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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Chastity - No Going Back

i knew Mistress enjoyed having me in chastity.  In the early days of our relationship we talked about it and one day, i surprised Her.  i had bought a chastity cage (in pink) and knelt at the door waiting for Her to arrive.

i had a maids uniform on, heels, white thigh highs and my chastity device just waiting to be locked.

i think the only time i saw Her happier was the first night She took me with a strap-on.

It made me happy too.

The following picture applies somewhat to us.  There's no going back to the old days when i was "free."

What doesn't apply is that i really didn't have a choice.  i knew She wanted it.  That's all i needed to know.

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  1. "It makes her happy." That is what it is all about for a sissy or a real man. I was hesitant at first but she told me to try it, as it would make oour playtime more exciting. I did and never looked back. To see her face the first time she took me with her starpon while I was in chastity made me know it was just right.