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Monday, November 9, 2015

A Walk in the Park

Mistress took me for a walk in the park yesterday.  i had my collar on and the leash was in Her purse most of the time.  She teased me for a bit by taking it out and holding it in Her hand. 

We went for the walk after watching our favorite football team and before heading out to dinner in town.  Yes it was a pleasant walk but in my mind i felt like She was taking Her pet for a walk.  We talked about how kinky it would be if i was leashed.

"Maybe next time" Mistress said, noting that despite the warm and pleasant day there weren't too many people in the park.  We admitted that we both need to get over some of our inhibitions.

i love this photo from the luxslave  tumblr site.  We probably won't go this far, but if She ordered me i would do it.


  1. At least this domme lets you climb onto the bench.


  2. Fantastic images. Thanks so much for sharing xxx