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Friday, December 4, 2015

Sissy Baby Cuckolds in Cages

You asked for a few more details so here they are.

There was some heavier-than-usual humiliation this weekend that caused our sissy pet to overreact just a little bit.

My boyfriend and I decided to go out on our own for dinner on Saturday night and, lacking a babysitter, we put our diapered sissy cuckold in a cage while we were gone.  We weren't gone that long, and we left sissy with a cell phone in case there was a real emergency.

I don't call having to mess your diaper an emergency, but she interrupted our dinner to ask us when we'd be back!

The cage was large enough so that it wasn't that uncomfortable, she had water and a few baby toys to play with so everything should have been fine.

We didn't appreciate the interruption.

I changed her messy diaper when we returned in front of the boyfriend and she spent the rest of the night in the cage and the entire weekend in diapers. 

Don't feel bad for her, she's fine now and her attitude is 100% improved!

I'm feeling great too!


  1. Hello Ms.Catherine!

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences! While I don't think I could handle being cuckolded I do fantasize about it all the time.

    I am curious if messing in a diaper is routine for your sissy pet? Have you ever used that as a form of punishment for her?

    Best wishes to you and yours!

  2. Ms. Catherine-
    Thank you for the detail. i'm sorry Your dinner was disturbed by sissy. Sounds like that changing in front of BF was well-deserved. Glad her attitude has improved, ha!
    Thanks again, sara

  3. such a poor little sissy baby she should know that's what diapees are for. I am sure she appreciated having to go out shopping in public with a big fluffy bottom showing off to everyone. Maybe next time you can threaten going out with her as well and having her carry a diaper bag.


  4. No spanking for disturbing you with her little tantrum?

  5. No spanking for disturbing you with her little tantrum?

  6. Ms. Catherine,
    Thank you for posting an important point for all sissy babies. Make sure when you interrupt the Mistress's time with her Boyfriend/Master/Lover that it is for a valid emergency. Messing one's diaper is not an emergency. It wasn't for my little one's, years ago, and it is not for my big one, currently. You had a right to let her sit in her dirty diaper until you and your boyfriend were ready to come home. I hope that changing her diaper, in front of your boyfriend, has made her aware that interrupting your dating time will only be an embarassing moment for her. Ms. Judi

  7. Diaper changes in front of another's probably one of the greatest humiliations you can impose upon a submissive cuckold.


  8. this would be fun for your bedroom a nice inflatable crib for the sissy baby to stay in without having to be out of the room


  9. we miss your little sissy hope you write again