also, into Her strapon.

"Show me your cocks" He said.

We modled them for Him.  mine was locked and Mistress' wasn't.

The Boyfriend laughed and then told Her to fuck me.  She did.  In front of Him.

He watched and when it was over, She made me clean Her cock.  After my bubble bath i was back in diapers.


  1. you tease such fun little sissy life you have ;-) Would love more details. You should check out strict Julie spanks for examples of how she writes.


  2. Everything is better 'In Front of the Boyfriend'.

  3. Oh my! What a fun/humiliating day!! (great pic, too!)