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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Caging My Pet & Pantiegirl

I call her sissy pet some of the time.

Her original name was "pantiegirl."  Cute isn't it?   The name came from her initials "pg."  So it stuck...pantiegirl.  It's now what I and my boyfriend call  her most of the time now.

Her initials were they're pw.  Yes, she is pussywhipped but the real reason for the change in initials was because when we were eventually married, she took my surname.

I love that.  I was amazed at how easy it was to convince her to do that.  I also found it so hot.  Real hot.

But she's till my pet and at times I need to treat her like one.

I'm looking for a cage to put by the bed.  She could sleep there when my boyfriend's here.

Pantiegirl loves Namio art.  I'd make an excellent Namio model.


  1. I would think your little puppy would like this lovely wooden crate that could also act as a table of all things as well and go nicely with the furniture. You can even get her some wrap around blinders for it so she can hear but not see. Of course she should be properly baby diapered so there are no accidents at night


    1. Those are cute and I've looked into these. I wish they'd be a little bigger.

      Ms. C

    2. You could always get two and just have your sissy cut the back out of one and screw the two together


  2. Namio is an all time favourite of mine. The story of pg becoming your adoring little pw isso beautiful. Thanks fot sharing these romantic intimacies Mistress