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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Maid Service

i prepared dinner for Mistress last night while dressed in a maids uniform.

The sissy maid fantasy is one that i've had for all of my adult life.  It started in my teens after reading some soft core porn novel set in Victorian England, where a young man was disciplined by having to service his aunt as a maid. 

There was plenty of feminization, discipline and displays of female authority.

While i enjoy dressing as a french or sissy maid (not really sure there's a, much of the thrill comes from doing so in the presence of others and serving them. 

Though it might be nice to do it with other pretty sissies too.  Got this from the Married Sissy Cuckold tumblr but i believe the original is from Then & Now.


  1. My wife has me do all of the housework and she has me wear a black baby doll nightie with panty. She loves to see how aroused I am and teases me constantly. I wear a CB 6000 and see enjoys seeing me struggle with getting hard.

  2. Three lovely maids eager to be of service