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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Name Change & More

Mistress Catherine posted yesterday and revealed something about me that i'd not written about before.  When i committed myself to Her for the rest of my life in our marriage ceremony, i took Her surname.

Doing so wasn't so much about renunciation of my own surname as it was about a personal expression of giving of myself to Her.  my family did not view it that way.  There was shock and disbelief.  i also could not explain the reasons why i did it in totality, but over time i think many of them may have guessed.  And time has a way of healing whatever wounds it caused.  Most are over it.

It's a topic both of us will write more about here at some point.

If you've followed this blog you might have an inkling that we partake in some level of water sports.  i from the obvious receiving end and Mistress Catherine from Her ever-so-generous giving side.

Here's an interesting and very erotic piece of art that deals with the subject indirectly.  i've never had to do this, Mistress always opting for the immediate consumption of Her tasteful golden nectar.

Just imagining Mistress saying "I couldn't wait for you to get here, and I didn't want it to go to waste.  I know how much you like it."

Credits to Femdom Artwork.


  1. Does she ever pee into a jug for you to condume later?

    1. When I pee into something for her subsequent consumption, it's usually transferred to a baby bottle.

      Ms. C