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Friday, January 8, 2016

Sissy Cuckold Uniforms

Mistress doesn't like winter.  The changes in weather, the snow, the cold, the rain, the ice...all those things seem to take up too much of our time when it comes to travel, maintenance around the house, health issues like the flu and colds, etc.  It sometimes puts a "kink into our kink" if you understand what i mean.

i don't like it either.  It's hard to feel feminine when you're all bundled up outside.  And the bitter cold makes chastity feel more uncomfortable.  Do other submissives in chastity feel the same way.

Both of us had colds and were busy over the holidays, hence no posts. 

The Boyfriend was over a few times and will be here again this weekend in what appears to be a more dominant mood that he was last year.  Dominant with me more accurately.

"Make sure the cuckold is all sissied up" he told Mistress. 

They want to have fun with me.  Feeling better, Mistress is up for that too.

"I'll put her in a cuckold uniform" Mistress told him.  There was laughter.  The laughter aroused me.

i will be in my sissies frillies.


  1. Good luck. If you look pretty enough you might get more action than Mistress.


  2. hopefully we get to hear all the details maybe a pic of your uniforn ;-)


  3. Lovely!
    Reminds me, i need some of frilly socks :) sara

  4. Well little sissy baby what happened ?


  5. What sissies will do for their Mistress and Master. Hope you had fun.

  6. Can't wait to hear about it all