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Friday, November 13, 2015

Baby Diapers

Mistress C loves to call them "baby diapers."  The word diapers alone don't suffice.  She loves to add the word "baby."  

It's excruciatingly humiliating when The Boyfriend is around.  

"Go get a baby diaper" She'll say (if i am not already in one).  Often it's at the insistence of The Boyfriend who, despite not being sadistic or intentionally cruel to me, does enjoy to heap plenty of humiliation on me.

"How come you're not in diapers tonight?" He might ask upon his arrival.  "You trying to pretend you're a big girl or something."  Mistress laughs at the joke.  "Go on, get them" He'll add.

Then there's the diapering in front of him.  It's also followed by a pacifier, which usually keeps me quiet the rest of the night.


  1. hopefully we here more details of the nights actions you leave so short of details


  2. i have that same pacifier!! My wife loves that one or the one I have that says spoiled on it

  3. And then there's the pacifier that looks like a miniature penis.